How to know CNT number: Steps to follow

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While it is true that technology over the years It has evolved in unimaginable ways. From sending a simple text message, the special effects of a movie to a personal assistant inside your smartphone.

Currently this technology It becomes very essential for the human being., due to the fact that it manages to make life easier for many. Continuing in this same order of ideas, day by day telephone companies must overcome the challenges that technological progress imposes on them.

Not only this, but they must also adapt to the demands of the users in question to the plans and services of the users or clients. Because at this point it is very impossible to live without the cell phone.

In Ecuador In addition to the already known telephone companies, there is another call CNT. Which offers an optimal and quality service for users subscribed there. That is why we have brought our readers a useful and practical guide so that you can learn more about this company.

How to know CNT number

There have been many cases in which users do not remember the number assigned at the time of acquiring a telephone line. Or simply when they get it they don’t know which one was assigned to them.

In addition, many times it is not specified in the client’s acquisition contract. In turn, let us remember that this number It is very important for other people to be able to communicate with us.

Given this concern, the National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT) has enabled different options for consultation and response to concerns. For this reason, we will tell you the steps to follow so that you can check the number assigned to your mobile phone.

Steps to follow

Below we will detail the steps you must follow to perform this query. Remember to check the contract well before making this option, since the assigned number is often found within said contract.

  1. Dial the call center CNT or at *22#.
  2. The ussd command will automatically start there you must select the option you need.
  3. Finally, the command will detail the telephone number assigned to your SIM card or telephone line.

Remember that these steps may vary depending on where you are. If you have more questions about this query, you can go to the CNT offices closest to your town and they will provide you with more detailed information.

What should I do if I do not remember my telephone number with the CNT line?

Easily you can perform the steps mentioned above to check the phone number. But if you want a simpler and more practical solution, you are in the right article.

Another way to know or remember the telephone number assigned to your SIM card or line by CNT is by calling a friend. That’s right, yeahyou must dial the number of a close friend or relative on your phone or smartphone and the recorder or caller ID will show your number.

If it is the case that the person you have called already has your registered number, simply ask them or ask them to allow you to see your number. Done, this is the easiest way to remember or know the number assigned by the CNT.

What is the CNT in Ecuador?

If you have read this far and you still do not know what the CNT is, now we will tell you a little about this corporation. The National Telecommunications Corporation CNT is an Ecuadorian company that provides its citizens with a mobile phone service.

Currently this company It is one of the main ones in the entire Ecuadorian territory. In addition to being one of the leading telecommunications industries within this nation.

It should be noted that its platform was recently updated and modernized to provide a better service to its customers. At the same time launched its mobile application called CNT Play to expand its limits.

Services offered by CNT

As we have previously mentioned, this market-leading company offers different options for citizens. This in order to expand its limits and be more than a telecommunications company.

In addition to mobile telephony, it also offers local fixed telephonyregional and international, Internet access standard and high speed. At the same time, recently added satellite television services for Ecuadorian citizens.

How can I recharge balance in CNT

Although now you are wondering how to consult and make balance recharges to your CNT account. You just have to follow these simple and practical tips that will save you time and it will be very easy to do so.

Due to the recent launch of the CNT mobile app you can make recharges in less than 3 minutes. In turn, you can enjoy different options that this application offers its customers.

To recharge you can do it either through «My CNT» on the company’s official website or within the application in the top-up section. In addition to you can affiliate your credit card so that you are not filling in the fields every time you enter.

Finally, if you want to have or consult more information you can enter the official website of the CNT. Inside you will be able to obtain the necessary information on all the services and recharges offered by the CNT.


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