How to know Date of Birth: Civil Registry

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As characteristic of the human being and of each nation, every day new people die and are born. This is a fundamental part of a city or nation for the formation of new generations.

Birth rates worldwide are usually very varied since they are subject to the capacity of the geographical space. turn too It is managed and organized with what is commonly known as the Civil Registry.

This entity is of the utmost importance for a nation since it is the one that will be recorded in the birth and mortality registry of said country. Today it can be said that the all countries of the world have or have a government Civil Registry.

In Ecuador as in other countries this entity becomes prominent and very useful for the State take into account the number of residents. In addition, he is the manager of different legal documents that are of the utmost importance in the international arena.

Faced with this need, it occurred to us to write for our readers a useful and informative guide on the Civil Registry. Where we will also tell you how to know your date of birth and the steps to follow to achieve it.

How to know someone’s Date of Birth

As you have ever wondered, When will he be born? This is a very common question in people. Especially when the date is approaching and it is time to celebrate his birthday.

Within the general parameters to know the date of birth There are different super simple methods. One of them is simply asking the person When is your birthday or when you were born?

Another option is to through their national or international identification documents. Where by obligation the personal data of the owner must be embodied within which the date of birth is found.

However, if you are one of those people who are very reserved and you prefer to surprise that person by wishing them a happy birthday. You can simply choose the method provided by the Civil Registry of Ecuador.

Check date of birth online

Recently the Civil Registry has made available to the public a web platform to check the date of birth of an Ecuadorian citizen. To use this platform you must take into account that each query will be monitored, this will prevent its misuse.

remember to have Keep in mind that to check the date of birth it is important to keep at hand the name and surname of the person. Or also the identification document number or ID.

Step by Step

Below we will show you through a few easy and simple steps how to query the date of birth through the Civil Registry web platform:

  1. In the first instance you must enter the following link: Online date of birth check.
  2. Then you should read the instructions and policies for the use of the website. Then you should look for the query box.
  3. Fill in the fields with the information requested by the page and select the box that says «Consult».
  4. The system will automatically provide you with the requested information. If you do not have the correct information, try the search again or it is possible that the person is not yet registered in the Civil Registry.

How to search for date of birth in Documents

As we have mentioned, one of the easiest and most uncomplicated methods to know the date of birth is through identification documents. Which by obligation of the law must be displayed in these documents.

usually where we will be able to find the date of birth without complications and it is marked on the identity card. In addition, it is a document that every Ecuadorian and emigrant must have on hand.

Another not so common document is a through the birth certificate which in addition to exposing the date of birth. Shows other data of interest such as place of birth and parents of the citizen.

Civil Registry in Ecuador

As in other countries, the Civil Registry is in charge of carrying out a registry control of all those people who make changes of status before society. That is to say, keeps a registry of births, conjugal unions, mortality and national identification.

This works like a filter to maintain order and peace within Ecuadorian territory. At the same time, it allows its inhabitants to know in an accurate and truthful way the information captured for the management of legal actions.

That is why this government entity It is a vital part of the development and good administration of a country. In addition to providing the State with an organized status of the number of people who are within the geographic territory of the nation.

Services offered by the Civil Registry

Finally, it is important that you take into account that you process or that services are carried out within the Civil Registry. This will be of great help if you want to carry out or process one of these public services.

In addition, they are often required to be able to carry out some legal action or in other cases, something as simple as traveling. Below we will detail the services offered by the National Civil Registry Office:

  • Processing of the Ecuadorian passport.
  • Appointment request for the Ecuadorian passport.
  • Registration process or birth certificate.
  • Identification and identification.
  • Marriage and de facto union procedures.
  • Registration process or death certificate.
  • Correction and update of identification data.

Notably the Civil Registry maintains different service offices throughout the territory geography of the nation. In addition to having a web platform where you can consult and process efficiently any of the aforementioned services.


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