How to know ID number: Requirements and step by step

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At the time of emigration to another country, the regulatory documentation of that nation must begin to be processed. This is very important to keep track of the number of people in a country.

Every country in the world maintains a different documentation policy for its inhabitants. However, it does not vary greatly in certain countries.

Legal documents requested in one country may be valid in another, such as visas. In contrast, there are documents that are also processed in the same way as other countries.

Most countries that allow this is because they have a very close socio-economic relationship. Which allows you to enjoy these kinds of benefits.

The native and foreign citizens of Ecuador to request a document of permanence in the nation must process the identity card. For this reason we have brought our readers an informative article where we will provide you with useful information about this document.

What is the identification number?

The ID number It usually has certain unique characteristics within the country where you request it or that requires it. In the case of Ecuador, the digits within the ID number is a total of 10 digits.

Unlike other countries the certificate stipulates that First 2 digits belong to the corresponding province where the issuance was made Of the same. This system is implemented to keep an organization and control in the civil registry of the nation.

Within this identity document the most important data of the owner will be shown. Such as names, surnames, date of birth, issuance and expiration of the identity card, among others.

How to know the identity card number of a person in Ecuador

According the Civil Registry of Ecuador to efficiently consult the identification number It is recommended to have the surnames and names at hand. In the possible case of not having the documents, you can make the query in another way.

Remember that this medium It cannot be used to carry out illegal actions or in a suspicious way. Otherwise, you could receive fines or serious consequences within the legal framework of the nation


Below we will detail the requirements or messages that you must take into account when consulting your ID:

  • Names of the person to whom the identity card belongs.
  • Surname of the person to whom the identity card belongs.

These are the necessary documents that are requested on the Civil Registry consultation platform. Keep in mind that they may require some other information within this platform, in many cases to rule out any illegal activity.

Step by Step

To make this query you must follow the following steps that we will mention below:

  1. In the first instance, you must meet the aforementioned requirements.
  2. Therefore, you must enter the website for consultation of the Civil Registry.
  3. There you must fill in the information requested within the platform and that we mentioned above.
  4. By pressing «Consult» you will be able to have a list of results which you will be able to review and review which one you are looking for.

These steps may vary according to the province where you make the inquiry. They are subject to changes and modifications that is why we urge our readers to inform themselves before making the query.

ID number by provinces

As we have mentioned previously, the Ecuadorian ID Is made by 10 digits. Of which the First 2 constitute or identify the province where said ID was issued.

Below we will provide you with the codes or digits belonging to each of the provinces of Ecuador:

  • 01 Azuay.
  • 02 Bolivar.
  • 03 Cañar.
  • 04 Carchi.
  • 05 Cotopaxi.
  • 06 Chimborazo.
  • 07 Gold.
  • 08 Emeralds.
  • 09 Guayas.
  • 10 Imbabura.
  • eleven Loja.
  • 12 The rivers.
  • 13 Manabi.
  • 14 Morona Santiago.
  • fifteen Napo.
  • 16 Pastaza.
  • 17 Pichincha.
  • 18 Tungurahua.
  • 19 Zamora Chinchipe.
  • twenty Galapagos.
  • twenty-one You succumb.
  • 22 Orellana.
  • 2. 3 Santo Domingo de Tsachilas.
  • 24 St. Helen.

These are the provinces with their respective numbers assigned to issue the identity card within the Ecuadorian nation. The following digits usually vary depending on the Civil Registry.

Ecuador Civil Registry

Each country maintains an entity in charge of governing and managing the transit and registration of people within the nation. This entity generally called Civil Registry It is supervised by the government.

In turn, it is the person in charge of the administration, certification, accreditation and granting of the integral identification from the country. Which is delivered to residents or citizens of Ecuador.

It is also the entity in charge of keeping a record of the birth and death rates of citizens. As well as issuing the documents that prove their existence before the government.


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