How to know if a vehicle has fines: ATM

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For cooperation and good coexistence within a country various laws have been created which maintain this order. At the moment these laws are broken or not complied with, in most cases it will cause very serious consequences before the law.

For this reason, many countries today have a wide range and variety of laws that are adapted to the different cases and reforms created. the same ones are made with the respective consequences in case of non-compliance.

within these there are the traffic laws, which specialize in the proper functioning in relation to the use of automobiles. As well as the authorization of the roads for its use.

In contrast, these laws develop each case for due legal action upon the filing of the cases. Like the other countries, Ecuador has stipulated its own laws to adjudicate them within its constitutional territory.

Today we have brought our readers an article where we will share valuable information so that you can see if your car has debts or fines. In addition to offering you useful and practical advice to carry out these queries correctly.

What is the ATM?

known as the Municipal Transit Authority (ATM) is an institution Founded in 2012 by the Municipality of Guayaquil. which aims establish and apply appropriate policies to form an integrated regulatory system.

recently to this goal control, road safety and preservation of the environment were added. This was done to be in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador.

As well as conforms to the Organic Code of Territorial Organization, Autonomy and Decentralization. In order to establish policies and laws suitable enough for the proper functioning of the nation.

Registration at the ATM

Currently, a web platform for online services and information on all the procedures and requirements carried out by the ATM has been created. That is why the function of registration of natural and legal person.

This registration will allow the affiliate to enjoy certain benefits and services suited to your needs. In addition to keeping track of the inhabitants registered with cars within the national jurisdiction.

Within this platform You can request appointments, certifications, permits, among others. In addition to providing a wide variety of information on the different procedures and benefits of said page.

How to know if a vehicle has fines

As we have mentioned before, within the web platform you can carry out different procedures. Within which is the consultation and processing of fines.

That is why you must register on the page so that you can access your state account and check the accumulated fines. That is why below we will share with you through a few simple steps how to do it.

Step by Step

To carry out the consultation process you must follow the following instructions step by step:

  1. Enter the following link: Consultation of ATM Fines. Inside you must log in with your email and password.
  2. Once the corresponding fields have been filled in, you will be able to consult your account of fines or infractions within this platform.
  3. Done, once consulted you can go to the ATM offices and cancel the accumulated fines.

Let’s remember that These steps only apply for inquiries. If you need any other type of information, you can request it at the ATM offices or within the same platform.

Other services offered by ATM

As we have mentioned, through the ATM online platform it offers different services within which we can find:

  • Appointment request.
  • Consultation of Fines.
  • RTV certificates
  • Public Transport Monitoring.
  • Validation and Accreditation of Certificates.
  • Consultation of TP procedures.
  • Application for operating permits.
  • Gazette with daily updates digitally.

Value of traffic fines

You will wonder what is the value of traffic fines, let’s remember that fines and traffic violations They will be established according to the event that occurred. In other words, they will be applied according to the case that is presented at that moment.

It should be noted that within the platform once you have logged in with your email you will be able to check the base rates more accurately. It is from these that the fines or infractions committed by the driver will be estimated and applied.

Let’s remember that They occur in daily life and that we must avoid at all costs so as not to suffer the consequences. For this is important and we urge our readers to be informed and read about the transit laws of the Republic of Ecuador.

Finally, we remind our users not to use their cell phones while they are driving. In addition to being alert to the signs and respecting the traffic lights, this will very efficiently prevent you from being awarded fines by traffic prosecutors or police.


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