How to know if I am affiliated with the IESS: Step-by-step procedure

The well-being of citizens should be the main objective of world governments. Likewise, creating or generating plans or government entities specialized in this aspect is usually one of the answers to this objective.

In many countries, what is called social security is implemented. These are in charge of treating and administering certain capital of the state. In turn, this capital is used to provide benefits to those most in need in different ways.

Therefore, this system manages to be an entity of vital importance to keep the citizens of the nation happy and healthy in some cases. Continuing with this, in America it can be said that it has the largest number of countries that enjoy this benefit.

Ecuador is no exception within the IESS, which is usually the entity in charge of providing said service. That is why today we will share with you through this informative article everything you need to know about the IESS and if you are affiliated with it.

How do I know if I am affiliated with IESS?

To start within this topic, it is extremely important that you keep in mind that it is the IESS. Also called Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) It is an autonomous entity and which belongs to the social security system of Ecuador.

The IESS, in turn, is in charge of applying the mandatory universal social security. Based on the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador entered into force in 2008.

To find out if you are affiliated Within the IESS platform you can simply access the website and consult along with your filiatory data. If you are not registered, you can complete your affiliation within it.

Step by Step

Below we will show you step by step the easiest way to perform this query. Keep in mind that the query will be from an external page because the IESS platform has not currently enabled this function.

  1. have on hand your ID and date of birth, in some cases the affiliate code is necessary.
  2. Fill in the fields that are shown in the box with the requested data.
  3. Now you must press the box «Consult». The necessary information about the affiliation in the IESS will automatically be displayed.

You will get the page to make the consultation by clicking on the following link: IESS Affiliation Consultation. Remember to meet the aforementioned requirements.

What are IESS layoffs and their calculation?

To begin the term of Cesantia is given to the fact of delivery of an amount or sum of money to the member who performs the role of unemployed. This is financed by 2% of affiliate’s monthly salary.

The financing funds are subscribed within the internal accounts of the IESS. This contribution is designed solely and exclusively for people who are unemployed.

The calculation of these is made in accordance with the capital or fund accumulated within the personal account of the affiliated citizen. The amount of this is based on the 3% of the contribution or monthly cancellation.


Next we will tell you the requirements that you must meet to enjoy the layoffs. They are established by the IESS regulations in relation to layoffs:

  • The affiliated person must have at least 24 monthly contributions not simultaneously within the IESS.
  • Being unemployed accredited for a period or time of at least 60 days.

Remember that these requirements can be varied depending on the time or the type of applicant. That is why we urge our readers to take forecasts and request more information in this regard within the official channels of the managing body.


In accordance with the provisions of the IESS, the requirements must be accompanied by certain documentation. Below we will specify the documents you need:

  • Have the membership key granted by the IESS platform.
  • Have a bank account that is admitted by the IESS.
  • not own any type of unsecured loan.
  • belong to Solidarity Severance Scheme.

If you have any questions about this documentation, you can contact the customer service center closest to your IESS location. There they will provide you with in-depth information on these procedures.

Right and priority of the beneficiaries

In existing cases of the death of an IESS affiliate, of any age, the entity is responsible for returning the entire fund or accumulated capital. Which is done with an exclusive order and in accordance with the Article 285 of the Social Security Law.

If it is the case that the affiliated citizen requests a benefit and continue working for the following 60 days. The IESS has the right to withhold all of the affiliate’s accumulated capital for reasons of a fine.

For a new calculation of a new benefit requested, the period of time spent in service will not be considered. Even if it is after the date on which the previous layoff was based.

Who can join the IESS

At this point you must be wondering if you meet the characteristics that the IESS maintains in its statutes to join it. Remember that the government within its laws stipulates that all Ecuadorian citizens must belong to a social security.

Below we will detail the people who must be within or can join the IESS:

  • A freelance worker.
  • Accredited professional who is free of exercise.
  • Citizen Administrator or owner of a business.
  • The owner of a sole proprietorship.
  • Minor independent workers or workers belonging to other persons obliged to affiliation to the compulsory General Insurance regime.

All of the aforementioned may join this mandatory service. Thus complying by virtue of laws and special decrees.

What risks does compulsory social insurance cover?

Among all the benefits and risks covered by being affiliated within the IESS are the following:

  • Pension for old age or disabled by age.
  • Funeral aid.
  • Labor risk actions.
  • Assistance for sickness and maternity.
  • Amparo for medical assistance for minors under 18 years of age.
  • Expansion of health coverage for the spouse or cohabitant of the de facto member through the pre-established payment.
  • Mortgage loan


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