How to know if I am in the Risk Center: Steps to follow

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security currently It represents one of the focal points for the human being in regard to their well-being. Given this, different methods and regulations have been generated to ensure the safety of people.

Which are evident within things as insignificant as, for example, the metro we take every day. Yes, it is true, the human being is very delicate but strong at the same time, for this reason we have created our own rules or ways to protect ourselves.

Also within a country, the State or its Rulers They have the obligation to ensure the safety and integrity of their inhabitants. This will allow maintaining an atmosphere of peace and comfort for the nation, in addition to reducing the number of problems of an internal nature.

In accordance with this, Ecuador has provided, in addition to the already existing social health insurance or mutuals, the Risk Center. Very few people have enough information about this national institution.

For this reason, today we want to share useful and practical information about everything related to the Risk Center. The steps you must follow to find out if you are registered, in addition to some good tips and advice to carry out the process.

What is the Credit Bureau?

Before starting, it is important that we mention that the risk center or what previously It was called a risk center no longer exists. Due to different modifications that have been made in regard to this institution.

Are all those institutions who maintain all credit data and who provide credit services. To all these applicants and entities of the financial and commercial system.

These are in turn legally authorized and administered by the Superintendency of Banks. It should be noted that the credit history can only be provided by the credit bureaus since they are the only ones that have such information.

Check if I am in the Risk Center

Currently this service is called credit data and it is in charge of managing or providing financial reports. This is also granted by the company Equifax.

To know if you are Within the Risk Center you can request the information from the Equifax company. In addition, this company maintains different offices throughout the Ecuadorian territory.

Another of the lesser-known methods to consult it is through the web platform of the Superintendency of Banks. Which recently enabled its platform due to the changes made in this reform.

Steps to follow: Online Modality

Below we will describe the steps you must follow to process your query through the Superintendency of Banks on its web platform:

  1. First you must enter the following web page Superintendency of Banks.
  2. Inside you must formalize your registration with the superintendency. Remember that you must have identification documents on hand since they will be required to register correctly.
  3. Once the registration is done, choose the box called “Online services». Then the option of “Credit Data Registration System” in the part that says «Income».
  4. You must log in and with your filiatory data which you provided when you registered.
  5. Inside you will be shown a menu with the different options that this platform offers and you must choose the one that best suits the process to be carried out.


As we have previously mentioned, the only bureau authorized to deliver credit data is Equifax. It makes specialized offices available to Ecuadorian citizens to carry out this type of consultation.

It should be noted that this national and governmental institution is deployed throughout the national territory. Thus providing complete coverage for the inhabitants of Ecuador.

Service Points

For the convenience of our readers, we want to provide you with information on the main points of the Equifax Service:

  • quit: Av. October 12 and Lincoln, esq. Edif. Tower 1492, P 12, Of 1205
  • Guayaquil: October 9 Malecon. Building Torres de la Merced, P 8.
  • In other parts of the country You have servipagos offices. Which you can check at the following link: Servipagos Offices

These establishments will be open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Remember that to avoid problems you must keep your data updated.

What is EQUIFAX?

Finally, it is important to highlight and clarify that it is Equifax, since many people still have doubts about this entity. First of all, it is important to note that the only company that provides credit data is this one.

This is due to recent reforms in relation to the terms with which this process was called. But in matters of documentation and process it remains the same.

Equifax is the best and only credit bureau where people registered there can request a credit report credit report. In addition, it is the only one that has permanence throughout the national territory.


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