How to know if I have a bachelor’s degree: Everything you need to know

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Many people who have already graduated from high school, or are about to finish it, have some doubts regarding the bachelor’s degree. They are often asked Why do you need a bachelor’s degree? Where can it be obtained?

People should know that this is one of the most important processes that is responsible for carrying out the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. It consists of designating the titles of each of the institutions, both public and private.

In the same way, from previous years it has been thought to start an online service that can allow the person to have a chance to consult bachelor’s degreeand with this to be able to print it, so that they do not have any inconvenience.

If you wonder How do I know if I have a bachelor’s degree? Here is everything you need to know, plus you can find some important information that perhaps you did not have in mind.

If you want to know more if you have a bachelor’s degree, just keep reading!

What are the data that carries the bachelor’s degree

Everyone should keep in mind that there is a system where students who have already graduated can enter to find out more about their degree. It is important to keep in mind that only those who are in their last year of high school can enter.

Before being able to enter the system, the individual must be perfectly registered so that the database does not lead to an error. In addition, to be able to enter, people should only keep in mind that as User, They will place the name and surname, the identity card and of course the access code.

This means that the person is only asked for some common and basic information in order to enter and choose a shift, to obtain the title quickly. This is a good plan for those people who want to carry out this procedure from home.

as important point people should know that the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, has practiced this system for many years, since many people made this process much easier and cheaper than the face-to-face modality.

Besides, the Ministry of Education created one of the most comprehensive systems, since all students who graduated from the year 1985 henceforth, they can enter this system and verify their title.

This is a type of system that usually digitally stores each of the titles that have been awarded, starting from that year. In general, a record is kept so that people who need to have it on hand can print it without any problem.

This title contains the following data:

  1. Name of the institution where the student studied.
  2. Type of title that the person obtained, in this case it would be bachelor.
  3. The specialty in which you decided to specialize, which means, humanities or sciences.
  4. The number of title that the person occupies with respect to the others, can also be known as a reference number.
  5. The date the student graduated, although this may vary with respect to institutions.

Those people who, for some reason, have a problem and cannot consult the title online, may have other options that may facilitate it. This means that people can apply to one of the education districts that are closest to their provinces.

Although, on the other hand, those people who are not fully capable of addressing themselves and do not have any internet service, can call one of the following numbers and clarify all their doubts, 593-2-396-1300/1400/1500.

As a recommendation, you can tell people that one of the most practical and efficient ways that people can have is to consult the title onlinegiven that the system is completely free, and in general it is usually a very fast and complete process.

In those cases where the title is fully validated, the students must take into account that it is not necessary to sign and seal it, by any other institution. Given that the document is totally legal and can be used in any procedure that needs it.

How to check my bachelor’s degree

There are three very simple ways, so that students can get to verify their bachelor’s degree, In the first instance, it can be said that the most common way is reincarnation, since individuals can go to the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, in order to consult.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education pays attention to the client, this is a modality that is generally used by those people who are very far from the capital, for this people can use any of these numbers 593-2-396-1300/1400/1500.and thus be able to obtain more information about the title.

The last modality is the one that perhaps has the most efficiency for people because it is the education system, where people, regardless of the number of years they have graduated, can enter the page and fully consult their title.

This only applies to people who graduated from the year 1985 onwards, however, it has a main requirement, which consists in being perfectly registered and, on the other hand, people must be Ecuadorians, regardless of nationality or residence.

Steps to follow

Here you will be able to know how to consult the bachelor’s degree step by step, you will also be able to realize how fast and simple the process is.

  • Once people have already entered the page, they must press the button Educate Ecuador, to be able to enter another window.

  • After people have been able to enter correctly, once they have pressed the button, a new window will appear, sometimes it gets stuck, nothing happens, they just have to reload the page.
  • Once the page is fully loaded, several boxes will appear, where the person has to select the one to STUDENTS. Click on the option and wait for it to load.

  • Soon a list will be displayed with each of the options that students have to be able to carry out other procedures, but individuals must press the button ‘Check bachelor’s degrees’.

  • Once the person has pressed the other option, they have to click on a tab again ‘Request procedure’.

  • This is one of the windows that people must have in order to carry out the title process. It is also important that people can enter with their first and last namein case the page comes to present an error, you have to reload said page.

  • If once you post you see that your title does not appear, you can start the formal complaint from right there by clicking ‘Here’.

  • If you do have it, you can decide if save it on your computer or directly print it. You have both options.

These are each and every step that people need to follow. So they can get the bachelor’s degree without any problem. In addition, people must do it easily and quickly. Since it is a procedure that does not last more than 20 minutes.

In case the system crashes or an error occurs regarding the title:

People can call the numbers provided above. In addition, they can also go to the main headquarters and solve the problems.

It is important that each of these steps is followed to the letter. Since the system has a broad base to develop other more important procedures. In the same way, students can do this procedure, with someone who has already done it previously.

Necessary documents

Those People who are going to carry out this procedure in person must take into account that they must present some important requirements:

  1. First of all, people must have the grades of all the years that were studied at said institution. In the event that students have studied a few years in other institutions, they must present a certificate of grades.
  2. Present laminated ID.
  3. Evidence that the student passed each of the assigned subjects.
  4. Photocopy of the birth certificate.
  5. Submit two passport type photos.

Each of these documents must be presented in a brown folder. Identified with the full name, ID and institution for which the person studied.

What to do in case there are errors or the title does not appear

People must call the customer service center for them to give them each of the guidelines, to fix the title.

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