How to know the vehicles in my name: Check it through the license plate

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The registration of properties or objects acquired by a person is usually very confusing if you do not know well about the subject. At the same time, it must be carried out following proper local regulations.

The same happens when buying or acquiring a vehicle, it is necessary that you take into account all the gifts. In addition to the procedures involved when doing so.

In the same way for the government and for the buyer It is pertinent to take into account how the process of adjudicating the obtained good is carried out. In this case, the car, it should be noted that this process is usually different in each country.

For this reason, today we will show you through this practical and simple guide how to find out if a vehicle is in your name. We will also provide you with very useful information and some advice and tips to do it through the board.

How to know vehicles in my name

Currently the government of Ecuador through the National Transit Agency puts at your disposal an owner consultation service. In addition, the option of doing it with the vehicle’s license plate has recently been included.

This query It can be done online on the website of the managing body in this case of the National Transit Agency. At the same time, it allows you to simply enter the plate to know the owner, the address and the telephone number of the same.

It should be mentioned that the misuse of this system is penalized by the Ecuadorian authorities. In turn, its use is solely and exclusively designed for citizens to consult the previous owners of the vehicles or any other information of interest.

Besides this It is a fundamental source of information to process different documents. As well as to avoid inconveniences with future processes. Next we will tell you how to make the query through a few simple steps.

through the plate

Keep in mind that the essential requirement to carry out this query is to have on hand the license plate number of the vehicle to be consulted. Next we will show you through a few simple steps how to make this query:

  1. Enter the website of the National Transit Agency at the following link: National transit agency.
  2. Write the license plate number in the search bar of the vehicle you want to consult.
  3. Select the box «Consult».
  4. then a list of results will appear with a report full registration of the vehicle.

Remember not to use this medium to carry out illegal or suspicious actions since it is monitored at all times. At the moment of raising suspicions, you can receive legal consequences before the Ecuadorian government.

Why it is important to know the owner of a Vehicle

The purposes for making this query are usually very varied, they can be either for personal interest or in the case of making a purchase of a car. This query can be very important in the following cases:

  • As we have mentioned before in the case of acquiring a car and you want to know if it has previous owners.
  • In the event that your car has been hit, if you capture its license plate you will be able to obtain the respective data and issue a complaint.
  • If a car has been parked in front of yours or at the exit of your garage and you don’t know the owner of said car.
  • Many times within a residential complex you can park in the place assigned to your car. If you do not know the owner, you can consult it if you take note of the vehicle’s license plate.

In the possible case of not finding information on the collated plate You must go to the Transit Entity and request access to the file. Remember that this application must be accompanied by a verifiable reason or sufficiently circumstantial to do it.

Ownership history

When making the purchase of a vehicle many times it has gone through different owners. It is of the utmost importance that the next potential buyer take into account all the owners who have had this property.

In addition, it will help you verify that the vehicle has not been used for illegal actions or has been stolen from its former owner. This in turn It will expedite the purchase and allow you to carry it out in a more reliable and secure way.

Therefore, the Ecuadorian government has expedited this process in an easy and simple way. To expedite and avoid long and tedious lines within the managing entity of said query.

vehicle blocking

Recently The National Transit Agency issued the resolution 008where it is ruled that debts or Vehicle infractions can be blocked for justifiable reasons.

This block will only apply to specific and detailed cases within this same resolution. Among which are if the cars have been stolen, scrapped, destroyed by natural phenomena or lack of circulation due to mechanical failures.

Let us remember that at the time of collection of the annual taxes declared before the State, these debts must be cancelled. Otherwise, the penalty will be applied according to the amount owed.

This measure is taken due to the discontent of the population when canceling debts that they had not accumulated. since they had not carried out the transfer of assets correctly or had not completed it. As well as they had simply suffered a robbery or theft of the vehicle in previous years.


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