How to know when it’s time for a vehicle technical inspection: Steps to follow

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You ask yourself How do I know when I have to have a vehicle technical inspection? Well, here you can know each of the steps that are needed to carry out this procedure.

If you want to know when your vehicle technical review is due, you just have to keep reading!

What is the vehicle technical review

A technical review or as some people call it, technical inspection of vehicles, It is the preventive check that is carried out periodically before a certifying body.

This is where people can verify that the car complies with each and every one of the safety and emission standards that can produce pollution. So this is one of the most important procedures that people with a car can carry out.

All cars that are more than three years old:

They must go through some of the mandatory reviews. Which means that all people are fully willing to comply with the review standards.

The validity of a revision certificate can be said to be one of the techniques used for all guy of vehicles. ANDThis will depend on the type of cars. Likewise, it is something that can vary between 3, 6 and 12 months approximately..

In order to go through any of the reviews, it is extremely mandatory that some of the drivers try to go to one of the plants. As long as they are respectively legal. In addition, it is convenient that each one can present one of their vehicle identification cards. If they do not have it, they can present the SOAT.

On the other hand, it can be said that the first thing that each of the technicians is in charge of carrying out is a visual inspection. As long as they are directly related to the bodywork. The mirrors. The windshield. Security sheets. The bumper. The chassis and not least, each of its beams.

In addition, each of the technicians has the full possibility to carry out each of the tests, which may include each of the different systems such as:

  • The suspension
  • Each of the shock absorbers that are presented..
  • The direction
  • The brakes of each of the tires and in the same way their axes must be checked.

It should be noted that the electrical system is also one of the most essential things that technicians usually check. Thanks to this, the people who are in charge of this work can verify the quantity, the intensity. And, most importantly, the alignment of the car’s lights.

Another of the most important points that technicians have to take into account, as well as the people who must send their cars to be checked, is the revision based on the emission of gases. Because the car must comply with each and every one of the requirements of the MTC.

In the same way, the different types of maximum limits that are allowed should not be missed in order not to further affect the environment. That is why within the review standards it is found that the cars must affect the environment in the least amount possible.

In general, it can be said that some of the reviews can be taken as vehicular techniques. For their part, they allow you to carry out any type of check-up. That can demonstrate the full operation of said vehicle. One of the most important factors is that the mobile can be a car or a motorcycle.

But for those of you whose car hasn’t passed in some of the key aspects, there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t worry. It is only necessary for the individual to take it in for repair. In order to give it the necessary maintenance. It should be noted that the person can return in 30 days for a new inspection, as long as it is necessary.

What is it for

The technical inspection of vehicles (ITV) or as some people call it, vehicle technical inspectionit can be said that it is one of the procedures used for completely legal and preventive maintenance of vehicles.

In addition, this is one of the methods that people often use. Especially in countries like Ecuador. So that each of your vehicles is fully inspected on a regular basis by some of the certifying entities.

It is worth mentioning that each of the certifiers, or technicians, are those who are in charge of being able to verify each of the compliance with the security regulations. As well as the aspects or characteristics of the vehicles that are mostly polluting that are applicable to it.

It can be said that in some of the legislations, it is convenient that each one of the vehicles can get to test, the same ITV system. Which can provide the person with the fact of being able to be registered or, on the contrary, it can work for those people who need to renew their license or vehicle license.

In the same way, this is one of the said approval is accredited by means of a certificate. Most of the time it is issued by some of the entities that are in charge of the inspection.

In some cases it can be said that additionally some other distinctive can be added on the part of the windshield. On the license plate. Or in another place in the vehicle where it can be reached and is more visible to the technician.

In order to be able to facilitate each of the processes by the inspection. In some countries it can be said that the inspection can be carried out in some of the workshops that are mobile in different parts of the provinces.

Steps to do the vehicle technical review

All those people who, for their part, want to be able to carry out the vehicle technique review, or the vehicle registration can do so through these simple steps.

To do this, the person must:

  • First of all, people must be able to enter one of the official pages of the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT), which will allow the person to review each of the values ​​that are pending to pay for a review, registration and the fines.
  • After that, the person must be able to cancel each of the values ​​based on one of the banking entities or, as some people call them, Servipagos windows.
  • Once each of the payments of these values ​​is complete, the person must enter the AMT site again to obtain an appointment.
    • It is recommended that people choose one of the reviews of vehicle techniques appropriately. Some of them may be:
      • The Guajalo.
      • The Chillos,
      • San Isidro del Inca,
      • Florida,
      • In the case where it is for private cars; or Guamaní or Carapungo, (can also be used for public service vehicles).
  • On the other hand, people can make an appointment, so that at once the license plates of each of the vehicles are registered, for this the day, time, as well as the data of the car owner must be selected; In addition, the person must print the receipt.
  • It is important that people keep in mind that the opening hours of each of the vehicle inspection centers are generally from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30. In the case of Saturdays, it is normally attended from 08:00 to 12:00.
  • In the same way, people must be able to attend each of the times, for which they were selected, they must also take one of the appointments or printed vouchers, to verify that both the appointment and the payment are correct.
  • After the person has each of the approval certificates based on the vehicle review, the individual must register their vehicle.
    • This is one of the procedures where people can carry it out in the review centers or in Quitumbe, in the southern part, and in El Bicentenario, which is mainly in the north.
  • In the month of February, each of these procedures is mandatory for the owners of the cars that are individuals with the plates finished in one part. In March it applies to both, in April it applies to all three, May four, June five, July six, August seven, September eight, October nine and November zero.

Ways to do the vehicle inspection

As some of the people will not know, there are several ways that owners can carry out vehicle inspections, however the most effective is when people go in person to one of the offices to carry out the process.

This is the most effective and safe way to do it since the owners can speak directly with the technicians and can also deliver the assigned documents.

It is recommended to visit the following tab, Review techniques.

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