How to know which school my child has: Steps to follow

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Education is one of the fundamental pillars for the integral professional development of a person. This will help you to train as a thinking and critical being in the face of the different situations that arise in your day-to-day life.

That is why education is seen worldwide as one of the fundamental issues for the socio-economic development of a country. In addition, it is of vital importance for the person who is being educated.

In turn, many parents have the initiative to enroll their children in schools and institutes thinking about their future. In many countries, education is usually charged due to the great importance that it represents in front of society.

Doing so that a certain percentage of the population does not obtain or does not enjoy the proper education and literacy. before this different world organizations have joined the fight of this circumstance, such is the case of the NGO.

In Ecuador, the government has proposed to provide its citizens with a decent and complete education. That is why we want to share this informative article on how to know or find out which school your child was assigned to and the steps to follow to find out.

How do I know which school my child goes to?

As previously mentioned, education represents one of the most important phases for a person. For this reason, those who are receiving the appropriate education for their age It is of great weight for the development of your child.

The process of assigning an institute or academic campus It is carried out by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador. In turn, it can be processed by different means, the most common is through the official website of the managing entity.

It should be noted that the allocation It is carried out at times established by the Ministry as well as according to the region where you reside. Remember that your child must be registered within the system or platform to make the query correctly.

Steps to follow

Below we will detail the steps to follow to consult the school or institute assigned to your child. Not without first reminding you that these steps may vary depending on the province or region to which you belong.

  1. register your child before the Ministry of Education accompanied by the student’s personal data.
  2. stay tuned of the dates of the phases according to your assigned regimen.
  3. Enter on the communicated dates on the website at the following link: Together Education.
  4. Select the phase of interest and follow the instructions provided by the page.
  5. fill the form with the personal information of the child or student.
  6. At the end it will be issued automatically a report with all the necessary information about the student’s assigned school.

Keep in mind that these dates are usually different according to the regime assigned. In the same way, the different phases offered by the aforementioned website.

How the allocation of quotas is made

The system or platform designed by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador maintains an organized system for allocating quotas. Which will adapt to certain parameters previously established by said entities.

It is competent to mention that this system It is designed and filtered to adapt to the conditions of the student or represented. However, this will facilitate the allocation of quotas corresponding to the different regimes.

Among these parameters we can find the following filters:

  • Region or regime assigned to the student.
  • Town of residence of the principal.
  • Socioeconomic situation of the student.
  • Type or level of education required by the represented party.

The parameters can be modified or set differently according to the assigned local regime. Remember to know which regime you belong to at the time of making the consultations.

How to check the allocation of groups Costa Regime

To start the process of assigning to this regime the student enrollment period must have elapsed. According to the data provided to the Ministry of Education, it will assign a public academic institution close to your residence.

It is vitally important that the Ministry enabled a web page to make the consultation for free. This will make it easier for citizens to know in which school their child will study.

The steps to consult that scheme are cited above. In this case the order does not change but we want to mention that you can not only consult it in this way. Headquarters were also enabled to make inquiries and a call center where you can call.

Assignment of quotas Sierra Amazonia Regime

As we mentioned before, the allocation is made in the same way for all regimes. Some parameters or filters may change in some changes.

The only difference from the other regimes is that this is done after the Costa Regime. The dates of assignment is made after registration and is consulted through the website.

How to consult the allocation of groups Sierra Amazonia Regime

As we have mentioned before, at the end of the registration period, the allocation of quotas is made. Which you can consult within the different means offered by the Ministry of Education.

One of the main means is through the web page designed to carry out this consultation. Likewise also It has other methods such as the Call Center and the Information offices.

By Internet

Below we will show you through a few simple steps how to perform the consultation of groups of the Sierra Amazonia Regime:

  1. Enter inside the website designed by Ministry of Education to make the query.
  2. Select the assigned regimen, in this case Sierra Amazon Regime. Remember to be within the established dates to make the consultation.
  3. Now you must fill in the fields with the personal information of the student or represented. The same can be through the identity card or by the full name of the represented.
  4. To finish select the box “look for student”. A report will automatically appear with all the necessary information.

call center

The Ministry of Education has made available a channel for the representatives or parents of the student to communicate and make their consultation. This means is through the call center, there you can call from 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Not within it You can only consult, if not you can also make claims and answer some questions. The Call Center you can call is the following number 1800-33822.


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