How to process the Death Certificate in Ecuador

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A death certificate It is a legal document attached to Ecuadorian laws, which is issued in order to certify the death of a person. He death certificate is issued based on the facts and with compliance with the following documents and requirements.


To request a death certificate in Ecuador it is necessary to comply with the following documents and requirements:

  1. Complete the original form of the INEC, which is the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, the entity that is in charge of generating official statistics in the Ecuadorian territory on the subject of public policies.
  2. It is necessary that the person requesting the death certificate present the identity document number of the deceased, be it the identity card, the citizenship card or the passport. (the number can be written on a sheet or a copy of the identity document of the deceased).
  3. If, on the other hand, the user requests the registration, he will have to present an original identification document, whether the deceased is Ecuadorian or foreign.

Late registration of death

If 48 hours pass after the death of the individual, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, the following must be presented:

The rates corresponding to death procedures are as follows:

  1. The person making the registration must state in writing the reason why the death registration was not made immediately after the event.
  2. In addition, you will have to include among the documentation the burial certificate issued by the cemetery administrator or, failing that, the authority in charge if the deceased is cremated or buried.
  3. Receipt of the corresponding payment.

Registration of deaths without attention from a health professional

In the event that the death occurs without any type of assistance from a health professional, the person registering the death will have to add the following requirements to the aforementioned documents:

The rates corresponding to death procedures are as follows:

  1. Receipt of the corresponding payment in case of a late registration (requirements mentioned in the previous point).
  2. Submit the sworn statement together with two witnesses that support the veracity of the statement that is made. The affidavit must be made before the general direction of civil registration.
  3. Finally, for the person who registers, an original identity document (identity card, citizenship card or passport) will be requested, whether foreign or Ecuadorian.

payment rates

The rates corresponding to death procedures are as follows:

  1. The death declaration form has a cost of $0.00.
  2. The registration of the death carried out up to 48 hours after the death has a cost of $0.00.
  3. The registration of the death after 48 hours of the death of the individual has a cost of $5.00.
  4. The death certificate costs $3.00.
  5. The identical copy of death has a cost of $6.00.
  6. The registration of the sentence in the civil registry of Ecuador has a cost of $10.00.
  7. An internal procedure is also carried out that is recognized as a reason for non-registration that refers to the explanation of why the registration was not made during the 48 hours after the death; Said procedure does not have any monetary value, however it is an essential requirement if the late death registration is carried out.

The exoneration of the rates is made according to the organic law of disabilities to people who have a disability of 30% or more.

How to perform the procedure?

The procedure for requesting a death certificate in Ecuador is carried out as follows:

  1. Anyone wishing to apply for the certificate will have to go to the General Directorate of Civil Registry, Identification and Identification, in the information section, request the service and have the person in charge of the office validate the requirements and documents.
  2. Make the corresponding payment of the fees mentioned above.
  3. Go to the certificate issuance section presenting the receipt of payment of the fees.
  4. Confirm the data and receive the death certificate.


What are the spreadsheet formats?

To know or verify the death form forms, visit the next page

Why is the death certificate necessary?

The death certificate may be needed at the time of claiming an inheritance, collecting life insurance, for claiming bank contracts, as well as for the arrangement of inherited assets, official document procedures, the collection of pensions from the INSS or ISSSTE (entities in charge of the social security of the Ecuadorian population), the settlement of pending debts, among other legal procedures.

Frequent questions

  1. How long does the death certificate application process take?

The death certificate application process takes about an hour.

  1. Where can I apply for the death certificate?

The request for the death certificate can be made at any civil registry office in Ecuadorian territory.

  1. If there is a transcription error on the death certificate, how can these errors be corrected?

Death certificates are issued with the information from the database of the general directorate of civil registration, identification and identification known as DIGERCIC, so if there were to be any errors in the certificate at the offices of the entity mentioned in sections of resolutions or rectifications.

In order to obtain the death certificate, it is necessary to meet the aforementioned requirements depending on the case or the time in which the registration of the deceased is carried out.

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