How to recover my Claro Ecuador number

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If you have asked yourselfHow to recover my Claro Ecuador number? You have reached the right article for you. Here we will explain how to acquire a Claro line, what it is, what services it offers and much more.

The Claro telephone company enjoys an outstanding reputation thanks to the excellent provision of its products and services. That is why today we bring you a lot of information about one of the companies with the highest number of active subscribers.

How to recover my Claro Ecuador number

By phone call

If you have already reported your Claro line, either due to theft or loss of the phone associated with your number, You should know that its reactivation is an extremely simple and fast process.

For this you just have to call * activa611 and proceed to follow the instructions that the Customer Service agent will provide you.

Remember that You must have the code that you obtained when reporting the telephone line on hand.

In person

You can also visit any of Claro’s service centers in person. There you can present your case and receive specialized help immediately.

In this case, like the previous one, You must have the report key for the line at hand.

Prepaid Phones

In case you have a prepaid mobile that you have not recharged for more than three months, you should know that the operator normally proceeds to cancel it and the number becomes unrecoverable.

Postpaid Phones

On the other hand, if you have a postpaid mobile, when you cancel the plan you have contracted, you have a month to recover your number. Otherwise it will not be possible.

What remains for you to do is acquire a chip with a phone number. You can do this by attending one of the Claro Customer Service Centers.

What is Claro

The origin of the Claro company corresponds to a Mexican-Brazilian group specialized in telecommunications with representation in other Latin American countries. Its owner was the Mexican company América Móvil.

However, fEU in Brazil where it was created on September 14, 2003. This occurs as a result of the merger of some telephone operators in that country, under the authority of América Móvil.

On the other hand, Claro’s history in Ecuador began in 1993 when the Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones SA, also known under its acronym CONECEL, was founded. It was also identified with the trademark “Porta”.

Likewise, at the hands of the Ecuadorian government, It was granted a 15-year license for the use and operations of the radioelectric spectrum. Thanks to this, it became the first mobile telephony company in Ecuador and some time later what would become its competition, Bellsouth from Otecel, was positioned in the market today.

Later, in 2000, the brand passed into the hands of the Mexican company América Móvil, maintaining its original name and which was in force until 2011.

However, 9 years later, before the brand change, the identifying elements such as the logo and the corporate graphic line were modified until they were almost identical with the next brand, Claro. This was done in order to continue with the regional trend of unification of the same.


In 2008, the Mexican operator Telmex acquired EcuadorTelecomS.A, a local company that was in charge of offering fixed telephone and Internet services that operated as Ecutel.

Later, In the time between 2008 and 2011, pay TV was added to the portfolio of services offered. In 2011, the services offered by EcuadorTelecom became Claro, together with CONECEL’s telephony and internet. Finally, in that same year, it was announced that Porta and Telmex would be renamed Claro.

Year after year new technological developments are implemented, so for 2018 it is considered the operator with the largest market share.

How to recover my Claro number Ecuador: What services does Claro offer

Claro is a company in charge of offering telecommunications services. This has a fairly large catalog for access to mobile service in almost the entire Ecuadorian territory.

  • It offers products and services with the most advanced technology on the market and is considered the first private operator to provide its customers with GSM, 3G and 4G digital technology.
  • It has very attractive commercial mobile rates and offers plans with unlimited talk and text messages with a national reach.
  • It has more than 5,500 points of sale and more than 80 Customer Service centers to get closer to its customers.
  • Offers prepaid and postpaid plans
  • It has International Roaming and Internet Of Things
  • It has Fixed Telephony, Internet and TV services
  • You can access Claro Music, Claro Play and Club Claro Apps.

How to purchase a Claro line

Now, to acquire a Claro phone line, you must consider 2 scenarios:

  • If you want a new chip with a new phone number, you must have the option to buy a “Claro Chip” through the Virtual Store and receive it at the door of your home.
  • When your chip was damaged, lost or stolen, you require a replacement while keeping your phone number. For this you must approach any of the care centers.

How to recover my Claro number Ecuador: How to check my Claro balance

Claro Ecuador offers a large number of possibilities to check the balance and carry out different operations. They do this in order to facilitate the needs of all their customers.

How to recover my Claro Ecuador number: Through the website

  • The first thing you should do is make sure you have an electronic device with Internet access
  • Then you must enter the official website of Mi Claro
  • Next, you must register in the system or log in if you already have an account.
  • Finally, proceed to locate the option “Check your balance” available on the page

By application

  • You must first locate your cell phone and have it handy
  • Then enter the option that allows you to download applications available on the device.
  • Proceed to install Mi Claro App on the device and complete the registration in the system
  • Finally, locate the option “Check your balance” available in the application menu.

How to recover my Claro Ecuador number: Via telephone

  • The first thing you should do is have your cell phone at hand
  • From the device you must dial * 123 #
  • Proceed to make the call
  • Then proceed to go to the options menu
  • Finally, select option 5, then 1 and finally 2.

How to top up your Claro balance

Through Claro Refills

  • The first thing you should do is access Claro Recargas
  • Then, in the drop-down menu of countries, you can choose the one that corresponds to the line you want to recharge. In this case, Ecuador.
  • Proceed to enter the Claro phone number that you want to recharge
  • Next you must choose the value to recharge. You have different currency options to cancel the amount, that is, you can pay with the local currency or with US dollars
  • Then enter your details for the payment and so you can complete the recharge
  • Finally, you will receive a text message confirming the operation performed

Through Mi Claro web

  • You must first enter the official website of My clear
  • It is important that you remember that you must be registered in the system to be able to carry out different activities on the page.
  • Once you log in, you must locate the option “Top up your Balance”
  • Finally, you must complete the steps that the system will indicate until the recharge is complete.

  • The first thing you should do is make sure you have your mobile device at hand
  • Proceed to dial * 123 #
  • Then you must locate the option “Recharges” for prepaid customers
  • Finally, you must comply with all the steps to recharge effective

Mi Claro application

  • You must first have an electronic device with Internet access
  • Proceed to download the application from the store intended for this. You can use Android or iOS.
  • Then you must log in with your email address, your Facebook username or your cell phone number.
  • Finally, locate the process of recharging your line

Any Claro branch

  • You must first request the Balance Recharge service for your Claro line
  • Then you must indicate the amount you want to recharge or you can choose one of the packages that they offer you
  • Next, provide the phone number to recharge and you must proceed to make the payment
  • Then you must select the payment method, cancel the amount and you will receive your recharge
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation text message

How to recover my Claro Ecuador number: Benefits of being a Claro customer

In addition to having a strong presence in the telecommunications sector, Claro Ecuador focuses on implementing improvements in its technological platforms in order to maintain an excellent experience with customer services.

  • You can use international mobile alliances.
  • Possibility of obtaining discounts on different products or services.
  • Accounts with attractive service promotions
  • You can participate in clubs or forums for internal benefits
  • You have the ease of accessing exclusive products
  • You have a guarantee on the products.

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