How to recover my Movistar Ecuador number

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If you have wonderedHow to recover my Movistar Ecuador number? And you do not know how to do it, you have reached the right article for you. Here we will provide you with all the information regarding what Movistar is, what services it offers, its benefits and much more.

It is possible that you have affiliated your old telephone line with banks, basic service providers, insurance companies, among many other places of interest and you need to recover it.

Well, in the following sections we will explain the steps you must follow to manage it, as well as knowing important data about the Movistar operator, the modalities of contracting its products and services and the details of some of them.

How to recover my Movistar Ecuador number

If you are the owner of a Movistar telephone line and for some reason you have stopped using it, it is most likely that you are looking to recover the number associated with it.

That is why We recommend that the first step you should take if you are trying to recover your Movistar number is to contact the operator through one of its digital channels open to the public.

You can contact them through their social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. As well as through its WhatsApp available to serve users: 0999001140.

Through any of the previous alternatives you can send your request and check the type of line that is associated with the number you want to recover.

Secondly, If you want to replace your chip or sim, you must go personally to any of the Movistar offices available in different parts of the country.

Remember that for this you must present 2 ownership documents for the telephone line in question.

What is Movistar?

Movistar is a cell phone operator that has its origins in Spain in 1995 and is a subsidiary of the Telefónica group. This began by offering analog telephones, which at that time, represented a great evolution in the means of communication worldwide.

Over the years, this company introduced new technologies to Spain, such as the 1800 MHz Band, which allowed the expansion of all telephone signals in that country.

Also, it is important to note that This is a company that, since its inception, focused on revolutionizing communication worldwide, having greater recognition both in Spain and in many Latin American countries.

In this sense, in 2005, Movistar established itself in Ecuador through Otecel SA, where it offered excellent quality mobile telephony services, such as the GSM telephone network, long-distance networks and many other advances.

Movistar is the second mobile phone operator in Ecuador with the largest number of users.

How to retrieve my Movistar Ecuador number: What services does Movistar Ecuador offer?

The telecommunications operator Movistar is the favorite company of all Ecuadorian customers. This is due to the fact that its services offer great quality, comfort and security throughout its territory, with the guarantee of always keeping the connection active.

The services that are offered by Movistar are generally focused on mobile and fixed telephony, internet services and satellite television.

That is why, for the convenience of its customers, the Movistar operator offers navigation plans and services with a wide variety of payment methods to prevent you from being cut off.

Additionally, Ecuador has customer service centers throughout the national territory. In addition to authorized stores and technical support units.

Now, if we talk about the acquisition of mobile devices, Movistar presents a large catalog of low, medium and high-end phones. This allows all its clients to enjoy the experience of using the most advanced technologies.

On the other hand, in this article we cannot fail to provide you with the official website of Movistar in Ecuador. AThere you will find information tools and a varied menu that will allow you to manage the services to contract.


Prepaid plans consist of paying for telecommunications services before users use them. In other words, these are plans better known as balance top-ups. These are made to the mobile phone to have balance and allows you to have the ability to send text messages, make phone calls and surf the web.

As with other Movistar services, this type of contract allows users to receive various gifts and promotions earned with their recharge.

Secondly, among the advantages of having this telecommunications service we haveyes:

  • You can get a bonus for early payment of your monthly recharge
  • Accounts with the obtaining of points redeemable by mobile devices or by balance
  • In case you want to request a new line with the prepaid service, you can keep your old Movistar telephone number. This in order to guarantee greater comfort in the telecommunications of this company.
  • You have the possibility to get offers, bonuses and many other promotions.


This is another of Movistar’s telecommunications services contracting modalities. Where the main characteristic is that the operator and the clients must comply with a series of established requirements.

By this we mean the formalization of services through a contract. In which monthly billing rates are agreed, with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the client when selecting between the different data plans or services that the operator provides them.

Payments made through this service can generally be made through the customer’s credit card or any other similar means. This in order to pay the monthly fee that is agreed with the operator.

On the other hand, among the advantages of having a Movistar Postpaid contract we have:

  • Cell phone loans while they repair yours, in case it has broken down.
  • Accounts with an important variety of plans and services
  • You get preferential treatment at any of the authorized Movistar centers throughout the country
  • You have the possibility of modifying the timing of the payments of your monthly installments. As well as, you can change the plans and services that the company offers you
  • In travel situations, you can use the Roaming service keeping your same phone number
  • You have discounts on the renewal of mobile devices for being considered a Premium Client.

How to recover my Movistar Ecuador number: How to acquire a Movistar line

To acquire a Movistar line, The first thing you should know is that this is a fairly simple and fast process.. Plus it only takes a fairly short period of time. To obtain your line you must comply with the following steps:

  • First you must select an authorized Movistar agent according to your preference. You can go to the one closest to your place of residence, work, etc.
  • Tell the sales staff that will be assisting you to provide you with a Movistar telephone line.
  • Then you must complete the form that will provide you with all your personal data.
  • Then you must pay the amount corresponding to the SIM Card with the payment method of your choice.
  • Finally, put your new SIM Card in your cell phone and put it to work

It is important to note that if you wish to acquire an electronic device, you can obtain one of those offered by the Authorized Agent you went to. These mobiles will enjoy an estimated warranty time, technical service and many other advantages.

How to check my Movistar balance

Today You have different means to check the balance of your Movistar telephone line. Also, you should know that most of them are quite simple and effective, but above all, they are free for all the clients of this operator.

In the past, to obtain this information, we had to do it exclusively through a call telephone. However, instant notifications via text messages were added later.

Some time later, we began to use the web browser, from where we can consult all the balance consumption, text messages and data of our telephone line.

Currently, You have the facility to view all this information through the app. You just have to download it and register in the system. You can also dial the number 0999 001 140select option 1 and there you will get your balance query.

How to recharge my Movistar balance

  • Through the official Movistar website, specifically in the Recharges section
  • Through the Mi Movistar App
  • By dialing *100# and selecting option 5
  • Through recharge cards. You can get it at any of the authorized points
  • Using your credit card: American Express, Diners Club, Visa or Mastercard
  • You can use your debit card: Banco de Guayaquil, Produbanco and Xperta Banco Pichincha.

How to retrieve my Movistar Ecuador number: Benefit offered by Movistar to its customers

  • Excellent service and a large catalog of telecommunications services
  • Solidarity rates and plans designed to meet the communication needs of customers
  • Unlimited and varied connections such as long distance calls, direct messages, Internet browsing and much more
  • You can keep your number even outside of Ecuador
  • Promotions, bonuses, offers and gifts.

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