How to recover the points of the License: What are the points of the Driver’s License, requirements to consult them and more

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How to recover the points of the License: What are the points of the Driver’s License, requirements to consult them and more, this information is essential that we take it into account.

In Ecuador, the competent authority, known as the National Transit Agency or ANT, assigns us a number of points in the issuance of our first driver’s license. This system puts pressure on us in a positive way, not to commit traffic offenses.

But, if we find ourselves with the need to recover the points, below we comment on the routes and their conditions, as well as a little more information associated with the consultation of the points, about the ANT and much more about the licenses.

How to recover the License points

The ideal situation would be not to lose the points of our driver’s license, but when we are in traffic, we expose ourselves to breaking some of the rules established by law.

In case we need to recover our points, the ANT presents us with the possibility, but before carrying out any process, we must cancel any type of fine pending payment.

For this, it is necessary to consult the history of points, the procedure is detailed in later paragraphs.

Once we are up to date and do not owe anything, we can recover our points, personally attending one of the driving schools, certified by the ANT, to take the course again.

With the observation, that we cannot do the course twice in the same institution, so we must choose a different one than the one we use to obtain the license for the first time.

We carry our identity card, the voting slip and the proof of payment, for the concept of taking the course.

It is important to highlight that each time we do the course, the amount of points to be recovered is less. Therefore, we must try to lose as few as possible.

In this sense, the applied rule is as follows:

  1. In our first recovery of points, we will obtain 20 of them, after being approved the course. They must also have been used up to 60 days after our license was suspended.
  2. The second recovery opportunity allows us to obtain 15 points, upon passing the course. Additionally, 120 days must have passed after the license was suspended.
  3. And in the third and fourth recovery of points, we will recover 15 points in each one, as in the two previous occasions, we must pass the course. And wait a period of 1 year, after the license is suspended.
  4. The next time, there will be no recovery of points and we lose permanently, to renew our driver’s license.

What are the points of the Driver’s License

The points of the driver’s license correspond to the tracking system of infractions committed by those who drive a motor vehicle. It is implemented by the National Traffic Agency or ANT in order to determine the convenience that an individual keep his or her driving license.

When a driver’s license is issued, it has a number of points, specifically there are thirty points. When the holder commits infractions to the traffic regulations, each arrest or fine, subtracts points from those initially assigned.

Once a large number of points is lost, the license may be lost or be subject to other sanctions typified by law.

These are the reasons where the importance of the driver to avoid committing any of the crimes that affects the reduction of points lies.

Requirements to consult the points of the Driver’s License

In view of the importance of keeping our thirty points on the driver’s license, the National Transit Agency has a section through its website where we can check the number of points we have.

Just by entering our identity card number, or failing that, the RUC, passport or license plate number, depending on our case.

Next, we will comment in more detail, how to consult the points we have

How to check how many points I have on my Driver’s License

This step should be done prior to the license point recovery process.

Well, to a certain extent, the result of the consultation depends on the procedure to be carried out for their recovery.

The steps for the consultation are extremely simple and fast, following the order that we will detail below:

  1. We enter the official website of the ANT
  2. We locate the option “Consultation of points and citations” and we click.
  3. Selections from the drop-down menu, the identification document that we are going to use for the consultation. These can be the Identity Card, RUC, license plate or passport.
  4. In the next field or space, we put the number corresponding to the selected identity document.
  5. Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for the data associated with the identification document.
  6. In a few minutes, we will see on the screen, the detail of our license, linking the violations and other associated values.
  7. We click on the magnifying glass symbol, located at the top of the screen, there we will know the updated points of our driver’s license.

How points are lost from the Driver’s License

When we drive, we can lose points on our license if we commit violations on the road. The number of points to lose depends on the lightness or seriousness of the infraction, as established by the Organic Law of Land Transportation, Traffic and Road Safety and its regulations.

The regulations indicate that they decrease:

  1. For minor breaches 1.5 points, 3 points and 4.5 points, in the first, second and third class categories, respectively.
  2. For serious breaches, in first, second and third class, 6, 7.5 and 9 points will be subtracted, respectively.
  3. Breaches considered as crimes, will be subtracted between 11 to 13 points.
  4. For driving with an expired or expired license, 9 points will be deducted. Additionally, we must face a fine of 1 SBU and 3 days deprived of liberty, that is, in jail.

Most common offenses

Among the most common violations, for which points are lost in the license, we find:

  1. Driving without a seat belt generates a fine equivalent to 5% of a unified basic salary (SBU) and a reduction of 1.5 points on your driver’s license.
  2. When the seat belt is not used by passengers who go in the back of a vehicle, a fine of $ 54.90 and a reduction of 4.5 points in the license.
  3. Speeding, in case of speeding in moderate range, fine of 30% of an SBU; outside the moderate range, a fine of $ 386 and imprisonment for three days, in addition to the reduction of ten points in the driver’s license. As established by the Traffic Law in its article 386, numeral 3.
  4. Fine for badly parked, in places not allowed or circulation in the exclusive lanes, a fine of $ 38.6 loses three points in the license.
  5. Disobeying the traffic agent, or for attacking the agent, generates detention for three days, plus a fine of $ 386 and a reduction of ten points.
  6. When the uniformed man failed to speak, a fine of 30% of the SBU and a reduction of six points in the license.
  7. Driving without a license, will lose three points and a 10% SBU fine.
  8. For the use of devices such as the Cell phone, for other distractions, such as people, animals or objects in the arms, it is considered a fifth class offense, generates a penalty of 15% of the SBU and a reduction of 4.5 points in the license.

Requirements to process the Driver’s License

It is necessary to be clear that the license corresponds to the permit that all drivers need, as road users. When we do not have it, we expose ourselves to being fined and sanctioned.

The ANT, acronym for the National Transit Agency, is the body authorized to issue driver’s licenses, in the categories of non-professionals and professionals, in their various types. Next we will see the scope of them, according to their category.

Non-Professional License

  1. Type A: allows the driving of mopeds, motorcycles, tricars and quadrones.
  2. Type B: we can drive cars and trucks, with trailers up to 1.75 tons of payload.
  3. Types F: allows us to drive special automobiles, those adapted for people with some type of disability.

Professional License

  1. A1: For driving commercial duty motorcycle taxis or tricycles.
  2. C: to drive conventional taxis, executive, light or mixed vans up to 3,500 kg, up to 8 passengers; passenger transport vehicles of no more than 25 seats.
  3. C1: allows you to drive police vehicles, military and municipal ambulances, and in general any vehicle of the Ecuadorian State.
  4. D: drive passenger service cars (intracantonal, interprovincial, intra – provincial, intraregional and on their own).
  5. D1: to drive school, institutional and tourism cars, up to 45 passengers.
  6. E: drive heavy and extra heavy trucks with or without a trailer of more than 3.5 tons, trailers, dump trucks, tankers, public platforms, own account, other trucks and state vehicles with these characteristics.
  7. E1: to drive railways, rail cars, motor pumps, trolleybuses, to transport dangerous goods or substances and other special vehicles.
  8. G: Allows you to drive agricultural and heavy machinery. Road equipment, such as tractors, graders, backhoes, forklifts, mechanical shovels and others.

According to the type of license

Non-Professional for the first time

  1. In original, the result of the psychosensometric examination. Approved and current.
  2. Our Identity Card
  3. The card with the blood type, issued by the Red Cross of Ecuador. In original.
  4. Proof of payment, in original.
  5. And the original of the card issued by CONAPDIS, by the Ministry of Public Health or by the competent entity, where the type and percentage of physical and hearing disability is stated. In case of having the disability condition.

As a foreigner, we must present the document that certifies that we have completed basic education, with apostille, notarized and in the Spanish language.

Professional for the first time

  1. Professional driver’s title, certificate of degree of the course and learning permit, in original. According to the type of license we request.
  2. Result of the psychosensometric examination, approved and current and approved, in original. Present identity card, blood type card and proof of payment, in original.

To obtain non-professional licenses, we must apply and pass the tests and exam of knowledge regarding traffic laws.

While for professional licenses, courses and the application of the respective tests on the knowledge of the aforementioned law are required.

In case of renewal of any type of license, we must take the knowledge test and pass with a grade of 7/10 or higher.

How to process the Driver’s License

The process to obtain the Driver’s license, in any of its types, has an electronic part and a face-to-face part.

It is made up of the following steps:

  1. We enter the web portal of the National transit agency
  2. We locate the option of services, in face-to-face services, we click on payment order
  3. We print the payment order and cancel its value at the authorized Payment Points.
  4. We request an appointment, entering the AN portal again.
  5. We go to the selected agency, on the date and time agreed on our turn. Suggestion: arrive 15 minutes before shift time.
  1. At the information window, we validate and confirm the shift.
  2. We deliver the requirements and proof of payment, in the license module
  3. We update our data
  4. We apply the theoretical evaluation, in the simulator for this purpose, answering the 20 questions of the exam.
  5. We wait a short time and we will receive our license.

To prepare for the exam and learn about the type of questions involved, the ANT offers us to practice through the simulator.

What is the cost of the Driver’s License

The fees to be paid for the procedure to obtain professional licenses is USD 110 and for non-professionals it is USD 68. With the exception of type F, whose cost is $ 42.00.

Finally, it is important to inform that the ANT issues other types of licenses, such as: the Driving Permit for an adult minor, whose fee is $ 115.00.

As well as various types of licenses considered international. To expand the information about them, we can click on the following link Other ANT Licenses.

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