How to retrieve the SRI key

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It may happen that at some point you need to know How to retrieve the SRI key. You may also want to know what the Internal Revenue Service or SRI is, its functions and importance. This service is one of the advantages implemented by the tax authority.

In this sense, you should know that keeping this password is very important, since it is the key to access the SRI’s online services. It is for this reason that in the following article we will tell you the different ways to recover it, and much more information about that institution and the services offered.

How to retrieve the SRI key

You want to know how to recover the SRI password. Well then we will explain how to perform this recovery, and through what means you can do it. In this sense, the Internal Revenue Service, better known as SRI, makes available to its users, several options to recover the key.

It should be noted that these options are intended to facilitate the completion of this procedure in a comfortable and safe way. To do this effectively, the user is required to have an email address.

By Internet

  • You enter the official website of the SRI
  • Then you locate the option of “Online services“And you click.
  • Then press the option “Login”, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the ID or RUC number
  • Then click on “Recover Password”.
  • Choose one of the recovery options, which can be by email or by questionnaire and then press continue.

However, If you choose the option to use email, at the end of the steps, you will receive an email, containing a temporary password, which you must use to create a new password.

If on the contrary, you select the option to recover by questionnaire you will have to answer 2 security questions, which you must have established previously. Later, the system will send the message to the email with the new password.

Via telephone

  • The first thing is to call 1700-277-277
  • When the operator answers, we must request the recovery of the key.
  • Then the email address must be supplied
  • We proceed to check our email, to obtain the new password sent.
  • We then went back to the SRI website online. Enter with the temporary password that was received and create a new password, which complies with the steps required to do so.

How to retrieve the key from the SRI: Face-to-face

It should be noted that if the 2 previous options do not work, we still have the option of going to one of the SRI offices, with our documents and requesting a new password in person.

How to recover the SRI password: What is the Internal Revenue Service or SRI

The Internal Revenue Service or SRI It responds to the public body, because it is attached to the Ecuadorian State, with a technical nature and with autonomy, which was formed in order to implement strategies that prevent tax evasion and bad practices.

It was created at the end of 1997, based on principles and values ​​of justice and equity. This was formed as a response to high tax evasion, which was fueled by the lack of a tax culture in the population.

This institution has stood out since it was created for being independent, in the sense of defining policies and management strategies. Also for generating operations that are balanced, transparent and promote firmness for decision-making. On the other hand, they apply their policies and tax legislation in a clear and transparent manner.

Notably its strategies and the campaigns applied to motivate users, in recent years, have left many positive aspects, since there is a significant increase in the collection of taxes in Ecuador.

These collection figures achieved by the SRI are not only due to tax reforms, but they have their origin in the set of strategies that begin mainly with the efficiency in the management of the institution, as well as the improvements and implementation of high technology systems. .

Some of the innovative products They are for example: Electronic Invoicing, mobile SRI, online services, the reduction of indirect costs to citizens and the consolidation of the tax culture, together with the significant growth of taxpayers.


Its flag of Doing the country good! Has identified it since its creation, continuously generating improvements that become benefits to taxpayers and Ecuador.

What is the function of the SRI

As the main function we can point out that it is guarantee the correct management of tax policy. Said management must be based on a framework of principles set forth in the Constitution, which generate sufficient collection that will be used for social congruence.

In that sense, in the Article 2 of Law No. 41, the following are indicated as the main functions of the SRI:

  • Determine the collection and control of the internal taxes of the nation, as well as of others, whose administration is not assigned by law to another authority.
  • Provide solutions to petitions, claims, resources and answer all the consultations that are proposed, according to the Law.
  • Request taxpayers, or their representatives, any type of documentation or information support, related to the determination of their tax or third party obligations.

What procedures must be carried out at the SRI

All the procedures that are carried out before the Internal Revenue Service, are all those linked to and related to the taxes established by law.

Some time ago, all the procedures had to be carried out in person, generating long queues and bad practices to effectively obtain them. Currently, with the creation of the responsible body SRI, the general public is offered the option of carrying out various procedures electronically.


  • Generate access key for the first time
  • Update email for key recovery
  • Retrieve password

RUC Natural persons

  • Inscription
  • To update
  • Lay off

RUC Companies

  • Inscription
  • Upgrade
  • Cancellation


  • Declarations
  • Header data modification

Physical Billing

  • Elimination or correction to cancel pre-printed receipts
  • Partial authorization of billing permission for companies in liquidation process

Electronic billing

  • Cancellation of electronic vouchers
  • To learn more about the procedures before the Internal Revenue Service, we can click on the following link Management.

How to retrieve the key from the SRI: How to create a user in the SRI

As indicated on the portal, to be able to generate the SRI key for the first time, a request must be submitted using the Quipux document management system. However, to send this request, it is necessary to have a valid digital certificate of electronic signature.

To obtain the digital signature certificate electronically, there are several entities authorized by ARCOTEL or the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Telecommunications. The requested requirements and the procedures for each one are different, so we suggest reviewing them and using the most convenient one.

These certification entities are: judiciary Council, central bank of Ecuador,Security Data Seguridad En Datos Y Firma Digital SA and ANFAC Certification Authority Ecuador CA

As a natural person, we attach the following documents to the application:

  • The identity document, which can be the identity card, the passport, the refugee card.
  • If applicable, the Certificate of vote.
  • The Electronic Media Use and Responsibility Agreement electronically.
  • The request must be in PDF format and be submitted according to our jurisdiction, check here

Through the web platform

  • Enter the Official Guide of Procedures and Services
  • Locate the Online Procedures option and select the procedure in question
  • Read the SRI form and the requirements to be attached when submitting the procedure
  • Complete the steps indicated by the system.

How to retrieve the key from the SRI: Through Quipux Document Management System

Under this modality, the applicant sends his request to the respective authority of his province, as well as the necessary documents that must have the electronic signature of the taxpayer or otherwise, they will not be valid.

Once the request is received by the Tax Administration, it will validate the requirements, and it will take approximately ten business days to give its response, reporting the result of the request.

How to retrieve the key from the SRI: What is the importance of SRI

The importance of the operation of the SRI, It lies mainly in controlling and monitoring to ensure that the collection of taxes is fulfilled, from all the sectors that comprise it.

The main mission of this body is to guarantee that these are carried out in a transparent way, based on equity, justice and balance, avoiding bad tax practices and tax evasion.

What are the benefits of SRI

From the general point of view, the creation of the Internal Revenue Service or SRI generates benefits for Ecuadorian citizensDue to the fact that having better control over taxes and tripling the collection, the State obtains more resources to carry out the different improvements through public policies.

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