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Every car needs an identification document along with its owner, in order to effectively register the owner and the information of the car in question, which is why the Unique Vehicle Certificate is necessary.

The objective of this document is to frequently monitor the Land Transport Commission, as well as road safety at the national level, the purpose of which is to safely certify all the streets of national territory, helping to facilitate and make more efficient the services offered to Ecuadorian citizens

Now, if you have to get this document, this article will explain in minimal detail the procedure to follow to obtain the Single Vehicle Certificate, you’ll see how simple it is!

Requirements to process the Single Vehicle Certificate

As is well known, to request any type of Certificate, a series of requirements must be met depending on the type of document to be requested. In this case the requirements are:

  • Internet connection
  • Have an active email, since by this means the Certificate will be sent to be later printed by the applicant
  • Both the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle must not have any type of outstanding debts as a result of fines or Traffic violations or Expired Payment Agreements previously committed in the Single National Database.

This is why, before requesting said document, it is important to verify your debt status, to find out if you have any unpaid fines in the Single National Database


In the same order of ideas, before processing the certificate, it is very important to have several documents updated so that they can then be on hand when formally requesting the certificate. The necessary documents to be able to request the Single Vehicle Certificate are:

  • Original ID and copy of it
  • Original registration document of the vehicle to be registered. In the case of being lost, the case must be reported to a competent authority

Steps to follow

After knowing if the necessary requirements are met to request the Single Vehicle Certificate, the following steps must be carried out in the indicated order

  1. Select in the form the type of document to request, in this case «Unique Vehicular Certifier»
  2. Write the data requested in the form (Identity Number, license plate of the Vehicle to be registered)
  3. Enter the specified email
  4. Download the payment order from the email, then print it and pay it at one of the payment points that are distributed nationwide (Banco del Pacífico, Pago Fácil, Servi Pagos, etc.)
  5. Finally, after having canceled it, a message will arrive at the previously provided email, where the Single Vehicle Certificate will be found, and it will have to be printed again

It should be noted that this procedure is only if the process is going to be done online, if you want to do it in person, it will be explained later as what steps to follow


Obtaining the Single Vehicle Certificate to register the vehicle in the National Database costs $7.5 USD. In addition, this document has a validity period of 30 business days, therefore it must be renewed every time another type of procedure is needed that includes the vehicle, either buying or selling it, reviewing it, among other processes.

Where is the procedure performed?

In the case of doing the process in person, you must go to a National Transit Agency headquarters in your state. For the face-to-face way, the procedure to follow to request the procedure varies a little, the steps to follow in this case are presented below:

  1. Prepare in advance the documents required to complete the process
  2. Go to one of the offices of the National Transit Agency
  3. Ask for the turn of the application
  4. Submit the documents
  5. Wait for the Single Vehicle Certificate to print (this will require a few minutes)
  6. withdraw the certificate

Can it be done online?

On the other hand, if you want to save time, you can do it at home, through the page of the National Transit Agency (www.ant.gob.ec). It is a simple and innovative way that was developed to streamline the process. This is why you can enter the page and take the first steps to request the certificate process at any time of the day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). And the best thing is that you can do it from anywhere, your home, office, tablet, phone; You just need a computer or phone and an Internet connection. How wonderful, isn’t it?

In another order of ideas, you can not only get the Single Vehicle Certificate from this page. You can also request Driver’s Violation History (CIC), Certificate of Vehicle Ownership (CVP), Driver’s Certificate (CCO), Certificate of Vehicle Violations (CVI)

Importance of the Single Vehicle Certificate

Due to the information contained in this certificate, it is of great importance when carrying out various procedures for your car, such as:

  • Assessment
  • When doing the vehicle technical inspection, since you need to know who owns the car to be checked
  • In the event that you are going to remove your car or motorcycle in the vehicle retention places
  • If the domain is going to be transferred for the purchase and sale of automobiles or motorcycles
  • unlock and lock
  • Vehicle registration certificate

Similarly, the Single Vehicle Certificate replaces or encompasses various documents such as the Engine and Chassis Certificate, Annual Vehicle Inspection Certificate, Registration Certificate, Vehicle Ownership Certificate, Lien Certificate. That is why by obtaining this document it will no longer be necessary to obtain the Certificates mentioned above.

Importance of safe driving

Finally, we would like to add recommendations or rules to follow to avoid traffic accidents on the roads, since every driver has to know the best and safest ways to drive and be an excellent driver.

  • Respect traffic signals and traffic lights. Always be attentive to these signals that do nothing more than communicate to the driver visually what will happen at a certain moment, for example, when the traffic light is red, you have to stop because other cars will pass in a different direction from the road.
  • Respect the pedestrian. Care must be taken when pedestrians are passing through the street, and not step on the stripes since that is the place where they walk
  • Do not use the phone. Avoid at all times the use of the cell phone while driving, what it does is distract the driver and increase the chances of a traffic accident. There is a time for everything, if you want to use the phone, please do it after you get out of the car or before driving the car

  • Perform periodic maintenance on the vehicle. The parts of a car do not last forever, they wear out over time, for this reason you have to be aware of the entire car in general, for example, oil, coolant, brakes, etc. just to prevent the car from malfunctioning

We hope this article has been useful to you! We invite you to read about other requirements on our page.

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