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To know the history, restrictions or judicial conditions of a property, it is necessary to carry out the lien process and dominate the same. He Property registration in Ecuador issues certificates of free encumbrance to properties requested by the applicant, if the requirements and the following steps are met to complete the process.

Requirements for the lien certificate

To apply for a lien certificate in Ecuador, it is necessary for the applicant to comply with a series of documents as requirements to complete the process.


In order for the applicant to complete the process that grants the certificate of liens, he must comply with the following documents:

  1. Form RPC – 01, duly completed clearly in print.
  2. In the form, the reason for which the owner acquires said property must be indicated, even if it is by various forms of acquisition, it must be specified (whether by donation, by award, by inheritance, by sale or any other reason).
  3. If it were the case that the property in question, for which the lien certificate is being requested, is based or subject to horizontal property, it will have to be specified in the document which is the apartment, the house, the laundry, the commercial premises, the cellar, warehouse or any other space; Said document must have the clear and legible date of the registration of the horizontal property declaration in the corresponding entity.
  4. If the case were that the applicant has granted a will and what is needed is that the lien certification includes said document, it is necessary to notify the corresponding entity to record before them the existence of the will with the name of the person who requested it. and its registration date.
  5. If the property was purchased acquired for any reason in 1980, you will have to attach a simple copy of the deed to the documents, as well as a copy of the previous certificate (if any).
  6. Also, if there was a certificate issued prior to the one requested, a simple copy of said certificate must be included in the documents.

NOTE: The deeds must contain full names and identification document numbers of the parties involved, as well as a description of the property and its price in the event of a sale.

Steps to follow

To complete the lien certificate application process and once you have the relevant documentation, it is necessary to comply with the following steps:

  1. First, the applicant must obtain the form with the name “Form RPC – 01” that can be obtained online on the Quito property registry page, or can be obtained in the information area of ​​the property registry.
  2. If you wish to request the procedure online or directly at the property registry, the applicant will be given a form depending on the type of certificate you wish to acquire.
  3. The applicant must fill out the certificate carefully, completing each field that is requested in it.
  4. Once the applicant clearly completes the form, they must go to the cashier’s section and hand over the certificate application request to the person who attends them.
  5. Subsequently, the applicant will receive a receipt in which the request for the procedure is recorded as proof of income, there the procedure number and the date of delivery of the document will be specified.
  6. Finally, the user must go to the citizen services section and show the income receipt, just on the date indicated on the receipt.

If the process is done online, and you only need an updated lien certificate, the steps that the applicant must follow are the following:

  1. Enter the online services page of the Property Registry, in which the user must enter the parish where they are located.
  2. Complete the corresponding field in number of the property that you want to consult.
  3. The next step will be to choose the option that describes the conditions of your property.
  4. Complete the fields corresponding to the personal identification of the person requesting the certificate update.
  5. Subsequently, the applicant must answer a series of questions with a «yes» or a «no».
  6. Then you will have to enter the additional data that is requested.
  7. Then you will have to choose the purpose of the request.
  8. To finish the online process, the user will have to click finish, send the form to the institution and pay the amounts corresponding to the procedure carried out.

What body endorses it?

The body that is in charge of endorsing the lien certificate – property domain in Ecuador is the «Property Registry» entity whose purpose is to register, in accordance with Ecuadorian laws, contracts, annotations and administrative and / or judicial resolutions that may involve or affect property or immovable rights established by law.

The «Property Registry» offices are found throughout the Ecuadorian territory with the names: property registry of the metropolitan district in Quito, municipal property registry of Cantón Loja, municipal property registry of Guayaquil, registry of Salinas property, El Triunfo property registry, Canton Cañar property registry, Cuenca Canton property registry, among others.

What is the lien certificate?

The lien certificate is a document issued by the Ecuadorian Property Registry in which certain characteristics of an asset are specified. Document in which the limitations of the property in question are specified, as well as any impediment, prohibition or mortgage that the property has. The lien certificate includes the owners of the property together with a small history of ownership. The Property Registry is carried out in order to preserve the legal security of real estate and commercial traffic carried out in Ecuador.

What is it for?

The lien document issued by the Ecuadorian Property Registry serves to accredit before any authority of free exercise in Ecuador, before a person or before any institution the legal level or the legal situation in which a property is currently located.

What are the tariffs?

The fees to complete and obtain the lien certificate issued by the property registry in Ecuador are paid $7 for each property, however an additional cost must be paid if the bag is an effective possession, partial aliquots or will (rate that will be will indicate at the time of the process).

delivery time

The time it takes for the Land Registry to issue the lien certificate is 6 business days from the day the certificate is requested.

Frequent questions

  1. How long is the lien certificate valid for?

The certificate of liens is valid for 30 continuous days from the issuance of the certificate. In the event that it expires and it was not used for the necessary purpose, the user may carry out the process again by performing the aforementioned steps and complying with the documents and requirements described above.

  1. For what reasons do they deny the certificate of liens?

The certificate of liens is denied for incorrectly indicating the procedure number; for not correctly specifying the address of the property in question or for indicating an erroneous name of the owner of the property to which the lien certificate will be made.

  1. Is there a phone number where you can ask questions?

If the user has doubts about the process, they can ask their questions at the number 398 81 70 or they can go to the offices of the Property Registry.

Once it is verified that the property or property is framed according to the description of Ecuadorian law, the property registry issues the certificate of free lien.


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