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Today to do any economic activity you need a permit, which requires a specific form. Here we will explain everything that is needed to get in LUAE form.

LUAE form

In this form you have to specify all the information on the economic activity that is going to be carried out, including the characteristics of the establishment where the activity is going to be carried out, the taxpayer that is going to participate in it and of course what type of activity is going to be carried out.

It is a document so that a person, whether natural or legal, can carry out a commercial activity in Quito.

Taking into account all the information required by the LUAE form, it can be concluded that the activity that is going to be carried out must be clear. In this way, problems with the authorities are avoided, which force merchants and merchants to comply with the established laws.

You can get this form by reviewing this page

What is the LUAE license?

He License metropolitan Only to do Economic activities (LUAE), is a permit to be processed by people who are going to carry out commercial activities in Quito.

This document is processed as an administrative act, which must be carried out according to the category that corresponds to the applicant. Later it will be explained how the categories are.

How to obtain a LUAE license?

It is already known that to obtain the Single license for LUAE Economic Activities, this is an administrative process. To be able to do this, you must meet some requirements, perform a few steps and finally you get the LUAE form.

This part of the article will explain in detail, what are the requirements that are needed to fill out the forms, how each box must be filled in to print the document.


Since this form must be issued by various types of merchants and natural persons who participate in a business, these are the requirements for each one:

for natural

  • single form License metropolitan Only to do Economic activities LUAE.
  • Updated photocopy of Single Taxpayer Registry RUC.
  • Citizenship card legal representative photocopy only.
  • Voting ballot also for the legal representative only the photocopy.
  • The salary use compatibility report, only if required.
  • Environmental certificate, if required

Legal person

Almost all of these documents must only be presented in photocopy.

  • Articles of incorporation of the company.
  • Appointment of the legal representative.
  • Certificate of the legal representative.

  • Voting paper also of the legal representative.
  • If you are a non-profit institution must show the status and ministerial agreement.
  • single form License metropolitan Only to do Economic activities LUAE.
  • The tax exemption of the municipal patent only if the company is a non-profit identity, issued by the Address Metropolitan Financial Tax.

This is the only document that must be original.

  • Declaration of all assets 15 X thousand of the year prior to the permit application.

When it is artisans who ask for permission

Only from the copy of these documents.

  • single form License metropolitan Only to do Economic activities LUAE.
  • Craft classification document.
  • Craftsman card.
  • The salary use compatibility report, only if required.
  • environmental certificate, in case it is required.
  • Updated photocopy of Single Taxpayer Registry RUC.
  • Certificate of Citizenship legal representative.
  • Voting ballot also of the legal representative.


The procedure to obtain the license does not have much to process, you just have to be clear about the economic activity that is going to be carried out Follow these steps so you can get this license!

Step 1

Enter the online service system LUAE the portal of the mayor’s office for this page.

Select the online services option and then press from LUAE online

You have to register with the RUC and the patent key

Step 2

Once you have entered the system, it will appear procedure screen displayafter that choose fixed establishment.

Step 3

After having chosen the option to process the corresponding document, the screen will appear display of information screenson this screen it will appear if the applicant has some type of debt, the amount that must be canceled will be shown.

If you do not have any type of debt, the screen will appear where the general data must be placed, such as the patent number, the company name or name, the Single Taxpayer Registry, the date when the economic activity began.

Step 4

After filling in the general data, comes the part where you have to describe the value of the agreement 2016, what is the quartermaster 15. These are for non-profit institutions only.

For the rest of the institutions and natural persons, you must place the payment detailsto fill in the corresponding fields especially those with an asterisk

since they are mandatory. After filling in the corresponding boxes, press the button


step 5 In this step is where it will be placed the address where the economic activity will be carried out

and the type of activity it will be.

First, you must locate the economic activity that corresponds to what the establishment is going to do in the list that will appear on the screen.

Then on the map that appears with a selector, you must drag it to the exact location where the economic activity will open.

step 6

When the selection of the economic activity and the location of the premises have already been made, the system will display a page where you must validate.

When the activity you selected appears, you must select it until you can see the approval.

step 7 At the moment in which the economic activity is established, the system will proceed to show the authorities that intervene in the approval of


If the establishment has a label, you must enter the information in the corresponding box on the authorities screen

step 8 In this case, the address must finish entering the missing data, which you will be able to see when you are filling out the application.

It is important to put the information in the boxes that have the asterisks Continue with the process, press the button


. step 9In this step you can see how the license is being, since the system is going to show the document, enter the data in the corresponding boxes and press the button



step 10 This would be the last step where you have to accept a statement, which specifies that all the information you entered into the system is true. In addition to the email that you enter, you will receive administrative notifications.after there is accepted the declaration press the button save and the process to remove the LUAE form.

Printing LUAE application form

As the process is ready, the procedure number will now appear on the screen, select it so that the document can be generated. License metropolitan Only to do Economic activities LUAE. At the end of the document the print button will appear, press it for your computer to print it.

Ready with that you get the license!

LUAE Categories

The categories of the LUAE They are a way to classify the different economic activities that can be carried out in Quito. At the time of carrying out the procedure, you will know which category corresponds to your economic activity.

With this, with each category, you can define the type of license that each store that has a commercial activity will have. This is what should be done with each category, which are three.

Category I

With the licenses in this category, you have to go to the corresponding administration to finish validating the license.

If you are in the marshal area, you should go to the service balcony in the area.

Category II

For this type of activity, you must enter the declarative system of firefighters, where it specifies that the entire environment has the conditions to prevent any fire. After you pass the inspection just print and go.

Carry out the self-inspection against fires by entering here

Category III

This is the category where the economic activity depends on the type of land where the activity is going to be carried out. For these cases you only have to do one thing.

If the soil is compatible, the process must be completed at the General Secretariat for Security and Governance.
In the event that it is not compatible, the process must be continued at the Secretary of Territory, Habitat and Housing


LUAE license renewal

As this document has an expiration time, it must be renewed from time to time, so these requirements that are going to be mentioned must be met at the time.

Requirements to renew

  • single form License metropolitan Only to do Economic activities LUAE.

Of these documents you only have to show the copy

  • He Unique Taxpayer Registry RUC updated.
  • The Metropolitan License of the year prior to the application.

renewal procedure

If the license has already expired, enter it in this page which is the portal of the mayor’s office of Quito, with RUC number and patent number

Where you must follow these steps to carry out the renewal

Step 1

Select the Fixed Establishment option

Step 2

The pending payments screen will appear and if you do not have it, it will automatically pass data verification.

Step 3

the screen of visualization of data for renewal enter payment data if you do not have the agreement 15 per thousand.

After that the renewal information is validated, you must go to the corresponding administration to withdraw the license

The renewals will be ready to withdraw according to the ninth number of the Unique Taxpayer Registry RUC or the ninth number of the citizenship card

It is very helpful to have a guide when carrying out a procedure, especially if it is the LUAE form, so do not hesitate to consult our information

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