Obtain your certificate of No labor impediment in Ecuador

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When opting for a position or a job position in a public company in Ecuador or a state institution, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, one of which is the certificate of no legal labor impediment.

Requirements for the certificate of non-impediment to work

The requirements to opt for the certificate of no labor impediment to hold a position in public companies in Ecuador are the following:


The only essential document to obtain the certificate of non-impediment to work in Ecuador is to possess the citizenship card or any other public document in which the personal identification of the applicant is described, this applies to citizens born in Ecuadorian territory.

Steps to follow

The steps that must be followed by those who wish to request the certificate of non-impediment to work in Ecuador are the following:

  • The applicant must enter the page http://certificadoimpedimento.trabajo.gob.ec/BusquedaImpedido/
  • The page will display fields in which you must enter the type of document that identifies the applicant and the number of said document, otherwise the system will not allow access to the page.
  • Once the applicant completes the requested fields, they will have to click on the «verify impediment» space.
  • Immediately the system will show the personal data of the applicant and the description of having some impediment or not to apply for positions in public companies in Ecuador.
  • To continue the application process for the certificate of non-impediment to work, the applicant will have to enter their date of birth into the system.
  • Finally click on the bottom center where it says «generate certificate».
  • Once the certificate is downloaded, it can be fully viewed to verify if the data is correct to proceed with printing the document or saving it on the computer.

What information is reflected in the certificate?

The information reflected in the labor non-impediment document is the following:

  • Personal data of the applicant such as the name and the number of the identification document of the same.
  • The «registration» space describes whether or not the applicant has an impediment to perform work in a public company.
  • Then there is a description of the declaration of the Ministry of Labor in which it is stated that the applicant has no legal impediment to exercise any position, position or function in the companies of the public sector of the nation.
  • It also specifies the date of application and issuance of the certificate; as well as its validity.
  • Said certificate has the electronic signature of the director of control of the public service, so it does not need another type of seal or signature to confirm its legitimacy.

What is this document for?

The certificate of non-impediment to work serves as an essential requirement when opting for a position or position in public companies in the national territory, it is also a requirement if the applicant wishes to participate in merit and opposition competitions in the public sector.

What institutions request it?

The institutions that request the certificate of non-impediment to work are public companies, among which we can mention:

  • The hydrocarbon regulation and control agency, known as ARCH.
  • The general direction of the civil registry, identification and cedulación.
  • The Manta port authority, known as APM.
  • The side of the state, BDE and the bank the central bank of Ecuador, BCE.
  • The national financial corporation, known as CFN.
  • The national institute of statistics and censuses, known as INEC.
  • National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, known as INAMHI.
  • The Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments.
  • The coordinating ministry of knowledge and human talent, known as MCCTH.
  • The coordinating ministry of production, employment and competitiveness, known as MCPEC.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries, known as MAGAP.
  • The coordinating ministry of strategic sectors.
  • The ministry of industries and productivity, known as MIPRO.
  • The Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, known as MIES.
  • The ministry of national defense, also known as MIDENA.
  • The sport ministry.
  • The Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador.
  • The national customs service, known as SENAE.
  • Ecuadorian professional training service, known as SECAP.
  • The national secretary for planning and development, known as SENPLADES.
  • The national intelligence secretary, known as SENAIN.
  • The secretary of higher education, science, technology and innovation, known as SENESCYT.

To be part of the list of the companies mentioned, it is necessary to have the certificate of non-impediment to work.

How to obtain this certificate if you are a foreigner?

If the applicant is a foreigner and does not have a citizenship card or, failing that, a refugee status, he or she must go to the office of the Ministry of Labor, since it is important and essential that they comply with the following steps to obtain the certificate of non-responsibility. work impediment:

  • Original passport.
  • The applicant must complete the FS-001 form that is available to everyone who needs it on the page of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Labor, known as MDT; In said form, the applicant requests the certification of not having an impediment to hold any public position of non-resident foreigners, this certificate is addressed to the address of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Labor.
  • The applicant must submit to the Ministry of Labor of Ecuador (MDT) original and certified copy of the current and/or updated migratory movement.
  • If it were the case of the applicant who, once the migratory movement has been presented, has his days of stay expired, he must present a simple copy of the accredited visa for commercial acts.
  • In the event that a third party certificate is processed, the applicant must present the form duly completed with an authorization or simply a simple copy of the authorization issued by the interested party, in addition to the copy of the identification document and the waste paper the vote of the certificate holder.

Frequent questions

  • What is the validity of the certificate?

The certificate of non-impediment to work is valid for 72 hours from the day the certificate is issued.

  • At what point can the certificate of non-impediment to work be requested?

The online system is available to the applicant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and from where the applicant can enter from anywhere in Ecuadorian territory.

  • What is the cost of the certificate of non-impediment to work in Ecuador?

The issuance of the document – certificate of non-impediment to work in Ecuador does not have a cost established by the state or by the ministry of labor, so the process of obtaining the document online is completely free.

  • How do you verify if the certificate is legitimate or not?

The way in which the requesting entity verifies if the certificate presented by the user is in order is through a code that is located in the upper right part of the certificate.

NOTE: it is possible that the page that facilitates the process is a bit slow due to the large number of people who request the certificate daily, it is recommended to take forecasts when making the request, planning a time dedicated only to carry out this Procedure.

If it is not possible to obtain the certificate via the Internet, the applicant can also have it by visiting the office of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Labor, but in either of the two ways, each of the steps must be followed and the aforementioned requirements must be met.

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