Procedures and Requirements to Enter the Ecuadorian Armed Forces

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Do you want to defend your homeland? Do you like martial arts? Maybe you should consider going into the Air Force. Here we will indicate everything you need regarding the Procedures and Requirements to enter the Ecuadorian Air Force.

It is part of the institution of the Armed Forces of Ecuador together with the Army and the Navy. In addition to performing its military role, economic development is attributed to it through the Aeronautics Industry and its maintenance, they offer educational services, commercial aviation services with certain companies such as TAME. Not to mention that he carries out social work with programs such as «Wings for integration», «Wings for joy» and «Wings for health».

Requirements to enter the Ecuadorian Air Force

Have you decided to be part of the FAE? If what you want is to access the different workshops or courses offered by the FAE, the first thing you should do is sign up for the FAE recruitment of students. Luckily for you, this process is completely free of charge, that is, it is free.

To join the recruitment, the main thing you need to do is go to their website and sign up. The FAE allows recruitment to be carried out regardless of the sex of the person. That is, both female and male persons are accepted for recruitment.

Here we will detail everything related to the requirements to be able to sign up for the Ecuadorian Air Force. Initially, depending on the position you are applying for, certain requirements will change, for example:

For Weapons Cadet Candidates and Technicians – Technician Candidate Soldier/Airborne

For this position we can meet the following requirements:

  1. About nationality, you must be Ecuadorian, by birth.
  2. Regarding marital status, you must be single and have no children.
  3. In terms of age, be 22 years old to be able to enter the FAE training school.
  4. Present a bachelor’s degree or otherwise a certificate of being studying the last year of high school with the tentative date of graduation.
  5. Have no pending proceedings or criminal record.
  6. Have a base note of «being a bachelor» at 700 points
  7. Failing to apply to or accept seats at institutions of higher education
  8. If enrolled in a higher education institution for free, a certificate will be required that the first semester has been satisfactorily passed, without losing a single subject or enrollment.
  9. Regarding height, a minimum height is required for men at 165 cm (barefoot) and 160 for women (barefoot).
  10. Not be discharged from the active service of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, due to bad behavior, insufficient physical or academic performance, lack of fitness to fly or having a serious medical condition that does not allow you to exercise all your faculties correctly.
  11. On politics, you may not belong to any political party.

Candidates for Specialist Officers

For this position we can meet the following requirements:

  1. Regarding nationality, you must be Ecuadorian by birth.
  2. Regarding age, you must be at the time of entry to the courses, a maximum of 35 years old.
  3. In this case, marital status is indifferent
  4. Have a third-level professional title, which is consistent with the profession or specialty you want.
  5. Regarding height, for men a minimum height of 165 cm (barefoot) is proposed and for women 160 cm (barefoot)
  6. Have no pending proceedings or criminal record.
  7. Not be discharged from the active service of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, due to bad behavior, insufficient physical or academic performance, lack of fitness to fly or having a serious medical condition that does not allow you to exercise all your faculties correctly.
  8. On politics, you may not belong to any political party.

Recruitment process for the Ecuadorian Air Force

This process is aimed at applicants from the military aviation school, Air Force technical school and people who want to apply to Specialist Soldier.

This process has a series of stages, such as:

  • Online registration
  • Delivery and presentation of documents and requirements
  • Testing (psychological, psychiatric, academic, medical)
  • physical fitness test
  • Realization of personal interview
  • Finally, the admission or rejection of the application

In the event that any of the phases has been failed, you will automatically be excluded from the process.

The choice will depend on the merits that the applicant has made, at an academic level and curriculum vitae, as well as the exam notes, the aptitude test and the results of the interview will be taken into account.

Online Registration

In order to start with the online registration, you have to make sure that you meet all the aforementioned requirements, depending on the type of position you aspire to obtain and that you write your data correctly.

Because the registration is unique, it can only be done once, when it is completed, it will no longer let you edit your data.

For that, you will have to enter the FAE recruitment page, click where it says «Registration» and then you can start filling in your information.

For example:

  • Information about the course: here you must place the course to which you want to apply.
  • Registration site: Here you will place your city or the city where the closest office is located, since that is where you will have to go to deliver your documentation.
  • About uniform sizes: you will place your measurements for a suit or flu (formal suit), your shoe size, and the diameter of your head. All this in case you are chosen, you can immediately have your uniform ready.
  • Personal registry: Here you will place all the data that identifies you, names, surnames, ID number, blood type, date of birth, militia card or ID.
  • About the address and origin: Here you will put the information to be able to be located, address of your house or room, number, etc.
  • Educational information: Here you will place the levels of study that you completed satisfactorily. The name of your bachelor’s degree, name of the school where you graduated, etc.

If for some reason the registration option does not appear, this may be because the recruitment date has already passed, and you must be aware of the FAE’s social networks to be able to register for the next period. This information can also be found on the website of the Ecuadorian Air Force.

Registration Dates for the Ecuadorian Air Force

As we have already mentioned, the online platform is very important, and it is the one that allocates the time for registration depending on the position you aspire to have, generally it is done in a certain month.

Here we indicate the deadlines given by the FAE for registration:

  • Weapons officers and technicians aspiring, have assigned as registration date the month of FEBRUARY
  • Candidates for specialist officers, who are assigned the month of NOVEMBER
  • Candidates for air technicians and air infantry, who have the month of MARCH
  • Candidates for specialist airmen who have the month of JULY

Exam Sites

Generally, the exams are held at the same offices where you submitted your documents. In other words, if you delivered your documents at the Quito headquarters, you will present your exam at the Quito headquarters.

While if you presented your documents at the Guayaquil headquarters, you will present your exam at the Guayaquil headquarters.

Cost of the Procedure

This process is completely free. If someone is demanding a payment from you for your registration or application process, they are scamming you. There will always be a processor who will want to take money from you for «taking out your form» or «advancing the selection process».

You must be very clear thatThe Ecuadorian Air Force does not charge anything for carrying out the process. Therefore, if you follow the steps that we have left you previously, in the upper part, you should not incur any problem and your request will come out correctly. Free as it should be.

Benefits of the Ecuadorian Air Force

If you are still not convinced that you want to join the Air Force, here are some of the benefits you receive by joining them:

  • Normally, you will be able to get several discounts, on household items, food, clothing in stores or warehouses that are inside military bases.
  • Accounts with recognition by the population
  • Airlines give you preference in first class for your service with your country
  • Normally they enjoy greater coverage when we refer to Life insurance, maternity, etc.
  • Vacations and surpluses are better than in a normal job
  • There are usually benefits in terms of credits, mortgages or payment by installments.
  • Military bases usually have various recreational places such as gyms, cinema, bowling alley.
  • In addition to the fact that they usually receive exclusive shows for centers or military bases, by artists, celebrity musicians, etc.
  • The Armed Forces have their own sports league

I hope it has helped you. If you liked it, share and comment!

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