Procedures and Requirements to Enter the Ecuadorian Naval Lyceum

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Do you want to study or enroll your son or represented in a naval college?

This article is for you.

We not only bring you information on the registration of naval colleges in Ecuador, but also information of interest to them.

It is important to know who is the institution of which you will be a part or your child.

Take note of what you consider important and enjoy reading.

Requirements to enter the Naval Lyceum in Ecuador

  1. The student who intends to enroll in the Ecuadorian naval high school must present a copy, which is perfectly detailed, of his own identity card and one of his representative who is going to enroll him.
  2. In the event that military parents are going to register their child or another representative, they must present a perfectly detailed and color copy of their military credential, as well as that of the student.
  3. For students who have completed school years in other educational entities, they must present their academic record for the years previously completed and, if applicable, for the year they were studying at the time of enrollment.
  4. As excellence comes with discipline and these are values ​​for this institution, a behavior report issued by the high school or previous institution of the student applicant must be submitted.
  5. Regarding forms of payment, the father of the family must present a report on his updated plan or credit bureau.
  6. Those people who pretend to be representatives, but have a situation of independence, must provide proof of income, to corroborate their economic position.
  7. For the safety of the student and the knowledge of the institution, a student immunization report is required.
  8. An updated student medical report must be given for the same reasons as the above requirement.
  9. A perfectly detailed and unamended copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  10. It is necessary in the case of parents who are military, that they present the issfa to which their family belongs.

How to enter a Naval Lyceum

The procedure to enter the Naval Lyceum of Guayaquil, Ecuador is very simple.

You only have to present your documents in the following way:

  1. Go on the dates of receipt of folders with the requested documents on the published dates (it is important to be attentive to these dates, they are usually in November).
  2. The documents must be presented in the way they were requested, through a folder made from manila, not from another material or type. It must be done having the request of the rectory of the naval high school.
  3. Once all the documents have been delivered, all that remains is to wait for the registration status. Because an analysis of all the student applications must be made and that all their documents
  4. are authentic and in order, the results will be given in mid-January of the following year.

Naval Schools in Ecuador

There are two naval schools that stand out for their excellence and time providing their training services in Ecuador, which are the «Rafael Morán Valverde» Naval Superior School and the Guayaquil Naval Lyceum.

  • Higher Naval School «Rafael Morán Valverde»:

    Founded in 1822, on October 9, is the Naval Superior School «Rafael Morán Valverde».

    This school is linked to great historical events in Ecuador.

    Like the one that Simón Bolívar, on that same date, created the Nautical School of Guayaquil.

    Its first rector was Juan Illingworth Hunt, an English admiral who served in the navy.

    Another great historical event that affected this school was the Peruvian invasion, which caused the school to close its doors.

    In 1973 it was reopened in Guayaquil and then, in 1992, it was transferred again to Las Salinas, where it currently operates today.

    It is open to both sexes without any discrimination, only the spirit of wanting to serve is what moves this institution.

    It serves in different branches of education, teaching sports, comprehensive, naval, military, academic, and cultural subjects, among many others.

    One of his greatest visions is to be able to serve future generations by maintaining discipline values ​​that go back hundreds of years.

  • The Guayaquil Naval High School:

    This campus was created with the intention of giving a level Education that was linked and governed by the Ecuadorian National Navy.

    Thus encouraging the youth of Ecuador to train in an excellent and disciplined way.

    In the same way that it intends to create an interest and opportunity to dedicate itself to maritime and naval matters from an early age.

    Since 1975, the diversified level has been taught for the first time on this campus.

    Today, it is seen as a technical-experimental Institution given its structure and nature.

    Its vision is to guarantee a high-end education of optimum quality, always seeking to be as pleasant and warm as possible to provide a feeling of belonging.

    It always has as an objective or in consideration the different demands of today’s society, preparing students in view of this.

    With values ​​such as honor and discipline, fostering a love of science. So that, one day, they can enter without any difficulty or be able to compete to enter higher-ranking institutions or universities.

    Within their Own Ideals are:

  1. Provide a Comprehensive Education to each of its Students

    Imparting humanistic values ​​as scientists, always promoting living in an appropriate way.

  2. Form Students with Mentality without Barriers who think outside the home.

    That they are not afraid of the foreign and with an open perspective, in order to develop the desire for knowledge and to interact with others in order to work as a team.

    This, in the long run, will better develop their abilities to enter a quality higher education.

  3. Fostering peace is a priority for this institution.

    Being able to bring peace to other realities, as well as feed the knowledge of others, is a promoter of cultural exchange.

    As well as inclusion and social coexistence, in order to achieve unification.

  4. Prepare students to think for themselves

    So that they can develop better in the area of ​​investigation and discernment.

    Therefore, it also seeks to feed creativity, so that it can devise better ways of self-learning.

  5. Being able to provide support and psychological care to students is a guiding principle of this institution.

    Being able to face difficulties that may arise in the learning process is something vital for each student and the institution is willing to help with it.

  6. Creating a culture of reading in the student community is essential.

  7. Values ​​are important, but putting them into practice is even more so.

    Therefore, the institution serves as an example for its students, so that they promote the values ​​of the school with their work.

  8. Promote in students a social conscience

    To take actions on environmental or social issues that help society in general.

  9. Through extracurricular activities as well as curricular

    The aim is for students to be more proactive in the same institution as well as on a personal level.

  10. Recognize the Human Talent that is part of the same Institution

    Whether in worker, teacher or student staff.

  11. The Evaluations come with a Verifying Character.

    The student must always be accountable for his school duties before his superiors to record that he is following the educational guidelines correctly.

Tuition Costs

For this educational period between 2018-2019, the tuition value per level is as follows:

  • Initial

    1. Authorized Registration Fee (Us$): 70.00
    2. Authorized Pension Value (Us$): 00
  • From 1st year to 7th year

    1. Authorized Registration Fee (Us$): 70.00
    2. Authorized Pension Value (Us$): 112.00
  • From 8th year to 10th year

    1. Authorized Registration Fee (Us$): 70.00
    2. Authorized Pension Value (Us$): 00
  • Diversified

    1. Authorized Registration Fee (Us$): 70.00
    2. Authorized Pension Amount (Us$): 00

All levels have the same cost for this educational period 2018-2019

Among the requirements for the payment of tuition is:

  • Not have any arrears with the institution.
  • Have given a certification of income at the time of registration.
  • Have presented a commitment to pay.
  • At the time of registration, give a perfectly appreciable copy of the identity card of the parents and the future student.
  • Payment of two months in advance.
  • Certificate of belonging of the family group to the ISSFA.

Request form

An enrollment application must have:

  1. Day, month and year of when the request is made.
  2. To whom.
  3. Name of the student’s representative.
  4. Student name.
  5. Year studied or to be studied by the student.
  6. Reason for request.
  7. Signature and ID of the student’s representative.

Registration Date

Enrollment in the Guayaquil naval high school will take place on October 22 of the course year, for the 2018-2019 period. Those who do not attend this day will lose any opportunity to enroll in the institution.

Education is something very important, therefore, it is necessary to properly investigate where to enroll our children or represented.

We hope that you have taken forecasts by writing down relevant data in this article and that the reading has been pleasant for you.

Read other articles on related topics. information is never too much!

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