Procedures and Requirements to Obtain the License in Ecuador

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Did you know? Many times when arriving at our vacation destination, we make the decision to rent a vehicle or, in the case of being an Emigrant from a Country, look for a productive work alternative. However, what many people do not know is that it is strictly necessary to have an international driver’s license.

For the law, the license agreement is an authorization that assigns the right to use an asset to another person or organization. These are generally intellectual or non-tangible goods, such as a trademark or a patent.

That is why we will offer you here all the necessary information that you must organize to start your process, and take into account what type of license you are to request, remember that there are professionals and non-professionals. To obtain any type of License in Ecuador you must organize some necessary requirements that the National Transit Agency (ANT) will request. So we recommend you look for a pencil and paper and take a note of everything you need to do and each step that you must follow with our article. We hope it helps you to start your entire administration.

Requirements to obtain a license

Professional Licenses for the first time are granted to users who wish to drive any type of motor vehicle, and for this it is necessary that they meet the following requirements:

  1. Original of the professional driver’s title.
  2. Original of the degree certificate of the course
  3. Original of the learner’s permit C, D or E; according to the category of license required.
  4. Original of the result of the psychosensometric examination, current and approved.
  5. Original of the identity card and / or citizenship, where it is proven to have passed the first year of high school.
  6. Original of the valid voting certificate, except for foreigners and people with special abilities.
  7. Original of the blood type certificate or card issued by the Ecuadorian Red Cross.
  8. Original proof of payment.
  9. Original of the shift printed through the ANT website.

Description of Licenses

Type C license: Conventional taxis, executive, light or mixed vans up to 3,500 kg, up to eight passengers; passenger transport vehicles with no more than 25 seats and vehicles included in type B.

Type D license: This license is used for Passenger Service (Interprovincial, intracantonal, intraregional, intra-provincial and on own account); and for vehicles of the Ecuadorian State included in type B.

Type B license: This license is for the use of heavy and extra heavy trucks with or without a trailer of more than 3.5 tons, trailers, tanks, dump trucks, own account, public platforms, other types of trucks and state vehicles with these characteristics .

For minors

Since 2011, the Ecuadorian Transit Commission has decided to grant provisional permits to drive to adult minors (over 16 years of age); This driving license must be acquired by one of the Authorized Driving Schools. The user must acquire in the North User Service Office a Valued Species of USD $ 107.00 this species will be requested by the Father, Mother or whoever exercises parental authority of the adult minor, making a request to the Chief of Transit of the Province of Guayas, the respective authorization for the minor adult to drive motorized vehicles.


Since the month of August of this year. Ecuador eliminated the passport requirement for the entry into the country of Venezuelan children and adolescents who arrive with their parents or guardians who do carry the document, reported Efe the Ombudsman’s Office.

«It will not be required a prerequisite for the presentation of a valid passport to enter Ecuadorian territory, for children and adolescents originating in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as tourists, passers-by or with the intention of settling in Ecuador», signals a ministerial agreement.

For resident children and of Ecuadorian nationality. As indicated in Article 114 of the Organic Law of Land Transportation, Traffic and Road Safety. The valued species will be sold prior to its presentation with the following requirements:

  • Deliver first in the CTE General Treasury area (located in the Financial Department, 2nd Floor, address: Chile and Brazil, entering through Calle Chile) the ORIGINAL OF THE BANK GUARANTEE (not policy) which must be for the value that results from multiplying twenty-five unified basic salaries of the worker in general, must be in favor of the Guayas Traffic Commission, guaranteeing the payment of damages to third parties and the presentation of the minor before the Court of Children and Adolescents for judgment in case of traffic offenses. The validity of this bank guarantee must be until the minor reaches the age of majority. In North User Service, a photocopy of the bank guarantee must be presented with the respective stamp of receipt from the General Treasury of CTE
  • 2 photocopies of the identity card of the Father, mother or whoever exercises parental authority.
  • 2 photocopies of the identity card or birth certificate of the adult minor
  • Original medical certificate of the blood type of the adult minor.
  • 2 passport-size color photos of the minor adult.

Papers in case of being a foreigner

According to article 10 of the Organic Law of Transportation, Traffic and Road Safety (LOTTTSV), Ecuadorian citizens and foreigners who reside in the country and are holders of a Driver’s License, issued by a foreign state and that has not expired, they will be able to exchange it for its similar Ecuadorian one.

Article 94 of this Law indicates and establishes what the necessary requirements will be to initiate said change and it is ordered that the Foreign driver’s license not be withheld.

Here are the requirements that you must present:

  • Exchange Request Form.
  • Ecuadorian citizens must also present their Citizenship Certificate and the Voting Certificate.
  • Foreign citizens must present: passport, visa and registration certificate (replaces the old Census), and a copy of each of them.
  • Present original and copy of the Foreign Driver’s License.
  • Original certificate of the Foreign Driver’s License.
  • The document must be in Spanish and apostilled. If the document is not in Spanish, it must be translated and notarized in Ecuador.
  • You must present the original and a copy of the blood typing card, accredited by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Pass the theoretical evaluations and psychosensometric tests. The latter can be carried out in the licensing area or in driving schools authorized by the National Traffic Agency.
  • Two photographs, updated, passport size.
  • The procedure is personal.

For minors

For minors, the procedure only has to have each of these steps: Pay the value of the procedure at the authorized Payment Points, request a shift at User Service, reception and validation of the documentation and payments made. Updating of data, delivery of permission.

  1. Proof of payment of the procedure
  2. Original of the minor’s identification document where it will be verified that he has turned 16 years old.
  3. Original of the representative’s identification document.
  4. Representation letter.
  5. Bank Deposit (25 SBU) in Banco Pacífico checking account
  6. Guarantee deposit must be validated in the treasury.
  7. Original blood type certificate or card, issued by the Ecuadorian Red Cross.
  8. Original certificate of non-professional driver type B, issued by a Driving School authorized by the ANT (Original Documentation).

How to process a Driver’s License

To process your license in Ecuador you must have all the aforementioned requirements and also, the National Transit Agency has activated its different types of branches in the province of Guayas for the issuance of professional and non-professional driving licenses, which are acquired and currently renew through the online Web system of the ANT Portal to take a turn and then go to any office authorized to carry out your processing.

Guayaquil Agencies:

  1. First floor of the State Civil Registry building, on October 9 and Pichincha.
  2. On one side of the Civil Registry of the south, in av. July 25 and av. The Esteros.
  3. Also in the Northern Civil Registry, at km 12.5 of the road to Daule, behind the California Industrial Park.
  4. Ecuador Transit Commission, located in Chile and Brazil.

Samborondón and Milagro agencies:

  1. Ground floor of the Ecu 911 building, located at km 0.5 of the road to Samborondón.

Driver’s license cost

The National Transit Agency informs the public that for the new fiscal year, a new tariff schedule will be governed at the National level, approved directly by the Director of the ANT through Resolution No. 138 DIR-2014-ANT.

  1. Driver’s license type A: US $ 65.00
  2. Driver’s license type A1: US $ 105.00
  3. Driver’s license type B: US $ 65.00
  4. Type C Driver’s License: US $ 105.00
  5. Driver’s license type C1: US $ 105.00
  6. Driver’s license type D: US $ 105.00
  7. Driver’s License type D1: US $ 105.00
  8. Driver’s license type E: US $ 105.00
  9. Driving license type E1: US $ 105.00
  10. Driver’s license type F: US $ 40.00
  11. Driver’s license type G: US $ 105.00
  12. Duplicate License: US $ 25.00

License validity

Each license issued by the National Traffic Institute (INT) must have approximately ten years of validity.

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