Steps and Requirements to consult a bachelor’s degree in Ecuador

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The Ecuadorian Educational System has established an alternative, accepted by all educational entities in the country, to have a database on the Internet where students can consult their degree, fix data and have them available whenever they want, if they want to know more about as consult bachelor’s degree in Ecuador we will talk about it later.

Requirements to consult a bachelor’s degree in Ecuador

In Ecuador, the Ministry of Education has developed an easy and fast way to consult your bachelor’s degree, which you can also download and print so that you can have it available whenever you need it.

In this system, a certified bachelor’s degree is loaded, which is 100% legal and can be used in any type of procedure you want to carry out.

All Educational Institutions in the country must be registered in the Education System to provide this information and that each title can be in the online registry

To be able to consult the Bachelor’s Degree online, you will only need the ID number or the surname of the bachelor you want to find.

Steps to check Ecuadorian bachelor’s degree online

The guidelines that you must follow to make this query are:

  • Select verification method, either by ID number or by names and surnames

  • Then you must enter the data of the person to be consulted
  • Click the magnifying glass button (Consult)

Said procedure will be the same for those who have the ID or names and surnames.

bachelor’s degree

The bachelor’s degree in Ecuador consists of a booklet with the graduate’s data and, most importantly, a barcode that contains the academic and personal data relevant to the student’s educational record.

Data obtained from the query

Once the search is done, the page will reflect the title that corresponds to the data, and will also provide other information such as: Educational institution where the graduate graduated, the name of the graduate, the type of degree, the endorsement number and the date of graduation.

print bachelor’s degree

To print the bachelor’s degree, the steps established above must be followed, which reflects the option of “Print Certificate«, this will show you a preview of the document and you can print it as many times as you want, it should be noted that this document is valid for any procedure.

Report errors in the title

In the same tension where you can see your bachelor’s degree, at the bottom of it you will have a link with the word «HERE», in case you want to report a problem or any inconsistency with the data reflected in the document.

Then it will give you the option to reflect the data you want to replace and it will be sent to the system, where it will review the data and if there is an error, they will establish it in a period of between 3 to 15 business days.

This alternative allows such a valuable document for the education of each Ecuadorian to be available at all times, so if it is lost or damaged, also in the event that there is an error in the issuance of the title, they will have the option of replacing the documents. data, that they verify and edit it, in order to be able to print it.

All this must be taken into account to know the potential that this tool has so that it is not only for consult bachelor’s degree in Ecuadoralso to verify the data of the same.

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