Steps and Requirements to consult Ecuador driver’s license points

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If you want to avoid having your license suspended, and know how many points you have available, you should consult driver’s license points in Ecuador, so that the authorities do not catch you off guard and you can be in order with your papers.

Driver’s license points in Ecuador

The license points are those that are awarded when issuing the driver’s license in Ecuador, these have the purpose of keeping track of the infractions of the drivers, through a system of points that is reduced with each infraction committed and can be recovered with the assistance in courses. Initially, licenses are awarded with a total of 30 points.

Requirements to consult the points of the driver’s license

Keep in mind that depending on the level of the Contraventions and the type of class that your license is, the points that will reduce you will be more or less depending on the case.

The requirements to check the license points you have are:

How to check how many points I have on the license

To consult the points you can do it online at the link that we left you before.

It will provide you with information on how many points you have left and on the same page there will be some tips on how to recover them.

You just have to enter the link, filling in the box where it asks for your ID number, click on consult and it will reflect the data.

How do you lose license points?

The points are lost or reduced for traffic violations committed by drivers, these are divided into categories of:

  • mild
  • serious
  • very serious
  • crime

As well, the penalties are more severe for higher class licenses than for lower class ones.

Points are subtracted according to this scale:

  • First class minor breaches 1.5
  • Second class minor breaches 3
  • Third class minor breaches 4.5
  • Serious first class breaches 6
  • Second class serious breaches 7.5
  • Serious breaches of third class 9
  • Very serious breaches 10
  • Crimes 11 to 30

With expired license

When a driver drives a vehicle with an expired document, he risks not only a reduction of 9 license points, but a fine of 50% of 1SBU (Unified Basic Salary).


The driver does not have a license, the points cannot be reduced, but he is sanctioned with 3 days in prison and 1 SBU.

How to recover the points of the driver’s license

In order to recover license points, drivers must meet a series of requirements:

  • You will need to have lost all license points whatever the class.
  • You must pay all the fines for infractions, in the event that the total of the fines exceeds 2 SBU (Unified Basic Salary) they will have the option of paying it in parts at the National Transit Agencies (ANT).
  • They must do training in one of the 40 schools with the faculty of the ANT to carry them out.
  • Drivers cannot enroll at the same branch where you have completed your initial training to obtain your driver’s license. You will have to go to another office to make your registration, in which you will take, proof of payment or, failing that, documents of the payment agreement issued by the ANT, driver’s license and ballot paper.

According to what would be the Regulation for the Recovery of Driver’s License Points, said recovery can be made if:

  1. In the event that it is the first recovery after losing 30 points, you can opt for a recovery of 20 points after having approved a course imposed by the authorities, together with the respective evaluations, in addition to having completed a total of 60 days of license suspension.
  2. For the Second recovery, those who have lost the 20 points corresponding to the first, may recover 15 points, after passing the evaluations and the corresponding courses, with a 120-day license suspension.
  3. For the third time you have lost all of your points, you must pass the assessments and courses, with a license suspension of up to one year.

payment of fines

The cancellation of the fines must be made during the 10 business days after the fine. If the case of default occurs, the value of the fine will be increased by 2%, on the principal value, this will be added monthly until reaching a total of 100%.

If necessary, the values ​​will be collected coercively.

Drivers will have Banco del Pacífico points, Bank windows, non-banking correspondents and virtual banking available to cancel their payment.

To avoid fines and loss and suspension of the license, remember to consult Ecuador driver’s license points and be informed about the points that you still have available.

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