Steps and Requirements to Get a Passport in Ecuador

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The passport is a legal document that proves the identity of a person as well as the nationality to which it belongs, this allows you as a mandatory requirement to travel to certain countries outside your entity.

Find HERE all the Steps and requirements to obtain a Passport in Ecuador. Fast and easy!

If you are in Ecuador, abroad and need to process the Passport as an Ecuadorian citizen or resident, you can do it through Virtual Console or by going to the corresponding offices to carry out the process.

You must follow and meet certain requirements as the case may be; you will find the following cases: for those over 18 years of age or for minors.

It is important that you verify the complementary information, which among others, integrates requirements for specific cases.

Here below we will provide you in detail each of the requirements required to obtain the Ecuadorian passport.

Requirements to obtain a passport in Ecuador

  1. Applicant Presence
  2. Original of the citizenship card
  3. Original of the voting certificate (If you are a resident of the country)
  4. Shift the date online.

Important information that you should also take into account:

  • It is not requested that the citizen arrive any type of printed photograph, it will be taken at the Office where the process will be carried out. For this, you should not present yourself with a cap, glasses, headbands, large hooks or headbands.
  • The neck should be uncovered, preferably visible but without pronounced necklines.
  • Wear a shirt with sleeves.
  • Do not have excessive makeup.
  • Citizenship cards must not be damaged, perforated, cut or that the photograph is not distinguishable. They must be presented in good condition.
  • The identity cards of the minor applicants must match the current physiognomy of the person. Cédulas in which it is not possible to recognize the minor clearly and visibly will not be accepted.
  • Do not use sunscreen, sunscreen, or lip gloss.

Observe in a more detailed way in the following video:

Requirements to replace the passport for loss or theft:

  • General requirements.
  • Form of Evidence of Lost Documents of the Judicial Council.

Requirements to replace the passport for identity theft:

  • General requirements
  • Complaint in the Public Ministry (Prosecutor’s Office)
  • Original index card issued by the Civil Registry
  • Original fingerprint card issued by the Civil Registry
  • Original certified copy of the birth registration certificate issued by the Civil Registry.
  • Another photo identification document.

IMPORTANT: All requested requirements must be fully original.

Requirements for the issuance of passport through Virtual Consulate.

Through the Virtual Consulate System, an option is offered in an easy and simple way where you can acquire an appointment only to request your passport or essential renewal.
In the event that the passport is to be processed for the first time for citizens over 18 years of age who are outside the country or wish to do it this way. The procedure is similar to the passport for the first time, all the procedure must be done in person.
  • Applicant’s identity document
  • In case of renewal due to loss or theft, report the loss or theft to the competent authority.

In the case of people with disabilities:

Card of a person with a disability issued by a competent entity or its equivalent
Costs: $ 20.00
They must also cancel for the Booklet and granting of passport: $ 50.00

Documentation to obtain Passport

To carry out the process, they will ask you for a series of mandatory documents that you must present at the authorized agencies.

There are different cases that people can present due to factors of age, residence, legal representation, which will vary among them a series of extra documents that will be requested according to the case that requires it.

For minors

  1. Presence of the minor.
  2. Original of the minor’s citizenship card, whose photograph must correspond to the current appearance of the person.
  3. Presence of the father and mother, each one with an original citizenship or identity card, in case of being a non-resident foreign mother and / or father, present the original of the valid passport; or for citizens admitted to Ecuador with a document other than the Passport, present the original of said document.
  4. Free passport issuance authorization form, signed by parents or legal representatives.
  5. You must have and present your appointment online previously requested.

In the absence of one or both parents:

  • You must present a signed and validated special Power of Attorney for the GRANTING OF THE PASSPORT or notarial authorization to leave the country of the minor, with the power to obtain a passport from the absent representative, be it the father or the mother.
  • In the case of having a sole legal representative, you must present the Judgment or Judicial Resolution that decides on parental authority in this case, where it proves that the responsible person is legally the representative with whom the represented is attending the appointment.
  • Death Certificate of the father or mother in the event that one of the natural parents has died.

In case of adoption:

  • General requirements.
  • Judgment of the Court for Children and Adolescents.

Requirements to replace the previous passport of minors:

  • General requirements.
  • Valid previous passport.

Requirements to replace the passport for loss or theft of minors:

  • General requirements.
  • Form of evidence of lost documents of the Council of the Judiciary or Complaint or sworn statement made by the legal representative.

Passport cost

  • The ordinary passport has a value or cost of $ 70.00 USD (70 dollars)
  • For Diplomats, officers and specials it has a cost of $ 220.00 (220 dollars).
  • For the elderly, they can count on a 50% exemption from the cost, in compliance with the legal provision established for them.
  • For people who suffer from a disability, it has no cost, they only have to present the respective card issued by the competent entity that endorses their disability in advance, on the day of the appointment, they have a 100% exemption in the economic value of the same. .
  • For Ecuadorian citizens by naturalization, that is, born in the country, the simple copy of the Naturalization Letter and the corresponding general requirements must be presented. The confirmation process will be carried out in 72 working hours.

Steps to get the Passport

  1. The first thing you should get is your turn online to get the appointment that will indicate the date and time in which you will have to attend the selected registry office. You can obtain this step through the following page: It is easy and simple.
  2. Go to the corresponding agency to carry out the procedure, (which you will have been notified in the online appointment requested in the first step), cancel the cost according to your case and finally in this step request another turn at the collection point of the agency.
  3. Depending on your turn, you must attend the passport module.
  4. When you are in the module, there they will proceed to receive the documents; data, photo taking and corresponding signatures.
  5. Then they will proceed to verify the registered information to print the passport form.
  6. Finally, you will have to go back at the indicated time that they will indicate to you for the withdrawal of the passport.

Generally this process will take you approximately 1 hour.

Where to carry out the passport process?

Normally, this type of application, such as the procedure to obtain the passport in Ecuador, is carried out in the Civil Registry Offices of the same, located in different locations around most of its states and cities.

This service is available in the following cities, these being one of the most important offices such as: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Machala, Loja, Riobamba, Azogues, Santo Domingo and Manta, while in the rest of the country, they will be implemented consecutively.

Quito: Av. Amazonas N37-61 and United Nations

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Guayaquil: Avenida 9 de Octubre between Pedro Carbo and Pichincha In front of the Central Bank

Basin: Luis Cordero Passage between Alfonso Jerves and Alfonso Malo.

Rest of the country: In each of the provincial governments, in this case the issuance of the document will take between 48 and 72 hours.

Abroad: For Ecuadorians who are outside the country who wish to carry out the procedure, they can carry out this process at any Ecuadorian consulate within the country where they are.

In the Agencies of the different provinces you will be able to carry out your procedure to know them.

Time of validity of the Passport in Ecuador

The validity time of the Passport in Ecuador it will be of a certain time that consists of 6 years. In case of leaving the country you must take the forecast that the passport does not have an expiration date during the next six months within the planned stay of your trip.

We recommend that you, while planning your trip, check the dates and renew the document if necessary or advise you that your passport will still be valid for the next six months, otherwise you will not be able to leave the country.

As an important piece of information we can offer you as extra information the different countries to which it gives you access or you have the possibility of visiting with the obtaining of your Ecuadorian passport.

limit According to the information given by the Global Passport Power Ran, anyone who has a valid passport can have access to 77 countries, most of them are Latin American countries.

All this information is what you will need to obtain your passport, in an easy, simple and fast process.

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