What are the requirements for a Canadian visa

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If you are Salvadoran and you plan to visit Canada you will need a visa. Therefore, we suggest that you write down the requirements for a Canadian visa, which we will show you here.

Before arriving, travelers should contact the nearest Canadian representation abroad.

Canadian visa requirements

The requirements for a Canadian visa, in general, are the following:

  1. Have the passport up to date.
  2. Be in good health.
  3. Lack criminal record or convictions related to illegal immigration offenses
  4. Show the immigration officer that you have ties that tie you to your country of origin and therefore it is not in your plans to stay in Canada illegally. For example, work, home, family, financial assets.
  5. Have enough money for your stay. The amount will depend on the number of days you stay in Canada and where you will stay.
  6. It may happen that you also need to present a medical exam to complete the visa process to Canada. You must find a professional licensed by the Canadian Immigration Service in your country or province.
  7. You should know that to request the Canada visa in El Salvador you need to know the English or French language.
  8. Request a non-refundable form online or in person.
  9. Download the application kit if it was online.
  10. Pay the procedure, which has different forms of payment.
  11. After having done all of the above, send the application and the respective documents.
    1. Medical examination (only if requested), criminal record certificate and if they consider it necessary, you must attend an interview.
  12. If accepted, the Canadian Visa It will be in your passport and you will be informed of the expiration date of your Canadian Visa.
    1. The maximum duration of your stay in Canada and all the information related to your Canada Visa. It is advisable to consult a professional or the corresponding institutions. To obtain a more satisfactory result.

Required documents

First of all, let’s remember that a visa is an official document that is pasted or inserted into your passport, and gives you permission to enter and travel Canada. Therefore, in addition to having a visa, you must first have your passport in order.

To go to Canada, most travelers need a valid entry document such as a tourist visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). What role you need will depend on your citizenship or situation.

Nor does it rule out that you are asked to present an invitation letter written by the person who asked you to visit in Canada.

Other documents that you should have on hand are:

  • Proof of financial solvency (may include letter from employment company, bank or mortgage statement, or invitation letter from a Canadian resident).
  • Payment of fees.
  • Employment documents (if applicable).
  • Detailed plans of the trip.

How to apply for a Canadian visa

To make the proper Canadian visa application, you should go to the nearest Canadian embassy. Or enter their respective web pages. Comply with the requirements and the corresponding process.

How long does it take for a Canadian visa to be approved?

The duration of the procedure should be consulted on the website of the Canadian embassy.

It is important to remember that if you change your address during the process, you must inform yourself immediately.

After the agent in charge has evaluated your application, you will be told if it is approved or rejected, if your documents are rejected, they will be returned and you will be given a brief explanation of why your application was rejected.

Why is a visa for Canada needed?

According to a set of laws, regulations and even treaties between certain countries, there are a number of conditions to enter Canada as a visitor.

It is the way in which many countries regulate the entry and exit of immigrants to their nation.

If you enter Canada and not have it, you would be committing a crime.

Occupation or illegal immigration are severe illicit acts.

How much does the Canadian visa cost?

Like all legal procedures, the Canadian visa generates certain costs for documents and paperwork.

The Application Package Processing Fee (per package) is 26.34 CAD (Including VAT) and 20.31 USD. The Assisted Service-application on paper is 27.73 CAD and 21.38 dollars USD.

If you need to submit your biometrics, the biometrics service charge of CAD $ 85 equivalent to USD 65.53 (per person) / CAD $ 170 equivalent to USD 131.07 (per family with minimum 2 members) / CAD $ 255 equivalent to USD 191.61 (per group with a minimum of 3 people) covers the cost of the Package Transmission service, with the exception of the following cases:

  • Any additional sending of passport and / or documents after having made the first Package Transmission, applicants must pay the Package Transmission fee each time they perform this procedure at the VAC.
  • Applicants who sent their passport or documents through a Visa Application Center different from the one where they took their biometric data, must pay the Package Transmission fee.
  • If no package is sent at the time of biometric data collection (when your application was made online), the first transmission of the package is included in the rate for Biometric Data Collection and Package Transmission (CAD $ 85).
  • All applicants who make their application on paper (with or without taking biometric data) will need to pay the Assisted Service – Paper application fee.
  • If you do not need to take your biometrics and you are submitting your passport and / or documents through the VAC, you will be charged the Package Transmission fee.

Canadian visa validity period

The duration is decided by the immigration authorities according to the evaluation made of the traveler’s profile.

For example, the visitor visa can be “single entry” (allows only one entry to Canada).

Or «multiple entries» (which allows entering and leaving Canada multiple times while the document is valid). Both types of visa are granted for a defined period, which can be a maximum of 10 years.

It is very important not to stay longer than allowed, since the Canadian immigration authorities severely enforce laws that restrict the time of stay of foreign citizens in their territory.

Canadian visa types

Visas for Canada are classified into:

  • Temporary Residence Visas (Tourism, Transit or Business)
  • Permanent Residence Visas (Specialized Programs)

Temporary Residence Visa (Tourism, Transit or Business) for Canada

Visitor visas for Canada are issued to facilitate the entry of genuine visitors to Canada.

Each applicant must demonstrate that they are in good health, that they are in a stable economic and social position, and that their true intention is to temporarily remain in Canada.

Anyone who wishes to study (for a period greater than 6 months), work or reside permanently in Canada must apply for another type of visa.

Permanent Resident Visa – Skilled Worker

If you have specific training and work experience, you may be considered within the skilled worker category.

This training and experience should be readily applicable in the Canadian job market.

You should also have sufficient transferable funds to settle in Canada and have a good command of English or French. The application will not be accepted if it is not properly completed and signed.

The immigration office reserves the right to request additional documents if necessary. Failure to answer all the questions truthfully could result in the application being rejected.

Having the complete documentation does not imply the granting of the visa.

Permanent Resident Visa – Entrepreneur

You are a person who has business experience and who: Within 2 years of being established in Canada will start or he will buy a business in which he will take an active role in management.

You will create jobs for one or more Canadian citizens or residents (who are not members of your family).

You will contribute your business significantly to the Canadian economy.

Has successfully controlled or run a business. And he has accumulated through his own efforts and legally a net worth of at least C $ 300,000.

Permanent resident status is conditional and its continuity depends on meeting the requirements mentioned above. The employer and his family members will receive conditional visas.

Permanent Resident Visa – Investor

You are a person who: has successfully managed, controlled or directed a business. And he has accumulated through his own efforts and legally a net worth of at least C $ 800,000. And he has made a minimum investment of C $ 400,000 prior to the issuance of the visa.

Permanent Resident Visa – Self Employed

You are a person who: has the intention and ability to establish or acquire a business in Canada. Said business will generate employment for itself. And it will contribute significantly to the economy or to the artistic and cultural life of Canada.

It only refers to world-class sports or cultural activities or farm management.

Permanent Resident Visa – Family Category

One of the goals of the Canadian immigration program is family reunification. If you have a close relative who lives in Canada, this person can act as your guarantor. A sponsorship is a formal commitment that your relative makes to the Canadian government to take care of his / her maintenance and that of his / her dependents. For a period of one to ten years. Normally, the guarantor must reside in Canada and present the guarantee there.

That is all! Important: You must know the Canadian visa requirements if your objective is to travel to Canada from El Salvador.

As a separate note, we remind you that visa procedures can be changed. Because contracts between countries and their protocols are under permanent discussion. For what we recommend, that you access the page of the Canadian embassy. Check there, if you meet everything you need.

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