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Passivhaus Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

The Passivhaus certificate, it is an important document stamped quality and recognized all over the world. The way in which the buildings and houses today it is changing and evolving. At present, it is taking a lot of strength in sustainability and utilization issues in the maximum of the energetic resources to make everything possible … Read More

Requirements to Travel to Brazil: Documents, Money and MORE

If you are already planning the next vacation, you cannot ignore what we bring you here, the Requirements to travel to Brazil from Spain. Yes, as we tell you, travel to the American continent and visit that giant of landscapes that are more than incredible and dreamed of a culture and traditions as rich and … Read More

Requirements to Travel to Albania: Costs, Tips and MORE

Do you want to plan your next vacation and don’t know where to go? Here are the Requirements to travel to Albania from Spain. Although this is a country that is rarely mentioned, it offers values ​​typical of the Old Continent. Do not miss this opportunity and find out everything you have to do to … Read More

Requirements to Work at Vodafone: Steps, Offers and MORE

The world of work is a place that sooner or later we must enter. So it is important to choose a job that we are passionate about and that catches our attention. In this case, we present you the alternative of working in a mobile and fixed telephony, broadband and television operator. If these areas … Read More

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Documents, ETA AND MORE

The Requirements to Travel to Canada They are numerous but not difficult to fulfill, and they are also totally necessary if you want to travel to this country. Together, the necessary documents, the costs involved and the Canadian ETA must be kept in mind, so we will be explaining all this and much more. Canada … Read More

Requirements to Work at Mercadona: Steps, Offers and MORE

This article will explain what the Requirements to Work at Mercadona. Mercadona is a distribution chain, it has approximately 1,647 supermarkets, which are found throughout Spain, including Portugal, and its objective is to continue crossing borders and bringing quality to other parts of Europe. In this company, the citizen can acquire all kinds of food, … Read More