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Get your medical appointment in the SES system in Spain

If you or any member of your family needs a medical check-up or consultation, it is important that you know that there are public institutions dedicated to serving. An example of this is the Extremaduran Health Servicewhich guarantees the public health of individuals, families, and more. So if you live in the community of Extremadura … Read More

Get to know the Sergas medical appointment system

If you live in Galicia and need to go to a medical center for a routine consultation, with a specialist or for some other reason, then you should know the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) and request a medical appointment. For this here in Get to know the Sergas medical appointment systemwe share all the essentials. … Read More

Get your medical appointment at the SAS in Andalusia

If you are in Spain, specifically in Andalusia, and you want to request a medical appointment, you can do so at the Andalusian Health Service We indicate different modalities that this center presents so that you can choose the one of your preference. Stay with us! What is SAS? He Andalusian Health Service was founded … Read More

Medical certificate? process it in Spain

Documentation, now more than ever, has taken on great importance for citizens, and more so in a planet that lives interconnected, for this reason It is a requirement to always keep in mind which are the most important documents that you must have on hand with you if you want to access all the benefits … Read More

Steps and Requirements to collect Unemployment

Did you become unemployed? don’t be discouraged.…while you land a new job, learn the Requirements to collect Unemployment offered by the Spanish Social Security. ohKeep reading our article! Requirements to collect Unemployment In order to collect unemployment or the «unemployment benefit» as it is also known, you will first have to comply with the following … Read More

What are the requirements for ID for the first time?

Among the considerations of being a Spanish citizen is the responsibility of having a document that identifies you. In the case of Spain, this document is called DNI (National Identity Document). This resource is used in practically all nations as a means of control and identification of all its inhabitants. Here we present you which … Read More

What are the requirements to do a doctorate in Spain?

The doctorate itself is a university academic degree, is the last and most important academic degree conferred by a university or another institution authorized to do so. Who obtains this degree is called doctor or doctor. Here are the requirements to do a PhD. Requirements to do a PhD Doctoral studies constitute the tthird cycle … Read More

Steps and Requirements to donate blood in Spain

Blood is a precious, renewable liquid that runs within us, but impossible to manufacture by other means. You should not necessarily consider being a donor in a family emergency, you can habituate this act regularly and help thousands of people with specific treatments and in need of this vital liquid. Below we will detail the … Read More

Steps and Requirements to donate hair in Spain

Thanks to the people who donate their hair and there are more and more!… They are willing to help various associations and entities that make free wigs for those who need them with their tails and braids. Do you want to be part of this excellent initiative? Find out about the Requirements to donate hair. … Read More

Discover how to pay DGT fines online

Have you committed a traffic violation and have not been notified? Discover how to pay DGT fines online, It is a simple procedure and within everyone’s reach, below you will find a clear guide to honor the sanction. What do I need to make the payment? In order to pay the fine and depending on … Read More

Procedures and Requirements for Spanish nationality

Nationality is the legal link that unites a person with the state and is considered a fundamental right, it is not obtained only by being born in a certain country, but we can opt for it through a process complying with certain requirements and presenting specific documentation as appropriate. the case. The requirements for Spanish … Read More

Steps and Requirements to be a model

Being able to travel to the best fashion capitals in the world, earn a lot of money with exclusive contracts from the most prestigious fashion firms. These are some of the main reasons why young people want to be models. The truth is that it is not easy to become a professional model, those who … Read More