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Are you a Spanish citizen and find yourself in an economically and socially vulnerable situation? It is then possible that the help of the Spanish Social Security be of interest to you.

If this is your case, then it is better for you to go to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and review how your condition can meet the profile of the institute to receive financing or economic and social assistance through certain benefits. Of course, to start, you must start by requesting your medical appointment.

that’s why in Get your medical appointment in Social Security – Spainwe tell you everything you need.

Follow the steps that we will share with you now, and you will be able to request your social security medical appointment, check your situation and receive help from the Spanish State.

What is the Institute of Social Security?

He National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is a government entity in Spain in charge of managing the economic benefits of the social security system in that country.

This entity is dependent on Ministry of Employment and Social Security of Spainand its management and administration is carried out in accordance with the principles of transparency, rationalization, economy of costs, social efficiency, financial solidarity and cash unity, and decentralization.

By such principles, the contributory economic benefits of the Social Security System Spanish are administered by said entity, and its general address is in the city of Madrid.

Its duties?

As we mentioned just above, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is in charge of administering the contributory economic benefits of the Social Security System in Spain. Currently, this institution manages more than 9 million pensions, all spread among 52 provincial offices and 435 attention and information centers.

What services do you offer?

Among the main services offered by the INSS, is the administration and recognition of the rights to benefits of each Spaniard to social security. Briefly there are the following:

  • Pensions: Due to retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood, and family favors.
  • Subsidies: Due to temporary disability due to common or professional illness, and non-labor or work accidents. Also for maternity, childbirth, or multiple adoption, paternity, risk of pregnancy, and during natural lactation. For cases of serious illness of minors, the subsidy for their care is also included.
  • Family benefits: By foster children or minors, by birth or multiple adoption, and by birth or adoption of large, single-parent families or disabled mothers.
  • Compensation: For non-disabling permanent injuries due to work accidents and occupational disease, permanent partial disability, or death due to work accident or occupational disease.

These and many other services related to the Social Security System They are available to Spanish citizens. Just request an appointment at INSS to request information and the aforementioned help according to your current situation.

How to get the medical appointment?

To access the social benefit services mentioned above, all you have to do is request a medical appointment from the social security. To do this, you have at your disposal 3 ways to request this appointment:

  1. telephone
  2. On-line
  3. Mobile application (App)

Once these previous appointments are confirmed, you must attend one of the following on the date and time that appears on the form. Service Centers of the Social Security Institute (CAISS) to start your process or management. First look for one of the official branches closest to you just hereand then choose the ideal method to request your appointment.

Via telephone

The easiest and fastest way you have to request your Appointment prior to the INSS It is by phone by calling 901.10.65.70 from any part of Spain. The call has a minimal cost for operator expenses, but even so it is the cheapest way up to now.

Your call will be answered by an automated center that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just have to follow the instructions offered by the operator, and provide your identity data when requested, such as your name, postal address, ID, and confirm the available appointment time that is most convenient for you.

After these requirements, a code will be given to you, to later check the status of your medical appointment with social security, or cancel it.

Via Online

To request your appointment online, the first thing to do is access the official website of INSS. Fair here we leave you the link. Follow these steps and get your appointment now.

  • In the lower section, in «A click away»you must select the option «Previous appointment for pensions and other benefits».
  • On the next screen that appears, open the option «Obtain prior appointment for pensions and other benefits». Choose if you want to have your appointment with or without a digital certificate.
  • If you want to request your appointment quickly, choose the option “No Certificate”. A form will appear on the screen which you must complete with your personal data. Choose the CAISS office location you prefer and click Next.

  • In the following forms you must indicate the date and time of your appointment, and the procedure you wish to request. Could be Benefits (family members, disability, maternity, retirement, etc.), certificates (change of address, bank office, pensions, etc.) or Applications and Documents (Disability, retirement, maternity, benefits, document registration, etc.).
  • Once you have chosen the reason for your appointment, you must then fill in your contact information such as address, telephone, and email. Once the process is complete, your appointment will be complete. You will not receive a certificate, but a security code that will allow you to check the status of your appointment or cancel if you do not go.
  • In case of choosing the option «With Certificate» you must download the special access granted by Social Security. This will already have all your personal and contact information, and you only have to indicate the type of procedure to request and the date and time available. Just as above. Right there, a digital certificate will appear with a security code to check the status of your appointment or cancel if you don’t go.

Remember to have stable internet access and start the procedure calmly. Requesting this document is important and the data to be provided will also be important, therefore we advise you to be careful to enter the correct ones.

Via mobile application

The mobile application (App) is a new mechanism launched by the INSS to facilitate all the procedures before said institution from your cell phone. This app is called “Seg-Social Appointment” available for platforms Android and IOS.

The application is easy to use, it is enough to locate the option of «Appointment» and you can enter your personal and contact information. Also indicate the type of procedure to request and the date and time that is most appropriate. You will also have a locator GPS to find the offices INSS or CAISS closest to you.

Other procedures that require an appointment

There are several other procedures in addition to social benefits that require a prior appointment. Although there are several, below we will indicate a short list of procedures that require it, and that are related to retirement, self-employment, social assistance, etc.

  • Application for working life
  • Pre-retirement appointment
  • Register as autonomous
  • Appointment for the European Health Insurance Card
  • Procedures related to pensions
  • Social helps
  • Request the flat rate for self-employed
  • Participate in the Youth Guarantee Plan
  • Process temporary disability

  • Request permanent disability
  • Procedures related to widow’s pension
  • Procedures for orphan’s pension
  • Applications for paternity benefits
  • maternity benefits
  • Pensions in favor of relatives
  • Benefits for risk in pregnancy or during lactation
  • Aid for child or multiple birth
  • Request aid for the care of people in your care with serious illnesses
  • health card

If any of the procedures above coincide with what you currently require, then you already know how to request your medical appointment with social security. Otherwise, we advise you to visit the official website of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and read your list of services. Fair here We leave you the direct link.


When going to National Institute of Social Security (INSS) You can then request the social assistance you require through benefits, retirement, pensions, and others. This of course according to your particular situation, which could well be due to age, accidents, maternity or paternity, multiple adoption, widowhood, etc.

The important thing when requesting any of these benefits is to indicate at the time of your appointment in CAISS, What is your particular condition and what kind of help do you need? If you meet the minimum requirements and provide the documents proving your condition, the authorized personnel will begin your process.

Having said this, it is worth mentioning that this type of social aid is only possible for the contributions, of a professional scope and financing that each affiliate has contributed throughout their working life up to the exact moment of requesting a service.

In turn, it also involves a non-contributory and universal modality for Spanish citizens in general, but that will depend on the contributions and general budgets approved by the State.

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