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If you or any member of your family needs a medical check-up or consultation, it is important that you know that there are public institutions dedicated to serving. An example of this is the Extremaduran Health Servicewhich guarantees the public health of individuals, families, and more.

So if you live in the community of Extremadura and need primary medical attention, then this information may be useful to you. Starting by asking for one medical appointment SESto the various services that are at your disposal.

In Get your medical appointment in the SES system in Spain, we will tell you everything you need. From the functions of said institution, how to access its services, and how they can help and benefit you.

What is SES?

He Extremadura Health Service (SES) is an entity located in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. It was founded in 2002 and is in charge of providing public health services and assistance in said location.

Said body called SESBelongs to National Health System of Spainas well as is attached to the Ministry of Health and Social Policy. Said entity has its own legal personality, as well as its own treasury and management powers, for the optimal development of public health objectives.

Although it is worth noting that SES is legally governed by the national government of Spainthe administration of the autonomous community of Extremadura, and the General Public Treasury of Extremadura. In other words, the treatment and services that will be provided to you in said institution comply with all legal public health regulations.

Its duties?

Among the main functions of the Extremadura Health Services (SES) is proportional tomedical attention required by the citizens of Extremadura. In turn, it also guarantees that it complies with the public health regulations established by law.

For this to be the case, the management and general secretary of SES takes care of approve and authorize expenses for pharmaceutical, orthopedic and health care products offered. It is also in charge of programming, management, evaluation and internal organization of health centers attached to SES.

In the same way, it manages theappointment, hiring and dismissal of labor personnel, care management of centers, establishments and health services, and control and evaluation of care quality of these.

If you want to know more about the functions of each department involved in the management of SES, we leave you here the link of its official organization chart. You can see the functions from its address and general secretary, from its affiliated health organizations, and others.

What services do you offer?

Among the many health services that you can access through medical appointment SES, we found the following:

  1. Child and Adolescent Health Care: in charge of promoting good healthy habits and child and adolescent self-care. Also of the prevention and early detection of contagious, hereditary, acquired, and other diseases. Like monitoring child growth and development.
  2. Attention to the Youth: responsible for the promotion of healthy habits, and the prevention of eating disorders or diseases. Also on the prevention of risk behaviors in relation to sexual activity, and the consumption of toxic, addictive, and other risky substances.
  3. Attention to Women: in charge of preconceptional consultations, prenatal care and postpartum care. Also information and monitoring of contraceptive methods, early diagnosis of gynecological cancer and care for women in the climacteric.
  4. Care for Adults, the Elderly, Risk Groups and the Chronically Ill: Responsible for protocolized care for patients with chronic and prevalent health problems, such as blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, HIV-AIDS, etc. It is also in charge of home care for immobilized patients, elderly patients and frail elderly people, dependent patients, and people with risk behaviors.
  5. Mental Health Care: in charge of caring for patients with anxiety or depression disorders, and the implementation of the corresponding protocols.
  6. Basic Rehabilitation: in charge of basic physiotherapeutic treatments.
  7. Therapeutic Procedures: in charge of those minor surgeries required in Primary Care.

In addition to these, SES is also in charge of Public Health Careas the Epidemiological surveillancethe Food safetythe environmental healthand the Community Health in Extremadura.

How to get the medical appointment?

To access any of the individual and family care services already described above, you must then obtain a medical appointment SES. For this, you can do via the internet, by mobile application, by phone, or in person. Each route has its protocol, why you should continue reading to know how to request your appointment in each case.


  1. Access the official website of SES and click on the option “Request prior”. Fair here We leave you the direct link.
  2. A new screen will appear, and you must provide the number of your NIF / NIE, and your date of birth. Go ahead «Get in» and you can access the Online Health Center with your personal data. You can also enter with your number CIP, electronic ID / Certificatewith your Cl@ve special.
  3. Once inside, select the type of query you want to make in SES. It can be administrative, or a medical review. Indicate the date and time that is most convenient for you, and click «Accept».
  4. If you have requested a previous appointment, for the same matter and with your family doctor, you can indicate that you want to be treated by him.
  5. Enough with «Confirm» the previous appointment with said doctor, and you click on «Accept». A digital certificate of prior appointment will be shown to you, you can print it and present it at the time of your appointment.
  6. In this same portal you can postpone or cancel your SES Medical Appointment, review your medical history, consult the health centers near you, and other services at your disposal. just like him Extremaduran Health Service show in the next video.

Having said that, we hope that this way is easy for you and that you can request your SES medical appointment as soon as possible and with that trusted doctor in your family.


In case of a medical emergency and require urgent medical attention, then this option could be the ideal one for you. We are talking about the application in-person SES medical appointmentwhich you can request just by going to the nearest medical center.

Any emergency clinic attached to SES has the ability to accommodate these last minute requests, and accept such exceptions. It cannot be guaranteed that your trusted and primary doctor will be on duty, but you can count on the same type of professional care that you require.

Although it is worth noting, this type of SES medical appointment should only be required in cases of emergency or medical urgency. This will allow the health care system not to collapse, resources are sufficient, and medical personnel can care for patients without problem. Therefore, if you can wait, we suggest you request your appointment via the web, by phone or through the mobile app.

Mobile app

If you are a technology enthusiast and you know how to use it to your advantage, then surely asking for one SES medical appointment by mobile application (App) is ideal for you. This app is called “CSOnline Extremadura” and you can get them for devices Android and IOS.

This apps can help you manage the most common procedures within the SES platformhow to ask for one medical appointment SES with your primary doctor. You can also choose to consult specialist doctors, treatment information or previously scheduled consultations.

You can also see your medical file, make claims in patient care, receive alerts on available medications, receive electronic prescriptions, search for other health centers and pharmacies, and much more. All you have to do is install the application on your mobile, identify yourself with your NIF / NIE, CIP, electronic DNI / Certificate, or special Cl@veand start using it as you require.


If the previous ways seem complicated and you prefer to do it faster, then ask for the SES medical appointment by phone may be ideal. For it, You must communicate by phone with the customer service staff during working hours between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

» Just dial the toll-free number to Medical Appointment SES 900 100 737.

Once the staff answers your call, you must indicate your intention to request an appointment, and what primary care area you require. You must also specify which health center you prefer to go to, who your primary doctor is, and what time is convenient for you. It is worth noting that you must also provide your identity, either with your NIF / NIE, CIP, or electronic DNI / Certificate number.


Of the aforementioned services of the Extremadura Health Service (SES) you can obtain the greatest benefit from being attended by a large team of certified doctors and at your complete disposal. Both you and your family could have a family doctor that you trust, as well as choose which medical center you will be treated at.

In turn, you can have various health services, from child and adolescent care, prenatal care, and family planning. Older adults and those who require home care, or have mobility problems, can also have medical plans adapted to their cases.

The same is true for those patients with communicable, acquired or hereditary diseases.. Likewise those who require psychological consulting and activation protocols that protect their mental and physical health.

That being said, we just hope that if you currently live in the community Estremadura and you require specialized, control or emergency medical attention, then you know where to go. Always remember to have your identity data at hand and ask for your previous appointment or medical appointment SES. If you do not require it now, you can either save this information for later or share it with a family member, friend or neighbor who does require it at this time.

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