How to process the family book? New ways to get it

How to process the family book? New ways to get itKnowing the importance that this book represents for the family nucleus, we believe it is necessary to guide you in obtaining yours easily and simply.

How to process the family book?

If you are domiciled in Spanish territorythe procedure to obtain the family book is not complex, it must be done before any Civil Registry, preferably the one closest to the home address.

We suggest consulting the website of the Ministry of Justice the location of the different civil registries.

Can be done without the need for an appointment in almost all of Spain.

With the exception of the provinces of Cáceres, Cartagena, Guadalajara, Palma de Mallorca or Valladolid, places where it is essential to request a prior appointment, this is obtained by Official website of the Ministry of Justice.

If you are outside Spanish territory is processed by the consulate of Spain located in the country where you are, registering in it, all the corresponding family data.

It is suggested to access the websites of the consulates to request information about the steps and opening hours.

Is the physical version going to disappear?

In order to facilitate the procedures and create a modern civil registry, close to the times of progress and development in relation to electronic systems, was included in the proposal for the well-known New Civil Registry Lawthat the physical family book was going to be replaced by electronic registration filiation or family data.

From the same health center where the birth took place, without the presentation of the minor’s parents, a fully electronic individual certificateas a unique personal record, where all the civil moments of a citizen would be related, namely, from birth to death.

where alone attended the Civil Registry for exceptional casessince public institutions or organizations would be responsible for transmitting the information electronically so that the registration of the procedure could be carried out, that is, birth, marriage, death.

Finally, the law entered into force in 2015 and this provision was not approved.

The family book is still valid in its physical state.

Necessary documents

According to the data that is required to be recorded in the Family Book, the following documentation must be presented:

In case of being the First Registration in the Family Book:

  • The application form for registration in the Civil Registry.
  • The national identification documents of both spouses.
  • The marriage certificate or certificate.

For the registration of a child in the Family Book:

  • The birth certificate or certificate can be issued by the health center where the event occurred.
  • The original of the national identification document of the citizen who makes the registration.
  • The physical of the Family Book, if you have it

Registration must be made within twenty-four (24) hours or before eight (8) days after the birth of the baby. They can be extended to thirty (30) days with justification of reasons.

To request Duplicate Family Book:

  • The national identification documents of both spouses.
  • The original of the national identification document or the birth certificate of each child.

If the Family Book is lost, a duplicate must be requested from the same Civil Registry where the original book was processed.

If the Family Book shows damage, the previous book must be presented in original

Steps to follow

Confirming what has been said in previous paragraphs, if you are in Cáceres, Cartagena, Guadalajara, Palma de Mallorca or Valladolid, you must request an appointment through the Official website of the Ministry of Justice.

For the rest of the Spanish territory, no prior appointment is required

The steps are very simple, but in compliance with the Law it must be done in person at the Civil Registry offices:

  1. If you requested an appointment, go to the Civil Registry, on the date and time assigned. If a prior appointment is not necessary, go to the Civil Registry, during the usual hours for customer service.
  2. Complete the application form for registration or registration of data in the Family Book, attaching the documents according to each case.
  3. The official will record the registration of the fact: the marriage or birth of the first child
  4. They will give you your Family Book

What is the family book?

Is he official document where family ties are recordedregardless of whether a couple is civilly married or not.

In the births, adoptions, separations, deaths and divorces are registeredin this case, also the economic condition in the family that is registered.

Yes one divorced person remarries o is legally married, or has a child with his new partner, a new Family Book must be issued with your new relationshipand in the case of separated parents and some other procedure, the Family Book can be managed.

What is it for?

first serve to keep track of events in the life of a citizenor, the first record in the Family Book being the data of a newborn.

It is like a historical book of the civil life of a citizen, since the Family Book is used to record marriages, births, adoptions, separations, divorces and deaths.

is requested for a variety of procedures that arise in various situations.

When do you have to present the family book?

When we say that the procedures are varied, we can refer to the Main procedures that require the presentation of the Family Book What:

  • When requesting the emission of the first National Identity Document or ID.
  • To carry out the procedures for the maternity leave Y paternity.
  • In the moment of apply for a place in educational institutions or maternity care or nurseries.
  • In case of to travel inside of Spain, with a minor who does not have National identity document.
  • For formalize family ties between Spanish citizens with foreign families.

Benefits of the format update

When we talk about updating the format, we are referring to what we suppose would have been the Electronic record of the Family Book.

First of all it would be beneficial for the environment, because the use of paper and copies of it would disappear.

The same information could be accessed from various platforms, the one-person information It would centralized in one tab, making it easy to review or consult specific data of a citizen.

The formalities would easiereliminating a large percentage of their bureaucracy.

When talking about benefits, it becomes obvious to us, commenting on the disadvantagesbecause in the worst case, it could cause a partial or total loss of electronic records, that although it seems impossible, the computer viruses exist.

You should consider a control exhaustive about the veracity and authenticity of the data, to prevent theft or rape of the records.

In case you are not Spanish but you are legally married to a person of Spanish nationality, know How to process the family book? New ways to obtain it, it will open new life opportunities for you and your family, we hope we have supported you if you need it.

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