How to process the opening license in Spain?

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At the time of start a companyAmong the most relevant documents is the opening license, which is issued at the hands of the Town hall of the municipality in which the activity is located.

In this article we will develop practical advice for you in order to help dispel those doubts that may arise when applying for licenses to open businesses, offices or any other company in the same vein. Recommendations will be made that you can take into account before making a rental and starting your business.

How to request it?

The procedures will vary from one opening to another according to the types of activities. This is due to the fact that the municipal opening license is a process through which the adequacy and meaning of the facilities that are aimed at, by obeying the urban regulations.


Required documentation

  • Duly completed municipal application form.
  • Copy of the DNI, national identity document.
  • Specific address of the facilities with an attached location map, another reference map and others of the floor and section of the premises as well as location and security where fire extinguishers, lights and emergency exits are displayed, among others.
  • Property rental contract or property deed.

Regarding qualified activities, the documentation that will need to be delivered is the following:

  • Filled municipal application form.
  • Photocopy of the registration in the tax.
  • Document with the relationship of neighbors.
  • Technical project of the activity, signed by a technician specialized in the matter and endorsed by the Official College.
  • Instructions to demand said opening license.
  • Preparation of the project for the opening license and/or adaptation of the premises by a Technical Engineer. Although for certain activities only a certificate of soundness and safety is required.
  • Permission of the proposal for him College State of Industrial Technical Engineers.
  • Compliance of the corresponding municipal taxes, which vary from agreement to the objectives of the operation what is going to advancethe extension built of the property and the place of same. In correspondence to this, the Regiment emits a written of disbursement what has to be paid to the financial institution.
  • Exposition of the petition of license of opening either opinion engaged in view ofthe Regiment with the voucher of to have canceled municipal taxes to the rest of all the proceedings technical.

Steps to follow

Previously of start the Procedure of license of opening the priority is make sure That the rule of municipality It allows advance the business determined in the zone in which the place is located.

The successive step before of the management of the license of opening It will be the date in the Ayuntamiento for note if the action what is going away develop is subject to him statute of Urgent Liberalization Measures of Commerce and gather the circumstances to manage your permission of opening a through of a warning previous or expression guarantor.

It will be the rule current in all tip which will determine the quantity and nature reporting to to show for achieve the license of opening and start your task.

A finished of ask a license of opening of one action innocuous that can be processed through of one statement guarantorit should satisfy the form specific to statement guarantor of council. In specific cases, it should contribute plus proceedings how can be plans of placement, agreement of lease or deeds of the belongingphotographs and plans of the property

In the case of a operation qualified, it will be necessary introduction of a work plan or opening proposal.

East plan usually contain complete plans, memory Y construction site of safety and hygiene. Also the plan of worked must be visa in the Institute professional appropriate.

Summarizing, the routine application procedure for an opening and activity license consists of the following five steps:

  • Preparation of the report or technical project for the opening license and/or adaptation of the premises. This is normally done by a competent accredited technician
  • Approval of the project by the corresponding Official College.
  • Disbursement of the municipal fees due.
  • The expositionin the Registration of place correspondent of the City Hall, of the expression guarantor and the request for license of opening, exhibit with the Project expert and the back the cancellation of municipal tariffs, ordinarily urban either medium ambient.
  • Test of expert suitable of the City Hall for show that he property meets the certain and verify the permission of the license opening.

What is the opening license?

Is a management imperative by which it is demonstrated that a property, a agency or a transportation complies with the regulation current in all districtto fulfill a certain action commercial.

Who bestows the license of opening? The City hall in all relevant jurisdiction. The demands can exchange of a municipality a other. The requirements you must obey a property for embrace its license of opening are related to aspects technical, environmental, hygienic and urban planning.

License types

According to occupation a realize in the property, you will need a sample of license of opening or other. They are distinguished mainly in the proceedings and reports to to show and in the instant of reply for him City hall for grant the license of opening Y achieve undertake the task from the premises

The regulation that governs the licenses of opening discrepancy the activities in two groups: innocuous or unclassified activities and harmful or classified activities.

  • The innocuous: They are those that involve activities that do not cause damage or inconvenience to neighbors or passers-by. Among its characteristics are that are plus cheap and plus easy to attainrequire fewer checks and proceedings. Is a occupation in the one that is not required embrace sanitary corrective measures, security and/or environmental.
  • The qualified or harmful: In the case of qualified activities are the ones for rule universal generate dangers, are harmful and unhealthy, so its management its alot plus dragged on Y tangled up and his obtaining have a price plus high. Is a task that because it is considered annoying, unhealthyharmful or dangerous, requires acquire sanitary corrective measures, security and/or environmental.

Regulations on opening licenses

will depend on all jurisdiction the regulation in question of license of opening for the different activities. It’s interesting demarcate that the technical professionals of Certicalia invariably they insist that it is thorny specify a rule stream, Already what in each municipalitythe requirements for get a license of opening they can be different

Law 12/2012 of Urgent Trade Liberalization Measures: a level national is what determines what form of diligence must occur for each operation merchantable. The objective this legislature it is to offer the obtaining of license of opening to the elderly set of possible shops.

A posteriori control will be carried out by the administration, to verify that the property complies with the current legal obligation in order to obtain its opening license.

What happens with commercial activities that are not on the list of Law 12/2012?

They cannot avail themselves of the prerogative of to show a expression guarantor for undertake its worked. Previously were governed by the Ordinance Annoying, Unhealthy, Harmful and Dangerous Activities that was repealed in 2007 by Law 34/2007, of November 15, of Quality of Air Y Protection of the Atmosphere.

What is it for?

It simply serves so that in a property you can to practice a exercise merchantable, industrial or services. East example of licenses is usually grant to the owner of a dependence for him process of one action concrete.

The license of opening Y exercise is a license of nature municipal mandatory for a local, ship or office can to practice a action commercial, industrial or services. East written accredits the observance of the circumstances of habitability and usage of one occupation specific.


To the look, the license of opening It has been turned in a concept indeterminate, which on many occasions has generated confusion. Therefore, it must wear a cape is diligence when:

  • I know inaugurates the first establishments.
  • A relocation is made to other property.
  • Transfer or change headline a property of occupation commercialof which it is question.
  • are taken to finished expansions of the infrastructure.
  • Stores are opened to support the main activity.
  • The license of opening is requested and leads to finished in the district of town planning of place in which the company be domiciled

In the instant of run the research of a establishment, valid its adequacy to the requirements demanded for the mode of work a develop.

It is very significant That find out the requirements before undertaking the inquiry in order to be able to use it as a filter.

A finished In order not to incur unexpected costs, verify that the property meets all the requirements before finalizing the purchase or lease.

Check them even if this activity was already carried out in the property, since the regulations are becoming more inflexible and premises with old opening licenses often fail to comply with the current rule, which is what the City Council will require.

Outside doubt some, one of the procedures that result plus common in every community in progress is exactly the one that has troubled us in this section.

The request of the License of opening a finish of Start any exercise commercial It is character required and generates serious responsibilities. But as we have viewedNo result a Procedure tedious when we abide by current regulations and follow the stipulated procedures.

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