How to process the visa for family reunification in Spain?

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How to process the visa for family reunification in Spain? It seems like a complicated process but it is not like that, if you pay special attention to the documents to be collected, the steps are not complex at all.

How is a family reunification done in Spain?

Based on the right to family reunification, it is authorize through the Immigration Offices, Consulates and Spanish Embassies, the stay on Spanish soil and for a limited timeof some of the relatives of a foreign citizen residing in Spain.

You must comply with a series of procedures and submission of documentsbeing these of great importance during the management of this procedure, the Originals in good, legible condition and submit photocopies of them, must be in Spanish language or the co-official language of the place where the reunification request is made.

These foreign public documents must be legally visas by the Spanish Consular office, authorized in the country where the certificate was issued.


Among the conditions to keep in mind, we have:

  • Not to be candidate for the Union citizen regimethat is, you cannot be a citizen or family member of a citizen of the countries that make up the European Unionas well as the European Economic Area.
  • Must have regular character his stay in Spanish territory.
  • Being solvent with justice, not possessing criminal record neither in Spain, nor in other countries where he had previously resided.
  • Have freedom of entry to Spain, In addition to the fact that you cannot be registered as a person to be rejected in countries with which Spain has treaties.
  • Possess private insurance for sickness or healthcare public by Social Security.
  • Comply with health standards of the International Health Regulations of 2005, that is, not suffering from any disease that could seriously influence public health.
  • Can’t be out of period of commitment of no return to Spain, to which the foreign citizen had taken refuge in programs voluntary return.
  • You must have paid the taxes for the procedures according to the procedure.
  • Count on solvent financial resources or means to meet family needs.

Taking into account that the minimum monthly income is based on the IPREM Multiple Income Public Indicator, which by the end of 2018 was 100% fixed at 537.84 euros per month, then the monthly income of the sponsor and one more person must be at 150% of the IPREM, that is, 806.76 euros per month and each additional person must collaborate with 50% of the IPREM.

  • have a suitable space for family life.
  • The person requesting the reunification or regroupingmust state that has remained a resident in Spain for a minimum period of one year and have residency approval for one more years.

In the case of reunification of ascending relatives, the reunifying applicant must have approval for a long stay or long duration from the European Union.

Family members applying to be regrouped can be:

  • The spouse or person with which the applicant has a affective relationship with characteristics conjugal.
  • The own or adopted children of the applicant or his partner. In this case, for the children of the spouses, the father or mother in question must have sole parental authority or have custody under her responsibility.
  • In case of under eighteen (18) years of age or with a disabilitywho cannot obtain their own resources to cover their needs, will be the responsibility of the regrouping your legal representation.
  • The first-degree ascending relatives (Parents)both the sponsor or their spouse, under their responsibility, over sixty-five (65) years of age and with justification to authorize the need to reside in Spain.


Let’s say the Procedure of family reunification is carried out under two procedures or in two stages.

In the first the documents are mostly related to the sponsor and in photocopieson the second stage the documents are mostly related to the regrouped and originals are shown.

It must be presented to perform the application family reunification before the Foreigners Office:

  • The completed application form, signed and printed in duplicate (EX–02)
  • The Foreigner’s identity card application form (EX-17)
  • Clear and legible photocopy of the applicant’s passport or travel document or valid registration document
  • Photocopy of all the documents that confirm that you have a job or employment relationship and/or that you have sufficient financial resources to cover family needs.
  • In case of carrying out activities on your own account or for someone else, submit a copy of the employment contract or document that confirms the activity carried out, in addition, in both cases, the last Income Tax Declaration (IRPF).
  • If you do not maintain any activity in Spain, present certified checks, travel checks or proof of payment or credit cards, with proof of banks showing the amount available as credit for said card.
  • Home ownership or rental document
  • Photocopy of the valid passports of the relatives to be regrouped.
  • Photocopy of the documents that certify the filiation ties,
  • Proof of payment of the current rate for temporary residence for family reunification (Model 790)
  • Proofs or certificates as a guarantee of having health care.

For the process of request the family reunification visa, the documents are related to the regrouped:

  • Original Ordinary Passport, valid for more than four (4) months.
  • Original of the Criminal Record Certificate or Record or an equivalent document, in Spanish, apostilled or legalized, according to the inclusion of the issuing country in the Hague Convention.
  • Originals of the documents, minutes, items, that confirm the family ties or kinship. Even the de facto union.
  • Original Medical Certificate to certify that it complies with the health standards of the International Health Regulations of 2005, that is, not suffering from any disease that could seriously influence public health.

Steps to follow

To try to outline the steps to obtain family reunification, we will divide them by who must carry them out, beginning:

By the applicant

  1. Go to the official government page foreigner to request an appointment.
  2. Make the payment of taxes Model 790
  3. Attend the assigned date and time, with the forms EX–02 Y EX-17 completed and attach the requested documentation

By the Immigration Office

  1. With the request for family reunification, you must manage with the General Directorate of Police, the Civil Guard and the General Registry of Convicts, the reports on security and public order, these being related to prohibitions of entry into Spanish territory, police records and penalties.
  2. You must make the decision and notification of approval or denial of the authorization. If approved, the residence authorization for family reunification will be suspended until the regroupee Manage and obtain the family reunification visa.

For the regrouped

  1. Go to the Consulate or Embassy of Spain based in the country where you are to submit the visa application for family reunification. Having been notified of the approval of the family reunification authorization, you have a maximum of two (2) months to do so.

By the Consulate or the Embassy of Spain

  1. You must issue the decision to approve or not the visa application. Notifying the regrouped party within a maximum period of two (2) months, counted from the date of registration of the application.

For the Regrouped

  1. Enter Spanish territory, within three (3) maximum months of validity of the visa.
  2. You have one month from arrival in Spanish territory to process the TIE or foreign identity card.


It is called an immigrant person who enters a country or region and resides therealthough He was not born there and his origin originates in another place or country.

Currently, the majority of citizens decide to become immigrants, with the aim of seeking progress for themselves and their family, contributing to the country where they stay, their talent or expertise, either in a professional activity or a trade, that allows them to create the platform development and personal and family support.

The decision to emigrate, initially and then to be an immigrant, in many cases is due to the different problems generated in many countries by mismanagement of governments or dictatorial regimes, in the past it was wars in European territories, which impoverish society , diminishing until the fulfillment of basic needs and rights arranged only by being human.

It is not an easy decision, everything is left behind, but family, friends, customs and the hope of achieving a good community where one can develop and contribute to progress are always present.

What is the family reunification visa?

The family reunification visa corresponds to the authorization that emits the Consulate or Embassy of Spain to a relative of a foreign citizen residing in Spain, to live in Spanish territory for a period of time greater than ninety (90) days.

Does the family reunification permit authorize you to work?

Good news! Yesthe residence authorization for family reunification held by the spouse or their partner, and the children of working age, authorize work under a dependent employment relationship or self-employment, throughout the national territory, without distinction of occupation and sector of activity, without having to carry out any other procedure.

Who can request family reunification?

The request for family reunification can be made by right, abroad that says with a minimum legal residence of one (1) year in Spainprovided that it complies with the requirements and procedures provided by law on the matter.

As you have seen, the documentation is what you must attend to the most so that How to process the visa for family reunification in Spain? Be a success, for you and your family nucleus, Generating Happiness!

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