How to transfer ownership of my vehicle to another person?

Having a car in your name and being able to drive it freely is undoubtedly something that many people dream of doing. Therefore, a used vehicle can be an economical and ideal option for those who acquire one for the first time.

If this is your case, or you just want to sell your old car, then you should know what the svehicle transfer request. Or what is also known as change of ownership.

Therefore in How to transfer ownership of my vehicle to another person? We tell you everything you need to know.

From the documents, steps to follow and precautions that you must follow in this process. Whether you want to sell or buy, this information is vital for you. Take note, start now, and enjoy your new vehicle.

How to apply for a vehicle transmission?

The vehicle transfer request o change of ownership is something that everyone can do on their own. This as long as you know the complete procedure, from the necessary documents to the steps to follow before the Registry of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in Spain.

How to achieve it successfully is something that we are going to share below. Take note and start the process right now!

Necessary documents

  • Copy of the National Identity Document (DNI) of the buyer.
  • Copy of the National Identity Document (DNI) of the seller.
  • Document or circulation permit corresponding to the vehicle in question.
  • Original Vehicle Technical Inspection Card (ITV). It must be valid on the date of the transfer request.
  • Annual tax return on mechanical traction vehicles. It must be issued by the City Council.
  • Tax return for property transfers and documented legal acts (Model Form 620)
  • Proof of Traffic Rate (Form Model 791) for the amount of vehicles for €53.40.
  • Authorization by one of the parties (buyer or seller) who is not present during the process.
  • Official and original vehicle transmission printout, issued by the DGT.

Another final point to note is that the car in question must be second-hand or in used condition. This one too must also be registered or registered with the DGT. Just like that, the vehicle transfer application or change of owner can be admitted.

Steps to follow

  • Request a prior appointment for vehicle transmission, through the official website of the DGT.
  • Pay the tax corresponding to property transfers (Model Form 620). You can get this document on the official website of the DGT. You can also request the form and present it in person, at the Treasury department of your autonomous community.
  • It is worth noting that the amount to be paid will depend on factors such as years of use, model year, vehicle power, condition, etc. Therefore, you can also take the sales contract and other documents of the vehicle, to be sealed.
  • Pay the corresponding amount for the traffic chief rate (Model Form 790). It can be by bank deposit or by credit card at the authorized offices of the DGT. The receipt must be attached to the official vehicle transfer request.
  • Submit the documents and forms obtained duly signed and stamped by the authorities before any Traffic Headquarters near your home. It also serves the same Traffic Headquarters where the vehicle was registered. This same entity will be in charge of issuing a new permit or circulation license. This time the name of the new owner will appear.

Complying with these steps will allow interested parties, complete with vehicle transfer application. Remember that in case one of the parties, be it the owner or the interested party, must be present. Otherwise, they must provide a copy of their IND and written authorization to continue with this process.

What is ownership?

Ownership implies possession of a property and the free right to enjoy and dispose of this asset without limitations. This property can be real estate or furniture, such as a vehicle. This property would be only limited by the legal provisions of where it is located.

Whether you are a natural person or a legal entity, have ownership of a property, On the other hand, it obliges you to legal taxes. By complying with them, it helps to have all the documents duly registered and identified under your name.

If so, you can then fully enjoy your property. The purchase, sale or transfer of a property means the transfer of said corresponding ownership. Therefore, tax obligations and property rights are also transferred.

Aspects to consider about the ownership of the vehicle

There are some important aspects or details to take into account about the vehicle ownershipand that will allow you with the owner or interested party, to carry out a legal vehicle transfer.

  • Be sure to cancel any type of disposition limitation that may be established in the personal property registry. This mostly applies in case the car has been acquired by loans, renting or leasing. In case the vehicle was paid in full, a certificate can be requested from the financial bank to finish the charge before the commercial registry and cancel the reservation of ownership over said property.
  • Pay all fines or penalties that have been imposed on the vehicle registration due to traffic violations.
  • Liquidate the corresponding to the Taxes on mechanical traction vehicles of the present year, before the offices of the city council of your province.

If the status is free of any type of burden, or financial or fiscal commitment, as recommended above, this is the only way it can pass from one holder to another. Therefore, it is always recommended Review this type of information long before you even apply for the vehicle transmission.

Tips on changing ownership

Following the line of important aspects and recommendations for the moment of transferring the ownership of your vehicle, we leave you below a extra details.

  • For the delivery of the car, previously request the sales contract or tax invoice, together with a copy of the counterparty’s IND. If the latter is a company, request a copy of the CIF.
  • In the purchase contract or tax invoice already mentioned, it is important that the exact date and time of delivery of the vehicle appear. It is possible that the fines for violations of the new owner, still arrive at the address of the old owner. This until the aforementioned transmission is formalized before the Vehicle Registry.
  • If you are the seller, you must ask the new owner to send you a copy of the circulation permit with the updated data. If 15 continuous days pass and you do not receive a response, you can go to the Traffic Headquarters and indicate that the vehicle was sold, and you are no longer the current owner. You will get the required legal Notice of Sale.
  • To know an approximate valuation to pay for Treasury Tax, you can access the same Google search engine to make the query. Place the words Vehicle Assessment, followed by the name of your Autonomous Community. The page corresponding to the farm in your community will appear first. Access and fill in the form with the requested data of your vehicle, and immediately, an approximate calculation will be offered.

These simple tips can help you when finalize the transfer process of your vehicle legally and completely. With them, said change of owner will also be registered, before the agencies in charge at the national and provincial level.

What is this document for?

Possess ownership of a property, in this case a vehicle, allows you to dispose of it at all times. As we already mentioned, the only limitations would be those imposed by law. You would also be obliged to pay a series of taxes or taxes on said property, only if the law indicates it.

To be the owner then you can enjoy this property, and choose on the same. In other words, if you want to remodel it, sell it or transfer it to a relative or friend, this is possible. Follow the regulations already mentioned and those that appear in the DGT, and it will be possible.

Does it have any cost?

Obtaining ownership of a property has a tax cost, in addition to the commercial ones already agreed with the seller. These will depend on whether you are the buyer or the seller, and what is agreed between the parties. Among the most essential costs are the following:

  • Fee completed for the change of holder: If you are the buyer, the cost is €54.60.
  • Property Transfer Tax (Model Form 620 or 621): its amount varies depending on the autonomous community, the tax base or appraisal of the vehicle and the percentage tax rate.
  • Fee completed for proof of sale: If you are the seller and request proof of sale, the cost would be €8.50.

As these amounts can vary, the ideal will always be that together with the other party (seller or buyer) they consult these expenses. must go to the offices of the Department of the Treasury, the Town Hall of your autonomous community, or the DGT. The idea would be to confirm this information and go into more detail about your ownership transfer process.

Remember that this process is final and requires security between both parties. For which you can expand on information and share this article! Whether it is your case or reason, this document guide, steps to follow, and aspects to consider, may be useful. And we hope so.

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