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You need apply for unemployment? It elementary That any individual considers at the time he becomes unemployed, it is itself will be able collect unemployment, how to request it, how much you get and things like that. Do you want to know how require unemployment? how can you get it? how long will it last? what factors influence?

How to apply?

It is called «stop» to that unemployment benefit that the SEPE provides to people who have lost their jobs after having been working for a period.

Proportional to the time you have worked and received, the value and permanence of the benefit is calculated.

must perto last in knowledge of that unemployment will only accrue if about of a dismissalin the event that it is the same person who renounces his or her Market Stallwill not be able collect tribute. Equally should be noted as applicant of worked in SEPE (previously INEM).

If you are not working and want require unemployment, must be requested in a space from 15 working days, to calculate from the start of of the last working day labor. You can do it starting the seat electronics SEPE, on the agency of benefits of your district Y place plus friend, taking into account that previously You must request service hours by appointment through the Campus Electronic or by telephony.

Notably, so much If you include the request by electronic means, as if you carry it out physically, it will be inevitable that you present a succession of documents (originals and copies).

How to seal unemployment online?

Consolidate the strike at the SEPE offices It’s a bit tedious even more, Yes this date it is impossible for you to attend announcement in person. Through the internet, you can do it in the comfort of your computer or through the telephoneat any moment of the day.

In case you want renew either consolidate unemployment via the internet will be essential that you connect to the official website of SEPE in your community autonomous. It should be borne in mind that for getting I know grant It is essential to enter as beneficiary. It is not necessary, however, to have an electronic DNI.

How can I seal the strike by phone?

Not all autonomous communities offer citizens the chance to edit the I stop via telephonysince most of these procedures must be carried out physical oa through Web pages. On most occasions when this is accessiblethe accrued of position must supply your personal information and ID to the operator telephone and make the citation at the time it is required proceed the diligence.

It is necessary to carry out the call at the time stipulated by the community and if it is a holiday, the transaction must be made via the Internet.

Steps to follow

  1. It elementary In the first instance, what must be carried out is to register as applicant of work. Bearing in mind that, if there are still valid days pending holidayyou will not appear as vacant until to expire saying term. The reason is that even in that period it is still listed, so it cannot expire in the SEPE until you are no longer trading Security Social.
  2. Attend the SEPE facilities to quote as petitioner of occupation. This is ready, you must go to the offices in charge of processing benefits. The advantage is that they are equidistant from each other, very close to each other.
  3. Take into account that you must have all the information requested by the SEPE and streamline the application process.
  4. Depending on the circumstances could involve more or fewer documents. It is normal to precise the document that certifies that it is petitioner of work, the endorsementof the companyyour DNI or NIE, Book of Family, printed with the contemplation of tribute properly consolidated.
  5. Currently it is not mandatory to attend the agency, it may be required to stop online. To do this, you must train the SEPE to check and compare all your personal information, and then provide all that they request, including the record that you can include in a linked document in a simple way.
  6. The unemployment tax will be accrued while the determined period elapses and you comply with all your loans as a job applicant.
  7. You must visit the courses or interviews every time they call you, edit your employment request within the specified period and appear at the establishments, when they so require and participate.
  8. By way of added information, the total amount of the benefit will correspond to 70% of the regulatory base of the entrepreneur during the first 6 months.
  9. Then it will be 50%. The minimum will be 497 euros without dependent children or 664 euros with dependent children. As for the maximum, it will be 1,087.20 euros without dependent children or 1,242.52 euros with dependent children.

Duration of unemployment benefit:

  • Since 360 to 539 worked days: 120 days of provision.
  • Since 540 to 719 days worked: 180 days of benefit.
  • Since 720 to 899 days worked: 240 days of benefit.
  • Since 900 to 1,079 days worked: 300 days of benefit.
  • Since 1,080 to 1,259 days worked: 360 days of servicen.
  • Since 1,260 to 1,439 days worked: 420 benefit days.
  • Since 1440 to 1619 days worked: 480 days of provision.
  • Since 1,620 to 1,799 days worked: 540 days of benefit.
  • Since 1,800 to 1,979 days worked: 600 days of benefit.
  • Since 1980 to 2159 days worked: 660 days of benefit.
  • Since 1,160 days worked: 720 days of provision.


  • Demand of the benefit in model regulatedwhich facilitates agency of SEPE.
  • The form requisition includes the manifestation of the children under responsibility and their expenses, the bank location data, the I owe of occupation and la la consent of postulation of poll to the Tax Agency.
  • Identification data of the applicant and of the children who live with or are at his or her have to and that appear in the petition. (It will suffice with presentation of the documents).
  • Document Natural of Identity (DNI) or credit card identity of foreigner Book of Family or equivalent document in the theme of foreigners.
  • Company certificates in which you have worked in the last six months.
  • Only in those situations in which the title of company No outside convenient for witness the context legal of unemployment is accurate wear the other title corresponding.
  • There are few cases in which it is possible claim a copy of the official listing documents covering the last 180 days listed.
  • ID or passport (NIE or TIE, for nationals of the alliance European and non-nationals of the Union European, respectively).
  • Application tribute taxpayer (downloadable model).
  • Income statement (downloadable model).
  • Bank document containing a digit of bill which you own (to deposit the benefit).
  • Book of familyif you have children.
  • Sentence and/or agreement moderatorin question of divorce.
  • identification and justification of scenery laborif you have children abroad.
  • Accreditation of the context valid of unemployment (card of company of the last 180 days worked, written of agreement administrative, llegal, determination legislative either provision of choice by compensationif it has been claimed towards the dismissal).

What is unemployment or unemployment benefit?

Require I stop, it deals, in essence, with a unemployment benefit they receive from agreement with the code current, applicable to those people who meet without worked. Although, for get is benefitit is necessary to obey a ready of paradigms stipulated by statute.

They can be listed in unemployment lists, individuals who are applicants for position and that thereforehave age for labor. I mean they’re 16 years or more. Those who sign up for the perception of this tribute also they must agree to earnestly seek a job.

How long do you have to contribute to collect unemployment?

Jointly of make the aforementioned requirements, inescapable to have required a minimum of 360 days in the 6 years previous to the moment to have completed the latest contract of employment. If it is not applicable to you or you have worked for a period of less than one year, Similarly you can quote a subsidy for unemployment.

The permanence of unemployment, applied in East theme, will be proportional to the time elapsed in the contribution and if family responsibilities are under charge. For the elderly to 55 yearsthere is the possibility of charging the subsidy for unemployment.

How much is paid in unemployment?

It should be noted that the fact of being registered to benefit from an unemployment benefit does not mean that they receive Same.

For be aware thoroughly what will be the credit that you will perceive, you must do a search in the payroll a concept known as ‘Base of amount for professional contingencies and concepts of collection joint’. This is the resource through which your employer in the worked predecessor there will be required to Security Social which you have the right to collect 70% of this base of quotation. This will be throughout the first six months. elapsed this phasethe tribute it boils down to 60%.

Of is amount, alsowill be required that remains the personal income tax and the amount to Security Socialwhich is the 4.7% of the base from the stoppage. If there are still questions, on the official website of the Cabinet of WorkedMigrations and Security Social You have access to a program for auto-calculation of unemployment benefits, in which you only need to empty the data, and it will reproduce a result. However, it must be borne in mind that the credit derivative is not binding or generates have to any for you sharenor by the Security Social.

How to ask for an hour while unemployed?

If it is easier for you to go to a agency of the SEPE for run all the steps of the unemployment, will be primordial that previously request citation previous. You can do it directly over the Internet, through the electronic website. Fill in all the identification data requested, select the option “Applications for contributory benefits, subsidies and Thirst».

To the place the code postal address, you will be automatically assigned to a agency Y you can manage the request of date. Please note that for apply for hour unemployed, previously you must appear subscribed as a job seeker. If you prefer to request your citation It is also possible to do it over the phone. In this link you will be able to access numbers based on your location.

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