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Documentation, now more than ever, has taken on great importance for citizens, and more so in a planet that lives interconnected, for this reason It is a requirement to always keep in mind which are the most important documents that you must have on hand with you if you want to access all the benefits that come from it.

In addition to their importance, the documents have legal nature of great importance. This allows both employees, employers, states, immigration departments, among others, to be guarantors that their citizens and work teams are fully identified, in addition to having the best conditions.

In this article we will talk about one of those gears that it is necessary to have if we want to access an interconnected world. He medical certificate it’s a legal document that allows us to access different goods and services. But what exactly is this important document for us and what does it work for?

What is the medical certificate?

He medical certificate It is a document managed by a doctor about the state of health of a patient in a certain period that describes the generally physical conditions in which the patient is.

The legal nature of this document obliges citizens to process it, since it is part of the requirements when accessing private or public goods and services.

This document is divided into two types of certificate: those required by lawwhich are necessary for birth, death, among others, and the common ones, which are drawn up in medical offices and are aimed at accessing different resources and commercial activities.

It should be noted that patients have the statutory right to obtain certificates proving their state of health, invariably that these abide by truthful data. In other words, certificates that lack data or evidence that make it impossible to guarantee the information that you want to enable are ethically and legally prohibited.

What information is reflected in the document?

The visible characteristics that this document must reflect and possess at least and in legible handwriting issued by a registered doctor in a legal institute are:

  • The place and date of issuance of the document.
  • In a signed and sealed way the name of the doctor or entity that exposes it.
  • The actual accreditation of the patient’s health.
  • Personal identification data of the applicant of the document.
  • Objective and purposes of the medical certificate

What is it for?

The emission of the medical certificates it is part of the rules of professional responsibility, due to the legal importance of this document.

The lack of truth or accuracy implies responsibility on the part of the issuer, as well as the recipient of the document, so the issuance of certificates with false content constitutes a civil and criminal offense. Which is punishable by different legal bodies anywhere in the world.

Currently, most companies request this document in human resources as an important requirement for their employees and future workers before becoming part of their work team.

Thus, They guarantee that workers are in optimum physical condition and that they can thus adapt to the work within the company that they must carry out. But, in addition to being necessary for a job in a company, it is also a requirement if You plan to obtain or renew your driver’s license or license, obtain special permits such as carrying weapons, practice sports professionally, among others.

Therefore, it is essential that you have this document if you plan to start a new job or access, as mentioned above, goods and services.

Who does it?

It is important to emphasize that only one Registered doctor has the legal power to process this document, using the forms published exclusively by the General Council, in accordance with the provisions of articles 59 and following of the General Statutes of the Collegiate Medical Organization and the General Council of Official Colleges, admitted by Royal Decree 1018/1980 19, May . So it is necessary that you attend medical entities if you want to formalize it.

We must underline that the duration of the medical certificates it’s temporary.

Therefore, the guarantee of the applicant’s state of health is legitimate only for the moment in which the medical tests are formalized.

In some cases, it is requested that the certificate has been issued within a period and that it is important to know that said document can be delivered through the medical history or through physical examination. In general, what should be concise medical certificate is that the patient does not have any infectious-contagious disease and is in good health.

Who should process it?

Due to the importance of this document and all the opportunities you access by obtaining it.

The medical certificate must be processed for and by those national or foreign students who plan to start a new career in Spain or continue their studies if they are abroad, it must also be processed by employees, if you wish to enter the labor market, be it private or public. It must also be processed by athletes, among others.

In general, it must be processed by every citizen. In the case of minors, this document may be processed by the parents or legal representatives.

How to get it?

Thanks to the interconnection that we have today, obtaining our documents is becoming less and less complicated, so in addition to attending the closest medical institute to your place of residence, you can search for different institutes by visiting their website where you can obtain the detailed information.

From telephone numbers to housing centers where you can take the indicated medical examinations that will allow you to obtain the document. The necessary documentation that you require to process the document is the DNI.


  • ID document.
  • Official Medical Certificate Model, (which can be found in your local pharmacies) the collegiate doctor will carry out the examinations and complete the form.
  • Graduate in medicine concerning the group of Collegiate Physicians of Spain.
  • medical institute.


The steps you need to take when processing the medical certificate are the following:

  1. Take your ID identification document with you.
  2. You can go to the nearest medical center to your room, or you can also process the appointment online at any institute in your town, the price for processing this document is very low cost, so you will not have to worry much about the price .
  3. On the day of the appointment, go with comfortable or sports clothes, so that your visit to the doctor is as pleasant and quick as possible.
  4. Once you have the credential, you must go to the College of Physicians of your province to validate the signature of the collegiate doctor who issued the certificate. The duration of the process depends on each registered doctor, but in general it takes one (1) week for the document to be delivered to you.
  5. Then the certificate must go through the General Council of the Official College of Physicians of Spain in Madrid, where they legalize the signature of the college of your province. You can do it in person from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or if you are outside Madrid by:
  6. Messenger service
  7. Postal: attaching a stamped envelope completed with the data for your return, to the address: Legalization Department, Plaza de los Cortes, 11, 28014- Madrid.
  8. Once you receive the Medical Certificate legalized by the General Council of the Official College of Physicians of Spain, you would already be prepared for the legalization of the document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


The benefits of obtaining this document are as great as the goods and services you will find:

  • Process a requirement to enter a private or public organization (labor sector).
  • Process the license or driver’s licenses.
  • Processing licenses to carry weapons, private security.
  • process access to recreational boats (PER).
  • Process operator licenses for tower cranes and mobile cranes.
  • Access to sports/recreational diving or spearfishing.
  • Process medical-sports, medical-school licenses.
  • Access to obtain work and residence permits among others.
  • Access to Universities.

In conclusion, this certificate/document, as well as many, acquire great importance, not only for employers and companies that hire new personnel, nor for sports teams that need their healthy players.

This document is for you, it is a support that you have with yourself and that shows that you are a person who is in optimal conditions, that you are healthy and that you can continue with the life projects that have been proposed.

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