Procedures and Requirements for Immigration Imprints

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If you do not come from Spain and want to reside in the country, you must comply with a series of documents that will legalize your stay. The alien fingerprint is the identification as a foreigner in the database of the Spanish State. With these documents you will have an identification number and a card that will identify you and will help you carry out other procedures within Spain. We present in this article the procedures and requirements for alien fingerprints.

If you are in another country, legality is extremely important, this allows you as a foreigner to have certain benefits that are overshadowed in light of illegality. To reside in Spain you must have a place to reside and a job with which you can cover the expenses related to your maintenance. In the case of student visas, it will also be necessary to have your immigration fingerprint. Do not worry, we accompany you in the process!

Alien fingerprint requirements

Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) is a unique and exclusive document intended to provide documentation to foreigners in a situation of legal permanence in Spain. People who have been issued visas for a stay of more than six months are those who fall within the TIE applicants. The alien fingerprint is a new possibility offered by the Spanish State to include your fingerprint on that card.

The foreign identification number and the alien fingerprint should not be confused. The first is an identification number that can be obtained by anyone in Spain who is not a natural citizen. The police can give you a NIE if you break a rule or a crime is suspected. On the other hand, the Identification Card is only for those foreigners who intend to remain in Spanish territory within the framework of legality.

It is a personal and non-transferable document, which you have the obligation to keep, care for and renew in case of loss or theft. It must also be requested in the first month of stay in Spain.

Documentation for alien fingerprints

We present the precise documentation that you will need to have in hand when applying for the Immigration Fingerprint:

  • Application completed, model EX-17. (original and copy)
  • Passport or travel title or, where appropriate, registration document, (in force) and copy of the pages where they appear: affiliation data, date of validity, photograph, visas and stamps.
  • 1 Recent color photograph, passport size and with a white background.
  • Copy of the administrative resolution of concession in the case of non-community initial authorizations.
  • Printout of the resolved-favorable screen available in the Information section on the status of processing of immigration files.
  • Current registration certificate in case you have changed address, (issued in the last three months).
  • In case it is not the first card, bring the previous one.
  • In case of loss or theft of the card, original and copy of the complaint in which the details of the card holder are stated (NIE, name, current address).
  • Proof of payment of the rate Model 790 Code 012 of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • In the case of minors, they must be accompanied by their duly accredited and documented legal representative (father, mother, guardian).

NOTE: Remember that you must present the original documents, which will be returned once the copies have been verified.

Steps for alien fingerprints

  1. Request an appointment at the Ministry of Public Administration online or at the Immigration Office of the town where you reside in Spanish territory. In the portal you must select the section that says «Issuance of Foreigner Identity Card» and select the day that suits you best. Be careful for those who have renewed in the 2 months prior to the expiration of their card! You must remember that even if you have already resolved the renewal favorably, you cannot go to put fingerprints until the day the card expires.
  2. Make the payment of the fee corresponding to your procedure, which will be specified later in this article.
  3. Term for resolution of the request where you will wait for the processing of the personal data delivered in step one.
  4. Grant of authorization.
  5. Registered with Social Security
  6. Delivery of the foreign identity card with the fingerprint.

Why do they request the alien fingerprints?

This document will become your identification as a resident of Spanish territory. It is a document that is verified by itself and that will allow you to carry out other procedures in the national territory. It is your business card which will contain personal data, in addition to an identification number which is registered in the State database. It confers legality on your stay and allows you to enjoy certain benefits.

What happens if I miss the appointment to place the prints?

Once the residence card expires, you have a period of 90 days to request your new residence card. However, the fact of not being able to do so within that period does not imply that you will lose your right to reside in Spain on a regular basis.

Therefore, even if your card has expired and you have not yet been able to renew it, you will not have any problem or lose your residence authorization for this reason.

Fees to place alien fingerprints

Immigration fees vary depending on each situation. From each particularity and the joint procedures that you want to do, this will vary. Simple procedures can cost between 5 and 10 euros. Even reaching up to 400 euros, some that involve other aspects of an economic nature depending on the type of procedure. Here is a list of the possible foreign fees

How to fill out the form correctly?

The forms are filled out online. It is important that when answering the form all your migration papers are in order and in force. You must have the economic resources, the migratory permit, the registration in a province.

How often must the immigration fingerprints be renewed?

The Foreigner Identity Card will have the same validity period as the authorization that justifies its issuance.

When any of the following cases happens:

  • The term of validity of the Card has ended.
  • The renewal of the authorization has been agreed
  • The recognition to remain in Spanish territory was finalized
  • has lost the right that justified its issuance.

Holder foreigners are obliged to deliver the document at the Police Station or at the Immigration Offices, corresponding to the place where they reside. Those belonging to the international protection regime are included. Except for those who are domiciled in Madrid, in which case they must do so at the Asylum and Refuge Office.

Where to go to place the fingerprints of aliens?

The application for a Foreigner’s Identity Card must be presented personally by the foreigner before the Foreigners’ Office or, failing that, at the Police Station of the province where he has his domicile.

Cases in which alien fingerprints are required

It is used for the foreign identification card as a way of obtaining a complete database of the people who will come to reside in Spanish territory and it is also necessary for those people who want to become self-employed before the Treasury and Social Security and also processing the census application in the Town Hall of your area of ​​residence as a foreign citizen residing in Spain.

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