Procedures and Requirements to Renew the DNI

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Having the DNI is a benefit that will allow you not only to provide your identification data, but also to carry out other procedures through the digital signature, such as the payment of public and financial services, debit and credit cards. If you have it expired, know the Requirements to renew the DNI and enjoy its advantages!

Requirements to renew DNI

Between the requirements that you must meet to renew your ID are:

  • The physical presence of the person to whom the DNI is to be issued is essential
  • That it is within the expiration period, that is, within the last 180 days of its validity.
  • Have made the First Registration in the system.
  • Make the cash payment of the corresponding fee, or using the payment by electronic means.

In addition, you must record the following documents:

  • Literal birth certificate issued by the corresponding Civil Registry, issued no later than 6 months before the date of submission of the application and with the express mention that it is issued for the sole purpose of obtaining this document.
  • A recent color photograph of the applicant’s face. Size 32×26 millimeters, with a uniform white and smooth background, taken from the front with the head totally uncovered and without dark glasses or any other item of clothing that could prevent or hinder the identification of the person.

(The photograph must clearly show the oval of the face and must be of high resolution and on good quality photographic paper)

  • Certificate or flyer of registration of the Town Hall where the applicant has his domicile. Issued with a maximum advance of three months to the date of the request of the DNI. (Only in the case of making a change of address).
  • If the registration in the Municipal Register has been made in the last two months, it is necessary to provide the certificate or registration form referred to.

NOTE: Due to the possible delay that may occur in updating the address data in the computer system and, to a lesser extent, to possible incidents of a technical nature (unrelated to the Police) in accessing them, it is recommended that the citizen is previously provided with the certificate or registration flyer.
  • When the holder of the DNI is under 14 years of age or a person with judicially complemented capacity, it will be carried out in the presence of the person entrusted with parental authority or guardianship, or person empowered by the latter.

You can download the empowerment model, being important to read the informative note that is downloaded with it.

  • In the event of a change in affiliation data, Civil Registry Certificate (issued a maximum of six months in advance of the date of the DNI 3.0 request).
  • When the applicant is under 14 years of age or incapacitated, the document will be delivered in the presence of the person entrusted with parental authority or guardianship, or person empowered by the latter.
  • If you are a minor but over 14 years of age, you must pick it up in person.


They will need, in addition to the documents mentioned above, the following:

  • If there is a change of address and the new one is also abroad: the Certificate of residence accreditation, issued by the Spanish Consulate where you are registered as a resident, specifying the country, town, street and number where you are domiciled, (issued with a maximum advance of three months to the date of the renewal of the DNI 3.0).
  • The presentation of this Certificate will not be necessary for renewals without change of address.
  • The holders of documents issued with domicile abroad, as soon as they transfer their residence to Spain, even in the case of issues with permanent validity, must renew said document for the purpose of updating the domicile.

Steps to Renew DNI

To renew your DNI you have two options: one is to do it face-to-face and the other is On-line.


  • Make the request for a Prior Appointment for DNI or Passport on the official website that we leave you here.
  • On the assigned day they will attend you personally.
  • Remember to bring all your documents.


  • access the website Appointment for ID or Passport
  • Pre-register
  • Indicate the procedure to carry out (in this case ID renewal)
  • Enter the data: document number, letter and date of validity, issue, etc.
  • Fill in all the fields and press “Send data”.
  • Choose the province, so that all available DNI issuing offices are shown. It can be a police station, or a specialized office.
  • Choose one and you will be able to see the days and hours free for the coming months.
  • In some offices they offer speed appointment and standard appointment options, but in most you go directly to the schedules.
  • Choose a month, a day, and an hour. Note that the appointments available each hour are indicated in parentheses.
  • They are in real time, so you have to choose quickly. From the time you choose until you confirm it, only 10 minutes are reserved for you.
  • When selecting an hour you will see the request with the name of the office, date and so on.
  • You must include your mobile number (in case they have to send you a message) and an email to confirm the appointment.
  • When finished, click Confirm, and the appointment will be set.
  • You will receive an appointment confirmation in your email.
  • You can print it or download it in PDF format.
  • You must pay a fee of around €10. What can you do over the Internet and you need a digital certificate.
  • If you have lost it or it has expired, there is no surcharge, unless it takes a long time to get another one.

appointment cancellation

If you cannot attend the appointment to renew your DNI, don’t worry, you can cancel it without justification.

How often should ID be renewed?

The DNI has a validity period of:

  • 2 years for persons under five years of age.
  • 5 years for persons under thirty years of age.
  • 10 years for persons under the age of seventy
  • Permanent for people over seventy years.

Exceptionally, permanent validity can be granted to people over thirty years of age who prove their condition as severely disabled, or validity for one year if the documents required for its issuance cannot be presented.

On the other hand, the renewal can be done within the last 180 days for its expiration.

What happens if I lose my ID?

If you lose or misplace your ID, you are obliged to file a complaint or notify the expedition team of such an incident.

In this way, the electronic certificates of your DNI are automatically cancelled, making it impossible to carry out any telematic transaction with them. Here Here is a link that can help you.

The loss, theft, destruction or deterioration of the DNI, will entail the obligation of its owner to immediately provide a duplicate whose validity will be the same as the documents they replace, unless they are within the last 90 days of their validity, in which case they will be issued with the same validity as if it were a renewal.

In certain cases, a model form (D-601) must be completed that is delivered to the issuing office itself, in the act of requesting the DNI.

If the DNI to be replaced was of the previous model, one more photograph must be provided.

Where should I go to renew my DNI?

The DNI is issued only in Spain, at authorized police stations and cannot be obtained at Spanish Embassies or Consulates abroad.

What does the ID work for?

The DNI (National Identity Document) is an electronic identity card that has been issued in Spain since 2006 and has a chip with digital information.

This document has enough value, by itself, to prove the identity and d

personal records of its owner that are recorded therein, as well as the Spanish nationality of the same.

Each DNI is assigned a personal number that is considered a personal numerical identifier of a general nature.

All Spaniards will have the right to be issued an Identity DNI, its obtaining being mandatory for those over fourteen years of age residing in Spain and for those of the same age who, residing abroad, move to Spain for a period of not less than six months.

It can also be requested from the registration of the minor in the Civil Registry.

The Spanish authorities request it from citizens in the fulfillment of their investigation and crime prevention functions, as well as for the sanction of criminal and administrative infractions.

Is the DNI valid outside of Spain?

The DNI has a data structure equivalent to the passport. In this sense, it can perform functions as a travel document in countries that allow travel with ID.

As long as its use is allowed in the Express Border Crossings (ABC Systems) it can be totally equivalent to a passport.

If you are going to travel outside of Spain, and you need to know what documentation you must take with you, and what procedures you must carry out before, during and after the trip, you can consult the Travel Recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

ID format

The DNI shows the following information:

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