What are the requirements for ID for the first time?

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Among the considerations of being a Spanish citizen is the responsibility of having a document that identifies you. In the case of Spain, this document is called DNI (National Identity Document). This resource is used in practically all nations as a means of control and identification of all its inhabitants.

Here we present you which are the requirements you need to process the DNI for the first time.

This document is public, contains your personal information and is also issued by a competent public employee. The task of this person will be to confirm your personal and unambiguous identification.

In addition, this document is for use mandatory in Spaniards once they are 14 years old. Be a good citizen and run to process your ID!

Requirements for DNI

Compared to other public order procedures, the issuance of the National Identity Document (DNI) is quite simple to obtain. You will only need certain documents that with a little anticipation you can easily collect.

You must have your certified birth certificate or certificate, some photographs of yourself and the census issued by the Town Hall of your town.

Although the document is not mandatory until you are 14 years old, there are other conditions in which you could obtain it if necessary. If you’re younger and you want to process it, or if you suffer from any disability the process must be carried out with the person who has the power or is a proxy.

For those Spanish applicants residing abroad, the address will be made through the Diplomatic Representation where the resident is registered. This document will be valid for three months. When you return to Spain, you must renew the document to update your information regarding the address.

In the event that the person opts for the nationalization, the Foreigner Identification Card must be presented. If you come from a country included in the European Union, you must present the Union Registration Certificate in which the Foreign Identification number can be identified.

Documents to get ID

As you already know, this process is easy to complete, as are the documents you will need for it.

  • Certified birth certificate or proof: To request this document, it is essential to go to the Civil Registry and make the request. You must bear in mind that it is valid for six months from the date of issue.
  • current photographs: They must be two equal and contain the following specifications. Size of 32×26 millimeters and taken from the front with the head uncovered, that is, without a cap, hat or other accessory. In addition, the background must be a smooth white uniform, without glasses that hinder the visibility of the applicant’s face. It must be printed on excellent quality photographic paper.
  • Registration issued by the Town Hall of your town: You request this from the municipal register of the town where you reside. Remember that, to make the DNI for the first time, it must be valid for less than three months from the date of issuance.

Steps to get ID for the first time

When the required documentation is complete, you must go in person to request an appointment at the National Police station closest to your home, who acts as DNI issuance offices in Spain.

If you need more information, you can go to First registrations of the DNI. Remember to complement the requirements with the cash payment of the fee or payment for the issuance of the document.

Since you have all the necessary requirements and documents, now is the time to frame how the process will be with its respective steps.


First you must complete the registration in the civil registry where you carried out the nationality process, requested the Birth Certificate or the Birth Certificate to obtain the DNI and the Passport. Birth certificates expire, those issued for DNI and passport are specifically valid for 6 months.
Then you will have to request an appointment at the ID and Passport issuance office by calling: 902 364 444 at the time of Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..
As it is the first time, you can also go personally to the ID and passport issuance office with the documentation corresponding to the procedure you wish to carry out.
Present the documentation.
Corresponding rate

By Internet

There is a page on the internet to request an appointment, but it is only used for the renewal of the DNI, or for those who have an NIE and have obtained nationality and wish to obtain the DNI. To do this, you must enter the appointment page of the Ministry of Interior.

ID format

On the obverse:

In the central body, the surname, first name, sex, nationality and date of birth of the DNI holder are indicated. The serial number of the physical support of the card, the validity date of the document and the holder’s handwritten signature are also indicated.
On the left side is the photograph of the holder engraved in black and white. Below the photograph, the personal ID number of the holder is indicated, including the verification letter.

In the reverse:

The address, town, province and country of the owner’s domicile are indicated at the top. Below is indicated the place of birth with the province and the country and the name of the holder’s parents.

What body is responsible for processing DNI?

In the Spanish police stations located in your province you can carry out the procedure without any problem. Remember that you must have a prior appointment to carry out the process.

DNI cost for the first time

The cost of the DNI process is regulated at 6.70 euros. A symbolic price that, above all, goes to the payment of the material in which the National Identity Document is issued.

What is the ID used for?

Although it is mandatory to have it and it is the only document that validates by itself the identity of the person in question, it can also be very useful when submitting other procedures or requests. It is necessary to look for work, as well as to start higher studies at a university or institute. It is also useful for opening bank accounts and legal procedures such as changes in marital status, purchase of real estate, among others.

As you can see many things are possible thanks to this simple document.

How long does it take to issue ID?

The ID is issued instantly. Once you have delivered all the required documents and these are confirmed with the State system, the competent public personnel who are attending you will issue your DNI immediately.

DNI validity period

The National Identity Document has a varied validity period depending on your age, we present the categories:

  • Two years for persons under five years of age.
  • Five years for persons under thirty years of age.
  • Ten years for persons under seventy years of age.
  • Permanent for people over seventy years.

Exceptionally, permanent validity can be granted to people over thirty years of age who prove their condition as severely disabled, or validity for one year if the documents required for its issuance cannot be presented.

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