What are the requirements to renew a passport in Spain?

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The spanish passport It is a public, personal, individual and non-transferable document, issued by the competent bodies of the General State Administration, which certifies, outside of Spain, the identity and nationality of Spanish citizens.

To travel within the European Union and the Schengen area, Spanish citizens can use their national identity document (DNI).

If you already obtained your passport and your intention is to know the Requirements to renew the passport Here we will clarify them.

Requirements to renew the passport in Spain

In case a citizen requests the renewal/duplicate of a passport found IN FORCE and that it has not been lost or stolen, you must present it in the issuing team at the time of requesting the renewal/duplicate so that it is physically disabled, thus preventing a valid document from remaining in circulation.

Documentation to renew the passport

  • Duly completed application form Click this link to download the passport form.
  • Passport expired or about to expire (no more than 1 year before its expiration date). In case of loss or theft, you must complete the attached statement. Click this link to download the statement.
  • A recent color photograph of the applicant’s face, size 32×26 mm, white and smooth background, taken from the front and without dark glasses or any other clothing that could prevent the identification of the person.
  • The amount corresponding to the passport issuance fee.Click here to check the current rate.
  • Your Spanish ID if you have one.
  • Only if you were born outside the territory of this consular demarcation or if, even though you were born in this demarcation, your birth was registered in Spain, you will be required to present your Literal Birth Certificate issued by the Civil Registry of your place of birth issued with a maximum of six months in advance at the time of requesting the appointment. In this case, they must also provide any official document that allows identification.

Ask for a date

The appointment is processed in www.cgeonline.com.ar (one appointment per person in the name of the interested party, minors must also have an appointment).
Only those people who have Spanish nationality, who are residents of this consular demarcation, may request an appointment. Click this link to see the demarcation and are registered in the Registration Register of this Consulate General. This registration will be made at the time of presentation of the passport application (see requirements).

Delivery and Withdrawal of Documents

Unless it is a special case in which the applicant for the renewal of a disabled person or due to force majeure unable to go to the competent offices to deliver the relevant documents must be sent by mail, in the same way when withdrawing them a letter must be provided. residence address or where you stay to send the documents.

Passport renewal cost

This rate is renewed each year by the General State Budget Law, which for this year has set the following amounts:

In general:

  • First obtaining, renewal, loss, theft, advance or deterioration: 30.00 eurossubscribers in cash at the dispatch office or using the electronic payment, in the web www.citapreviadnie.es.

How long is the passport valid for?

In general, the passport will have a non-extendable validity of:

  • Two years when the applicant has not reached the age of five.
  • Five years if the holder is less than thirty on the date of issuance
  • Ten years when the holder has reached the age of thirty.

When passports are issued to minors or the disabled, the indicated validity may be limited at the reasoned request of the persons or institutions that have been assigned their parental authority or guardianship.

How much should the passport be renewed?

For Spaniards living in Spain, the renewal process can be carried out up to 6 months before the expiration date of the passport, for Spaniards living abroad they can start their process up to one year in advance at the Spanish embassies located in said country.

Either of the two procedures can be carried out before the recommended date, either because it has occupied all the stamp pages or due to deterioration, but the new passport will be issued with the same expiration date as the previous one.

Passport with expired time

Once the passport is expired, you must go to the consular offices or embassies of Spain to renew it.

Spanish passport format

of the national territory, the same circumstances of those non-resident Spaniards.

The physical characteristics of the passport are:

  • burgundy cover
  • rectangular format
  • 32 page notebook
  • Dimensions 125 x 88mm

All Spanish passports currently issued are electronic passports, also known as biometric passports. The electronic passport contains an RFID chip embedded in its back cover, capable of identifying its holders without the need for contact with the readers.

East chip shows information from its owner about:

  • The digitized image
  • Biographical data
  • Fingerprints of both indices

This biometrics, compared with the information contained in the passport and with the MRZ lines, gives reliability to the data.

Currently, two models of electronic passports coexist in Spainissuing since 2015 only model 3.0 in all offices/issuance teams:

The main novelties incorporated by passport 3.0 are:

  • New chip: incorporates greater speed and capacity
  • New type of security paper with new patterns and measurements.
  • New watermarks.
  • Revamped specific holographic components.
  • Other visible and invisible security measures, which react to ultraviolet light, infrared, etc.
  • Voluntary contact point, linked to the DNI to notify in case of an emergency outside of Spain.

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