AESA Claim Form: How to Obtain, Fill It Out and MORE

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Have a flight been canceled and you need to know what to do? You will be interested in reading what we are going to explain in this article.

With the AESA Claim Form you will be able to demand your rights as a passenger before the State air safety agency. You can complain to an airline when it cancels your flight, causes you to be delayed for more than three hours, rejects your boarding or changes your class without any permission. Keep reading, you will find everything you need.

How to Obtain the AESA Claim Form?

Making a claim for the cancellation or delay of a flight has always been a torment. Here we suggest that you do not do it on your own if you want to run with another luck.

It is good that you know that EASA has put a form on its website on-line with which you can present claims for delays, cancellations or denied boarding.

The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Claim the Airline. He insists. Then wait a month.
  2. If you do not get an affirmative answer after a month, then you have to claim in AESA.
  3. In the event that the airline does not pay you compensation, despite the favorable report from AESA, you must take the claim to a court (on your own or with agencies such as Claimant)

With the new AESA form you can file a claim from your home. You only have to have your documents scanned to present them electronically.

So that you can file the claim with the AESA, have in order:

  • Your identification document
  • The previous claim that you have presented in the company and the response that you have received
  • Tickets or boarding passes

As we already indicated, you must have everything scanned to attach it to the form on-line. To obtain the form you only have to access the Web of AESA and enter the Claims section for cancellations and delays.

Filling of the AESA Claim Form

In order for you to fill out the AESA Claim Form, first access your app IT and fill in the form Web the fields that correspond to you, according to the event you have suffered.

That you correctly write your email address so that you receive the report and the updates or reports.

When the application requests it, you must attach the files with the required documentation.

At the end, the application will generate the claim document for you to review. If you agree, press the “Send” button.

Once your claim has been submitted, the system will provide you with a file pre-assignment number. After AESA has reviewed your request, it will validate it and They will send you an email with the final file number.

Finally, the final report will arrive by email.

Do not forget that when filling out the form and printing it, you must save it before sending it.

You must be aware of marking with the required fields. That does not imply that you do not meet the rest of the boxes. We insist, all the information on the form is of great help for the study of the incident.Fill in the form with capital letters


In a short period of time, after you submit the form, you should receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

Consultation of the Claim Status

You need to know that AESA will examine whether there was a breach of the Passenger Rights Regulation (EC) 261/2004. After that, you must be pending because the Agency will request information from the airline about the facts.

Once analyzed, AESA will inform you and the airline involved about the actions carried out and will issue a report with the result. If it is the case that the Agency’s report is positive for you, but the company does not address the already accredited claim, you will have to go to court.You will need the positive report from AESA


It is also good that you know that the judicial recourse to request compensation for damages, you can execute it at any time during the process. If you filed the claim viaon-line

, you can access the application at any time and check the status of your claim. You only need to indicate the pre-assignment or final file number (if your application has already been validated), as well as the email address that you indicated when submitting the claim. Keep in mind that you can only Consult the status of processing of those claims that you have submitted via


What is the AESA Claim Form for?

The AESA Claim Form was created by the State Air Safety Agency so that we have the possibility of claiming our rights as passengers, in the face of inconveniences caused by the airlines. If you do not get a response from the airline within a month, or if you are not satisfied with the response they gave you, you know that you have a site Web

where you can locate orientation.

You must use the form only in cases of cancellation, considerable delay, denied boarding or change of class, as these are the situations provided for in Regulation (EC) 261/2004. You can also submit this formif your rights as a person with disabilities or reduced mobility are violated

, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1107/2006.

A key note that you should know is that, if you include some companions on the form, they must also be considered as claiming passengers.

Deadlines and Recommendations If your incident took place in an EU airport, and not in Spain, consult the list

contact details of the competent national authority to process claims.

Send the claim to the body responsible for processing your complaint / claim and giving you a response. If, specifically, your flight originated in a German, Dutch, Irish, or Italian airport, you can access the form directly on-line

of the competent authority.

You also have the option of having EASA transfer your claim to the responsible national body indicated above. To do this, you must send the form available on the website that we have already indicated.

We have also already told you that in the event that the AESA report is positive for you, and the company decides not to assist you, you must go to court. An alert that you should keep in mind is thatAESA reports are not mandatory for airlines

. You can only take them as evidence if you finally have to go to trial. You must have professional help from lawyers.

What are the compensations for Delays or Cancellations that I can obtain?

We recommend that you know the Compensation rules for flight delays, Regulation 261/2004, of the European Parliament. There they tell you that after 2 hours of delay the airline must compensate you with food and hydration, soft drinks.

  • If your delay is more than 3 hours, you are entitled to financial compensation:
  • 250 euros for short-haul flights (less than 1,500 km)
  • 400 euros for average (between 1,500 and 3,500 km)

600 euros for all long-haul flights (over 3,500 km)

Important that you are aware of this: The airline is exempt from payment as long as it can prove that the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances. We advise you to do theclaim until the end

, since many airlines allege force majeure when in fact it is not. We also suggest that you look for necessary information during the current situation of the Covid-19

and its impact on your rights as a passenger.

What is the AESA Claim Form?

You must recognize that the Air Transport User Attention Service is a unit where you will find information about your rights and the intermediation channels that you have to file claims.

Also check the Air Transport User Service Charter so that you are aware of AESA’s commitments with air transport users.

With the AESA Claim Form You have the possibility for the Agency to analyze any breach of the Passenger Rights Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and request information and response from the airline.

The form will help you as proof if you must reach a trial, as the AESA report is not binding on the airline’s action or decision.

We suggest you never give up on claiming to the airline if you defaulted. You also have the complaint forms that airlines have at information desks or ticket sales points at airports.

Do not get rid of the ticket, baggage check and other documents used. They are essential supports for you to accompany your claim.

Accurately record the date, time, place and causes of the claim, as well as your personal data and those of the flight with which you had the problem.

If you do not receive a response from the company within a month, or you are not satisfied with the answer, you can file the claim with the EASA at no cost.

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