Apply for a Bankinter Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, Benefits and MORE

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To start you should know that a credit card is a plastic card issued by a financial company. That allows its owner to borrow money from the issuer. We will tell you how Apply for Bankinter Card, to get them to pay for products or services without having to have cash or check.

Within this context, it is a concept of great value in financial matters and of great utility for all people and companies in Spain. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about the card, requirements, benefits, services and much more.

What is Bankinter?

Now, then, we want to talk to you about what Bankinter is, which is part of the Financial System of Spain and offers the public Products Financial Likewise, it is currently the sixth Spanish financial institution by volume of assets. Which, as of December 31, 2019, were 83,732 million euros and had 446 offices and 8,531 employees.

Bankinter emerged as Spanish Intercontinental Bank in June 1965 as an industrial bank, 50% between Banco Santander and Bank of America. Additionally, in 1972 it was listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, becoming at that time a completely independent bank from its founders. That being the moment when it was transformed into a commercial bank.

In this regard, Bankinter’s history is characterized by being one of growth over the years, based on taking advantage of regulatory changes. As well as, take advantage of special situations and new market niches. Similarly, it offers various financial products: Mortgages, Loans, Cards, Investment Funds, among others.

Next, we are going to describe all the options that the aforementioned financial service offers you, in terms of benefits for you and your family group. In order that you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. And consequently you can Apply for Bankinter Card quickly and without any inconvenience.

Card Types

In this section we are going to talk to you in very clear and simple terms, about the types of Bankinter cards that exist among their products. In this regard, it is very interesting to learn about this aspect due to the importance of what these products offer in personal or business financial management.

We will first define what a card is, it is a means of payment issued by a financial institution associated with a checking account or line of credit. Which allows you to carry out certain transactions, payments in commercial establishments, online purchases or cash withdrawals through ATMs.

In this sense, below we are going to refer to the different types of debit cards that Bankinter offers to its customers:
  • The Combo card debit, that is, a card with two faces so that you can choose, depending on the type of purchase or your situation, how you want to pay
  • Card Combo, corresponds to two cards in a single plastic with the option of using Combo 1 or 2.
  • Combo Card Professional, constitutes a card with a personal and a professional side

Now, Bankinter Visa and Mastercard Cards are a means of payment, which allows you to make purchases and cancel said value later. It is called «credit» because the amount you use when making the purchase corresponds to a loan that Bankinter grants you.

  • The card Unique Visa, it is a card with everything and for everything.
  • Bankinter card Solidarity Visa, through which the Bank collaborates with solidarity projects.
  • Card I want Mastercard, you can access extra expenses instantly

Consequently, it is important that you are clear about your financial needs, before proceeding to Apply for the Bankinter Card. As well as, if it adapts to your requirements and you meet the requirements to grant it.

Necessary Requirements for the Application

Before finishing this article, we are going to talk to you about the requirements or documentation you need to Apply for Bankinter Card. It is important that, before knowing exactly how you can apply for your Bankinter credit card, know the following.

  • Be over 18 years of age to be a credit card holder.
  • You must have your valid DNI or NIE and be ready and willing to share the information of the aforementioned DNI or NIE with Bankinter.
  • It is not necessary to have a current account within the Bankinter bank, you can obtain a credit card without having to change banks.
  • You must also have a checking account in which you are the owner of it.
  • It is up to you, show stable income to be able to meet the payments of your expenses.

In this regard, you should be aware that, Bankinter is authorized to verify all the information provided, receive credit reports related to you. And likewise research your credit, employment and income histories, and state records.

Consequently, the financial institution will determine the amount of credit granted, as well as the product for which you qualify, according to its review criteria. If you do not qualify for the product, you must be informed of the reasons.

Below we will describe in a simple way all the procedure you must do to Apply for the Bankinter Card. For the purposes that, you can do the procedure successfully and without any inconvenience. As well as, to enjoy the benefits that it grants.

How to Apply for the Card?

Now, in this section, we are going to talk to you about how you should perform the request for the Bankinter card by way of on-line. Given that this Banking Entity is characterized by offering this type of innovative products in the advantages it offers:

  • You need to access the internet from a computer, laptop or smartphone.
  • Next, you must enter the Web page Of the entity.
  • Then, once you have managed to enter this website, you will only have to fill out a simple form.
  • All this, in order to add your personal information.
  • Such as: surname and first name, mobile phone, email, DNI or NIE number.
  • Finally, the work situation in which you find yourself.
  • As the last step, in order to send your request for the credit card, it is up to you to accept the legal conditions
  • Click the button «I love her”.
  • Similarly, you must send a photograph of your DNI or NIE with which you registered.
  • And, finally, enter the details of the current account to which you want the card to be associated.

Consequently, with this modality you will be able to know from the comfort of your home if you are eligible for the Bank to credit your card. Bankinter. In the same way, it allows you to know in case that card is not approved the causes of the refusal on the part of the financial institution.

Finally, once your application for the card is approved and you have received it at the address provided, you will have to call to activate it. All this, through the free phone number 900 81 13 11, where you will get a manager of Bankinter I tell you how to do it.


On the other hand, to finish we want you to know everything related to the advantages or benefits offered by the Bankinter cards. Reason why, below we detail everything that implies being the owner of any of them, in a very simple and understandable way.

Combo debit card, that is, a card with two faces so that you can choose, depending on the type of purchase or your situation, how you want to pay:
  • You can pay now: by debit.
  • You can pay later: fractioning your purchase in 4 parts.
Combo card, corresponds to two cards in one plastic:
  • You can use face Combo 1 when you want to pay at the end of the month.
  • Or also use the face Combo 2 when you prefer to pay little by little.
  • No issuance and maintenance commission with payroll account.
Professional Combo Card, constitutes a card with a personal and a professional face:
  • It offers two different excerpts.
  • With payment at the end of the month or deferred.
  • No issuance and maintenance commission with the professional account.
Unique Visa Card A card with everything and for everything:
  • Split your purchases easily.
  • Withdraw money for free by debit at more than 17,000 ATMs.
  • You can transfer cash to your account.
Bankinter Solidarios Visa card, collaborates in solidarity projects:
  • They get up to 5% of your purchases.
  • Choose how much and how to pay.
  • We donate the 100% of the fee.
I want Mastercard card, access extra expenses and instantly:
  • No issuance and maintenance commission.
  • Choose how much and how to pay.
  • Withdraw free cash on debit at more than 17,000 ATMs.

Card Services

For all the above detailed, you should already know the existence of different types of Bankinter cards, your requirements and the benefits of owning them. Next, we will discuss in detail the different services that you can obtain if you are the owner of any of those described in the previous section:

  • It allows you to transfer money from your credit card to the associated checking account.
  • In such a way that you can deal with receipts or unforeseen expenses without problems.
  • You also have the option of choose, once a month, a purchase that is of great amount and defer it with a beneficial interest rate for your income and expenses.
  • As long as you make the purchase of a trip with the Bankinter credit card, you can enjoy travel insurance.
  • You can get additional cards for free for whoever you want with the same advantages as your own.
  • You will also enjoy protection against your payments in case you find yourself in unemployment, hospitalization or a death.
  • Likewise, you have the possibility of making payments through «Contactless».
  • As long as the place where you make the purchases has this option.
  • Similarly, you do not have to face annual maintenance fees.
  • In the case of debit cards, no They have issuance and maintenance commission with payroll and professional accounts.

We hope you can apply for a Bankinter Card successfully!

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