Apply for a Green Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply and MORE

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First of all, for Apply for Residence Card It is essential that you meet each of the requirements. In this way, you can guarantee a successful completion of the process. Likewise, this card allows the identification of foreign citizens residing in Spain.

Thus, it must be said that each of these benefits will allow you to obtain better life opportunities within the nation. With which, if you are interested in obtaining this card, you have reached the indicated portal. Therefore, below we will mention you how you should carry out the procedure, requirements and more.

What is the Residence Card?

The Spanish national residence card is a foreigner’s identity document, which can prove your identity as a legal resident in Spain. Thus, it contains NIE (Foreigner Identification Number), personal data, photographs and fingerprints.

Therefore, the residence card greatly facilitates procedures that require proof of current address, such as banking procedures. Likewise, the residence card and the NIE can be requested at any immigration office.

However, if the documents are well organized, the time to obtain the documents no it should exceed a few weeks, depending on the office and the time of year, and there may be delays. Generally, the validity period of the residence card is five years.

As an exception, it should be noted that the first renewal of a visa for a non-EU foreigner (that is, from a country that does not belong to the EU). Therefore, it must be done one year later of obtained the renewal. As usual, it has been continuously updated every five years.

Long Term Card

The residence permit of Long duration allows its holder to reside and work in Spain indefinitely under the same conditions as Spanish citizens. With which, foreigners who have resided in Spain for five consecutive years and meet the requirements of the law have the right to a long-term residence permit.

Another possibility to obtain a long-term residence permit is to have a special connection with Spain. The assumptions contemplated are the following:
  • Be a beneficiary of a retirement pension, in its contributory modality
  • Be a beneficiary of a permanent disability or severe disability pension, in its contributory mode, or similar benefits
  • Be born in Spain and, upon reaching the age of majority, prove legal and continuous residence for at least the last three years
  • Be originally Spanish and have lost Spanish nationality
  • Having been under the guardianship of a Spanish public entity during the five years immediately prior to obtaining the age of majority

CE European Community Long-term Card

The European Community for Long Term Community Residence was established in accordance with the Directive of the Council of the European Union 2003/109 / EC of November 25, 2003. On the status of long-term residents of third countries.

Thus, the aim of the directive is to provide holders of long-term residence permits with the same rights as other European citizens, thus facilitating their movement within the EU. Thus, the directive began to be applied in Spain in 2006.

Thus, the “EC long-term residence” and the traditional “permanent residence” coexist, thus allowing the then permanent residents to change their status to “long-term residence”. Long-term residence CE “.

Long-term residence in the European Community allows foreigners live and work in EU countries indefinitely. As well as enjoying the same treatment as EU nationals in many social and economic fields and strengthening protection against expulsion.

It can also guarantee the holder’s freedom of movement for up to 90 days (while traveling) and the freedom to settle and work in another EU member state. Provided that certain requirements are met, and the second recognized long-term resident status is established.-

Requirements for the Card Application

The requirements to apply for a Long Term Residence Card are:
  • Foreigners who have resided in Spain uninterruptedly for five years
  • At the same time, those who meet the requirements of the law are entitled to a long-term residence permit
  • The regulations on continuous residence take into account the possibility of enjoying a specific period of up to 6 consecutive months
  • Abroad for holidays or other reasons, and this period cannot exceed the total maximum period of stay of 5 years
On the other hand, the requirements to apply for a Community Long-Term Residence Card are:
  • Legal and continuous residence in Spain during five years
  • Taking into account that, the time spent in a study stay situation
  • As well as the exchange of students or non-work practices is counted at 50% of its duration
  • With which, the absence of Spain no negatively affects continued residence, provided it is less than 12 consecutive months
  • No exceeding 18 months total within five years
  • No it is necessary to use the Spanish social assistance system to obtain the qualifications of the fixed and regular resources for the family
  • Finally, have health insurance public or private that covers the usual risks

If a foreigner is already the holder of a long-term residence card, they can change the CE modality when their residence card expires. The applicable requirements are the same as for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Spain.


  • The cancellation of the residence authorization of Long duration will occur in the following cases:
  • When authorizes fraudulently
  • When an order is issued for expulsion in circumstances prescribed by law
  • When leaving the EU territory for 12 months in a row
  • After obtaining long-term residence in other EU member state
  • On the other hand, the residence of long life-CE it will be perpetual and if it is lost for any reason
  • It may get it back by an expedited procedure
  • In Spain, this residence permit lasts for 5 years, after which a new identity card must be issued

How to Apply for the Card?

Now, let’s first define what EU citizens must do legally in Spain for more than 3 months. They will have to request the call EU registration certificate, which is a permanent residence permit. Therefore, it is necessary that you have it compulsorily.

Also, to obtain this permission, you, as EU citizen, you must prove that you have € 6,000 in a bank account. In addition to having private health insurance. Likewise, you must find work in Spain as an effective requirement and substitute for previous jobs.

Thus, these are the main requirements for the EU citizens. They can even obtain a permit within 24 hours, which is a permanent residence permit that allows them to live and work in Spain. In this way, you will be able to carry out more activities, legally, in the country.

Finally, it is necessary that you take into account the specific entity to which you must go to Apply for Residence Card in Spain. Interested parties are obliged to make a request personally to the Foreign office of the province where they intend to reside or settle.

What is the Card for?

First of all, the Card will allow you to reside in a desirable European country. Spain has always been considered one of the best places in the world to live. Quality of life, enviable climate, historic cities, famous foodies, and beautiful beaches are some of the reasons investors choose to buy there.

The latest survey by leading scientific journal The Lancet shows that its sanitary system It is considered one of the best in the world, and the average life expectancy of the Spanish population is the highest in Europe. Spain is also one of the economies largest in Europe, with an excellent infrastructure.

Likewise, it guarantees you to be able to perform work activities within the nation. As well as, an excellent opportunity to establish a company in a modern and competitive corporate tax system. Because the interest and investment rates in the country are profitable for these businesses.

Finally, it must be said that the Spanish economy is one of the more developed of the European Union and emerged from a two-year recession in October 2013. The exit from the economic recession is mainly due to exports, an area of ​​strong growth and an unprecedented peak tourist season.

Residence Card Validity Time

In general, the residence card it is valid for five years. As an exception, it is worth highlighting the case of the first renewal for non-EU foreigners. That is to say, originating in countries that do not belong to the European Union), which must be carried out after one year from its obtaining.

Therefore, successive renewals are already carried out each five years, as usual. Likewise, it must be said that this period of validity applies to each of the types of Residence Cards in Spain. Which are the long-term and the long-term European community.

We hope you can apply for a Green Card successfully!

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