Apply for Cetelem Card: What it is, Application Documents, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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Apply for Cetelem Card it is a very easy process to carry out; Therefore, we invite you to continue reading so that you find out what it is about and all the advantages that the Bank will offer you when you obtain your own card or help a family member or acquaintance to spread this information.

In this regard, we have prepared this document to explain what is Cetelem and your card, as well as the documents you must have to obtain it, the steps to request it, how to defer your payment, what are your benefits, among other things.

What is Cetelem?

Before Apply for Cetelem Card, we want you to know about the financial entity in charge of making your issue. About, Cetelem is a Spanish company that belongs to BNP Paribas Group, It is listed as a entity specialized in granting credits and cards to individuals both in the country and in Europe.

Cetelem It has a long history dating back to 1988, during which time it has reached the number of 2.5 million clients. It should be noted that, due to technological innovations, this entity is managed digitally, which has made it a benchmark for the granting of electronic credits in the country.

Among its financial products there are mainly three (03), whose characteristics are described below:

  • Cetelem loans. There is a wide range of loan options that this entity grants you. Among the best known are: acquisition of traditional or ecological cars, home remodeling and repairs, trips, studies, celebrations, health, among others.
  • Cetelem PAY Credit Card. It will allow you to pay for purchases made in a period between 3 to 12 months. This product offers you a series of advantages that we will inform you later.
  • Cetelem Insurance: hiring insurance policies for mobile devices, for the home, sports activities, hospitalization, for people over 50 years old, family card insurance, insurance protects your economy, accident insurance.

Notably, Cetelem It does not open bank accounts, it only offers the products already indicated. For more information, we suggest you go to Cetelem portal.

Cetelem Contact Channels

Unlike other financial institutions, Cetelem It provides its users with the procedures for handling its products and the means to carry out their procedures. For this reason, on its website, when you click where it says “Contact“, You can indicate the reason for your contact. The steps to follow are those:

  • Aspects related to the cards: (Contact for questions regarding the cards) From there you will receive the guidelines to check movements, view the PIN, cancellation or suspension of cards due to theft, deterioration and loss, methods to pay off your debt and any other information related to the card.
  • Insurance Topics (Contact for questions related to insurance). In this space provide information on how to manage insurance (contracts and payments)
  • Contact to modify personal data or to carry out data protections.

What is the Cetelem Card?

Surely, some of our readers will be wondering What is the Cetelem Card? In this regard, it is a financial product, by means of which its owner manages his purchases through various electronic stores, without having to pay at the moment, but at later dates and in comfortable installments. That is to say, it is 100% online.

In that sense, Cetelem Credit Card It is a means of payment that will allow you to make purchases through different commercial establishments, without having to affect your liquidity. That is, through a loan that the bank is granting you, the establishment is canceled. In addition, as it is a credit for the amount of the purchase, you can postpone your payment for the future.

Conditions of use of the Cetelem card

Request Cetelem Card It is a very simple procedure to do, however it is always important that you read its conditions of use, since you will be able to make your payments more effectively. In this regard, we have prepared a summary that we show you below:

  • The maximum return per customer is 20 euros per month. The foregoing does not apply to credit limit transfers or to the use of ATMs.
  • The maximum amount per store of is 40 euros, although that does not apply to online trading.
  • The discounts are not cumulative.
  • You can get 4% returns on purchases carried out under the revolving mode or a 2.5% in operations carried out at stations GALP service.

In any case, we invite you if you have doubts about the use of the Cetelem card, access the next link, which will surely help you solve them.

Documents to Make the Request

For Apply for Cetelem Card, the financial institution will require a series of probative information that we indicate below:

  • Names and surnames.
  • Precise steering.
  • Photocopy of the DNI or NIE that shows that you are over 18 years of age.
  • Receipts or records of the latest payrolls.
  • Amount of the credit you wish to request. Like all banks, the amount that they will approve you will depend on your ability to pay, that is why they ask you for the receipts where you state your income received.

In addition to the above, you must take into consideration that CetelemLike another Spanish credit institute, it requires applicants to be resident in Spain, be of legal age and have minimum income levels.

How to make the request?

For Request Cetelem Card, you will have two options: in person or by phone. In this sense, either of the two options will lead you to obtain your card, it is for this reason that you can choose the alternative of your preference. Here are the steps to follow.

If you choose to carry out this procedure in person, the first thing is that you must select the Celetem agency closest to your place of residence and have the requirements that they request at hand. In this regard, in order for you to optimize time and for your management to be successful, we recommend the following:

  • Study in advance the terms of use that we indicated to you previously,
  • Gather in advance the documents that you are going to request in the entity. This is in order to verify if you qualify and on the other hand, have all the documentation at hand at the time of doing the management.
  • Locate the place of Cetelem where are you going to go
  • There is the possibility that the card will be delivered to you at the moment, however it may take 10 days from the moment you make the request. In any case, investigate from when you will be able to count on it.

Telephone application for the Cetelem Card

If you selected the option by phone, you will have the advantage that you can do it from your home and apart from having in view the information that they request. To do this, you must call the telephone number 917 909 790.

Upon achieving communication with the people authorized by the bank, they will guide you in order to move forward in the process, so you should have the documents that we previously indicated to you at hand.

It should be noted that, from the moment you request the card, it will take 15 days approximately to arrive at your home, however if you still do not get it in that time, you can download the APP for you to access the PIN. Thus, you will be able to carry out your operations, as long as you do not have the physical card.

How to make the payment deferred at the time of purchase?

To the Apply for Cetelem Card, you can make the deferred payment at the time of purchase. This procedure can only be done twice a year and not consecutively. In that sense, you should make the request online or by phone, between 5-20 of each month.

  • If you do it online, access the Cetelem Customer Area, “Customer Area”Within card operations and select Request for placement or
  • Through the Chat Customer Area.
  • Through the telephone number 917 909 790.

Additionally, you must bear in mind that this procedure only applies to credit cards, after you have paid four monthly installments and without any delay in payment.


Apply for Cetelem Card generates great competitive advantages in relation to other financial institutions, an aspect that you must consider when acquiring it. Here are the benefits of the Cetelem card:

  • You will not have to pay issuance and maintenance costs for the card.
  • It is an instrument that provides a lot of liquidity. Since, you will have total availability to make withdrawals at ATMs and to make transfers.
  • Flexibility to pay the financing fees. In this regard, you can choose the payment terms. The moment, that is, at the beginning or end of the month, the amount to be paid in each monthly payment and change these conditions when you deem it appropriate.
  • Make partial or total cancellations of your debt.
  • It provides you with totally free travel insurance.
  • It is safe. It is included in the Secure Electronic Commerce System.
  • You can make your purchases through a mobile device, using the Apple Pay and Samsung Pay application.

As you can see, the Cetelem Card It has a range of benefits, so we hope this article has been helpful to you. In any case, without wanting to obtain more information, we suggest that you you communicate to the channels of attention already commented.

Acquire the Celetem Card and get great benefits!

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