Apply for Eroski Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply, Advantages It Offers and MORE

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Apply for Eroski Card it is an extremely simple and fast process. This product was launched by the Eroski Company for all its clients who want to have a credit-style solution or advantages. This card has a number of advantages compared to other cards of this style, hence its popularity.

Eroski is a company or distribution company and supermarket chain that is based in Spain with more than 2000 establishments around the Spanish territory. If you want to know more about this card We invite you to continue reading!

What is Eroski?

Eroski is the first cooperative distribution group in Spain and a leading operator in the regions of Galicia, the Basque Country, Navarra, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, where the franchise is managed by Caprabo. We have a commercial network of 1,645 establishments, including supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash transport services.

In addition to gas stations, opticians, travel offices and sports equipment stores and more than 6 million client members and 36,000 cooperative members and workers. The Eroski / City franchise bases its business concept on nearby supermarkets, offering consumers a wide range of fresh and quality products at very competitive prices.

It was founded in 1969 and is one of the most important distributors in Spain. The company has about 2,000 establishments of different brands, among which are the “Eroski” hypermarkets, the “Eroski City” and “Eroski Center” supermarkets.

There are also the “Eroski Merca” supermarkets, “Cash Record” supermarkets, “Caprabo” supermarkets, “Family” supermarkets, “Aliprox”, “Eroski Viajes”, “Viajes Caprabo”, “Eroski Óptica” supermarkets, “Eroski service stations” and “FORUM sports shops”.

The Eroski Group is a set of companies with different legal entities and different shareholdings, being able to find from cooperative companies (the parent company Eroski S. Coop.) To public limited companies, with different percentages of participation (for example Caprabo with 100% or Vegalsa with 50%).

It is part of the Mondragón Corporation in the distribution division. The 36,432 workers are the custodians of the property, all other things being equal, and one person has one vote in the General Assembly. Consumers and worker members are part of the governing bodies of Eroski (Governing Council and General Assembly) on equal terms, so they participate in decision-making and management. Its composition is renewed every four years.

What is the Eroski Card?

The Eroski card is a product launched by the company of the same name and which is presented as a credit solution to simplify the purchasing processes of many people in Spain. That is why it is considered important Apply for Eroski Card currently.

Taking into account the context in which online purchasing processes have grown significantly compared to physical purchases, Eroski Clube seeks to simplify these procedures with its card. Because it is necessary to have a credit card on hand to make purchases online and it is recommended Apply for Eroski Card.

In this sense, the Eroski card is part of the credit lines offered by that company, through which its clients can have a credit status, and at the same time not depend on the complicated processes that traditional banks impose today. This card has a series of characteristics that are considered important, below they will be named:

  • The application process works incredibly fast.
  • You can manage everything from your home.
  • It includes special services that you can request without additional commissions.
  • Save your money.
  • Various forms of financing.
  • It has many advantages over common credit cards.
  • Annual maintenance is free.
  • The card has special laminating functions.
  • You benefit from 24-hour customer service.
  • Safe mode, for those who buy online.
  • You can make purchases nationally and internationally.
  • It reimburses you 1% of any purchase you make.
  • It has the opinions of its customers who recommend it for its good performance.

Requirements for the Card Application

After knowing the main advantages of the Eroski Card, it is an important step to know each of the requirements you need to opt for this service. Below we will show you all the details you need to know to Apply for Eroski Card.

Another of the greatest advantages of the Eroski card is that it is known to be quite flexible when it comes to requesting requirements to complete its issuance. You do not need as much as a conventional credit card from any bank in Spain. Then it will fit you like a glove!

In fact, you will be surprised at the requirements you need to face it since you only need: be over 18 years old and have a National Identity Document (DNI) at hand. You see, it’s pretty straightforward and you won’t have to put together a lot of paperwork to get it.

How to make the request?

Since you know what are the specific requirements with which you can Apply for Eroski Card, then we are going to show you the steps to follow to complete the whole process. Take note of the following details as they will be of great help to you to enjoy the benefits of this card.

Unlike all the procedures that have to be done to request a traditional card, the Eroski also simplifies these processes and presents a simpler form. It will only suffice that you carry out the following procedures:

If you decide to do it in person, you will have to attend Eroski travel agencies with the aforementioned requirements. And say that you want to request the card that has the services that we have pointed out previously.

And, the easiest way to request the Eroski card is through the web, where it will only be enough to enter the official website of EroskiIn the client area, you will need to write down your email and that will be more than enough. As you can see, it is an extremely simple and fast process.

Can I Use the Card Outside of Eroski?

One of the most common and frequent questions from all customers and people who have their Eroski Card is whether this card can be used outside of Eroski establishments. And the answer for this is that it can be used, because it is a payment card that you can use in more than 24 million establishments in the world, which allow payment with this type of card.

Therefore, it is considered to perform the same actions as a common credit card as any other. Having the same functions and with the same objectives. That among them an option stands out so that all clients can have a credit in which they can trust.

Although, this card has certain benefits compared to other cards. For example, the Eroski Card has special financing promotions in its stores and, in addition, you can use them in all other establishments other than this supermarket. In this case, it returns 1% of purchases made outside of Eroski.

Other benefits are that with a monthly fee of only 4.99 euros and purchases from 30 euros a week, anyone will enjoy the 4% savings promotion on your Eroski purchases. It is important to know that these savings cannot be accumulated on Eroski trips.

Advantages offered by the Card

Now that you know what this card is about in Spain, it is important then to mention what are the specific advantages of having one of them. You do not have to worry as we are going to make a short list for you so that you can easily recognize the main benefits of the Eroski card.

The decision to look for a credit card can be quite complicated, so you find many options available; especially if you are in Spain. That is why, the best way is to try to find the benefits and thus compare which are the best for you.

Free: This card is totally free, so we could not stop starting this list with this detail. You will not have to cancel additional fees, or renewal for life. So it will come to you well.

Wide validity: There are more than 24 million establishments where you can use the Eroski card, in most of the countries of the world. So we can count on the validity of it being almost absolute wherever you go.

Payment methods: You yourself can choose between the different payment methods for the amounts of the purchases made with your Eroski card; according to the plans that best suit your pocket and your income.

Sure: With the Eroski card you will be fully insured and free of charge, against accidents. You can consult more information about it on the official website of Eroski and its services.

Promotions: As a last advantage with the Eroski card you can also have access to innumerable discounts and promotions in the establishments that are associated with the service. Best of all, they will be exclusive to all customers of this type of card at any time of the year.

Thanks for reading our article!

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