Apply for Iberia Plus Card: What it is, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Advantages it Offers and MORE

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One of the most carried out processes in Spain is that of Request Iberia Plus Card, This is due to how fast and easy this procedure can be. It is aimed at all the people who usually travel on this airline that was founded in Spain. Currently, this airline has more than 120 destinations in 60 countries around the world, including Iberia Regional and Iberia Express.

Iberia is one of the most important airlines for Spain. It was founded in 1927 only with the name “Iberia” unlike the name it currently has. It is important to know the process of this application Read on to know the steps!

What is Iberia Plus?

Next, let’s start by mentioning one of the most famous and sought-after Iberia cards of the Spanish. It is the Iberia Plus, perfect to accumulate points and then exchange them for flights, planes and many other offers. Travelers will enjoy it!

This program has several versions that will catch your attention. First of all, we find the classic Iberia card, which you can obtain by registering for the program. The second option is Iberia Plata, accessible with 1,100 elite points and 25 routes.

And, finally, you have the highest level, that is, the Iberia Gold card. This offers many more services to users who have reached this stage. This can be achieved if you have already earned 2,250 elite points or 50 routes. Do not hesitate to consult more information about this service!

Types of Iberia Plus Cards

Iberia Plus Sendo Card

You have probably heard of the famous Iberia Sendo Card, as it became very popular in Spain and had more and more customers. If you’re wondering if they exist, it’s time to read this section. With this in mind, it is important for you to know that the Iberia Sendo Card disappeared a few years ago. This is because American Express will not be part of the new product to be replaced.

However, the Classic category remains and the Gold category is replaced by an icon. We invite you to know all the updates that the Iberian company has made on the Sendo cards. In this way, you will know which products have replaced this popular document in Spain. Enter their official website!

Iberia Plus Silver Card

Now, this is one of the most requested cards and one that has the most doubts about the Iberia Card, since this plan attracts more and more clients or people to its program. Keep reading this section to find out what the Iberia Plus Plata card is about and all its benefits, advantages or programs.

It can be said that the main advantages offered by the Iberia Plus Plata card are firstly, it allows you to earn 25% more Avios each time you use it; you also forget about waiting lists in your reservations. You get exclusive benefits in partners and much more.

As reflected, there are many benefits and privileges of Request Iberia Plus Card Silver. However, it is important that you contact the closest agency so that you can consult how to request or achieve the level of the Silver card, in this way you will complete the process and have yours as soon as possible.

Iberia Plus Icon Card

We couldn’t stop talking about the Iberia Icon card. As in this proposal, the Visa Credit is attached; is that they can accumulate Avios with any of the purchases made with that card. It is a program to which more and more travelers in Spain are joining.

Part of the benefits you get when you join the Iberia Icon program. is that you have access to priority boarding, including check-in at commercial counters and a greater baggage allowance. Also, forget about waiting because you have priority in reservations and at the airport.

And, as if that were not enough, when you are an Iberia Icon customer, when you are on the Iberia page. You also have some advantages that you cannot miss. A clear example is the 10% discount on Iberia tickets. and postpone the purchase of Iberia tickets for more than 150 euros.

You know, if this program caught your attention, we invite you to enter the official page of the Iberia Icon card. With all the information available, you know how to ask for it and have it on hand as soon as possible to take advantage of it.

Iberia Plus Gold Card

As already mentioned, one of the Iberia programs that offers the most advantages to its customers is undoubtedly Gold, with this card you can expand the advantages that you already had with the previous version, and it is the last step of the cards of this type of company.

The treatment in the departure lounge, waiting room and also in the parking lot becomes totally VIP, your seat will be fully guaranteed and you will have 50% Avios whenever you fly. The truth is that there are many things that you can enjoy when you have this card.

Remember that the most important thing is that you accumulate elite points, so you can access higher ranks in terms of Iberia card programs. Therefore, we invite you to obtain more information about all the services offered by this company in Spain.

Requirements for the Card Application

In order to apply for the card, it is important that you meet a series of requirements. Otherwise, you will not be able to apply and enjoy all the advantages and features that the Iberia Plus program offers you. They are explained in detail below.

The essential type requirements to apply for the Iberia Plus card are: be over 2 years of age. (Clearly, people who have not yet reached the age of majority must have a legal guardian who will take care of the person), the person must be registered in the Iberia Plus program.

Once you have registered in the program, all your flights will be reported to your personal history. You cannot travel in companies that do not belong to the authorized agencies within it, you must have an identification card.

Other requirements that will also be requested but are not mandatory are your personal phone number and email. Since in this way you can be notified whenever there is a discount, or savings in commissions when you want to buy a plane ticket.

  • Be older than 2 years.
  • Be registered in the Iberia Plus program.
  • Have an identification card.

How to make the request?

The Iberia Plus program has a fairly simple way to request your card, and it will not cost you any money. In this way, customers can carry out their procedures from the comfort of their homes, making the request through the website. Based on customer reviews, they recommend it as its platform is easy to learn to use.

The steps you must follow in order to request your Iberia Plus card, according to the opinions of the members, are the following: first, you must use a smart mobile device to enter the official website.

Once you are on the official website, you simply have to fill in each of the questions that the form asks you. It is part of the essential requirements to be able to request your card. So you must fill it out very carefully and try to mark legitimate information, since it will be corroborated by the agency’s systems.

As soon as you finish filling it out, you must click on the send option, then you must wait approximately 2 weeks. During this time your application will be studied to see if it is approved or not. Then it will be sent to your home, without you paying any money for it.


One of the things we must do when we acquire a card is to know about all its advantages and limitations. Since, through this we will be able to know the coverage of benefits that it offers us, and thus be able to take full advantage of it. For this reason, we have summarized for you, below, all the unique characteristics and advantages that this tool has:

  • 10% discount on the iberia page.
  • € 3 / l discount on fuel consumption.
  • Direct access to Avis Preferred Plus.
  • Free accident insurance and assistance.
  • Accumulate points on your purchases.
  • No opening commission.
  • You accumulate points to spend on airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

What to do if the Iberia Plus Personal Number is forgotten or I do not have a PIN?

If you do not physically have your Iberia Plus card and have forgotten the number, you should contact your Iberia Plus Service Center. We remind you that this number is reflected in the upper left corner of all emails we send you.

In the case of forgetting your PIN, you will have to click on “Have you forgotten or do not have a PIN?”. In the upper right part of the web and indicate your Iberia Plus card number. By answering the security question you provided when you signed up. If you do not remember the answer, you can click on the link that appears below it “If you don’t remember the answer, click here.”

Thank you for reading!

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