Apply for Leroy Merlin Card: What it is, Documentation, How to Apply, Advantages and MORE

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If you are interested in knowing, all you have to do is Apply for Leroy Merlin Card, you should keep reading this article. It is a credit card offered by the Oney group. You can get it for free. You will not pay commissions for issuance and not for renewing it.

You will see that there are many collaborating establishments where you can benefit from their conditions advantageous and discounts on hundreds of products. With this card you will get Benefits that you still can’t imagine. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and discover everything you can get!

We invite you to read!

What is Leroy Merlin?

It seems to us that before you sign up for Apply for Leroy Merlin Card, we want you to know that Leroy Merlin is a French multinational specialized in DIY, construction, decoration and gardening. Look, it is a consortium that is already installed in 13 countries.

It is good that you know that it arrived in Spain in 1989. Since then it has grown at an average rate of more than 2 establishments per year. This gives you an idea of ​​their prosperity. So it seems to us that having his card is something that might interest you.

Currently, it has 74 points of sale and more than 10,000 workers. Look at the opportunity it provides, that 93.6% of its employees have become its shareholders. Its stores are large and house some 41,000 products and 150,000 references on request. Today Leroy Merlin is present in all the Autonomous Communities and receives more than 67 million visitors a year.

Here we leave you the products that they will offer you with the best prices and promotions:

  • Furniture, cabinets and organization.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Electricity and home automation.
  • Hardware and security.
  • Plumbing.
  • Garden and terrace.
  • Doors, windows and stairs.

What is the Leroy Merlin Cards?

We know that you are already encouraging Apply for Leroy Merlin Card. You can easily request it and use it in all associated establishments. You can also make electronic payments, in the same way you can access lines of credit.

The Club Leroy Merlin card is completely free, with no issuance or renewal fees. You will be able to have cash when you need it. Go figure! In all affiliated establishments, you will obtain attractive benefits with the flexibility of your card payment and you will have exclusive discounts on products.

When paying with the Club Leroy Merlin card They will refund 3% * of the amount of your quarterly purchases. And do not forget that you will not have to pay for its issuance or renewal. Get ready to process it, because you will have access to cash when you need it with direct transfers. These are the exclusive offers if you decide to become a member of the Leroy Club:

  • You will achieve the house of your dreams, because when you pay with the Club Leroy Merlin card, 3% * of the amount of your quarterly purchases will be returned to you.
  • You will not have to pay any issuance or renewal fee.
  • You have immediate availability of cash with direct transfers.
  • You will enjoy the most exclusive offers on the market by being a member of the Leroy Merlin Club.

Documentation for the Card Application

If you are already deciding to Apply for Leroy Merlin Card you need a few very simple and easy to fulfill requirements. To process it you will have to go to one of their stores and look for the form. You must order and consign the following documentation:

  • Present your DNI / NIE.
  • Bring a bank receipt with your full name.
  • You also have to present the account number of which you are the holder and in which you want the company to upload your receipts.
  • Keep in mind that your account number must be no more than 3 months old.
  • Submit your latest payroll.

How to make the request?

If you want Apply for Leroy Merlin Card, you must go to the nearest Leroy Merlin store. Also, you can locate in your website, there you can locate the store closest to you, just by entering your location. Once you are in the establishment, you must go to the Financial Services Stand. There, they will attend and inform you without any kind of commitment.

You must be wondering What documentation must you present? See how simple. You just have to present:

  • your valid DNI or NIE,
  • a home receipt where your data appears,
  • your last payroll and
  • an account number where the receipts will be charged.

Keep in mind that the Club Leroy Merlin card It is only available for you to request in person when you go to the stores belonging to the company. Remember that, when you arrive at the store, you must go to the stand of Financial Services that is present inside the establishment and there you can easily request your card. You will immediately have to deliver the original documentation that we already listed above.

At Leroy Merlin you will find different forms of financing so that you can pay for your purchases without any problem. For example, for your purchases from 90 euros you will have immediate financing and without interest at 3, 6, 12 and 15 months at the checkout.

NOTE: Interest-free financing: TIN: 0%. 0% APR. Minimum to finance € 90. Maximum € 3,000. Financing offered and subject to the approval of Oney Servicios Financieros. Offers valid until 12/31/2021.


  1. Come to your nearest store.
  2. Go to the financing space of the store with the documentation they ask for, which must be in original and in the name of the owner.
    • Give your identity card (DNI or residence card).
    • Present a bank receipt (bank receipt, certificate of account ownership or bank book).
    • Show your proof of income (payroll, certificate of revaluation of pensions or income in case of being self-employed)
  1. Wait for a store advisor to proceed to manage your card.
  2. Once the card application is accepted, you will be able to look for it at the cash desk and pay for the purchase choosing from the available modalities at that time.

Card Financing Conditions

Another aspect that you should handle before Apply for Leroy Merlin Card, are the conditions that will be presented to you for financing. Remember that it is a completely free card. It will interest you that neither its issuance nor its renewal will generate any type of expense for you.

Although it is a card made to be used in any establishment belonging to the group, you also have the great advantage of being able to use it in a wide variety of markets. And the best, you will hire it in the simplest way!

They also present you with the option for your membership card to be paid. Find out in the partner area of ​​any of our stores. With this payment membership card you will be able to choose the form of financing that best suits your pocket. You look at these modalities, we are sure that it is what you were looking for:

  • If you choose the option of End of the month You can pay for all the purchases you make on the 1st of the following month without interest.
  • By opting for the interest-free financing you will pay all your purchases in 3 months without interest for purchases over € 90.
  • You can choose the option in small installments: pay for all your purchases in small installments from € 15 / month according to contract conditions.

In this way you will be able to choose the payment terms that best suit you and access exclusive discounts. You will be able to save on your purchases and also when refueling at any Alcampo group gas station.

Likewise, you will obtain special financing conditions in markets, insurance agencies and trips from the Alcampo company. Buying with this card gives you other types of advantages in the rest of the services offered by Leroy Merlin. With this card you will be able to preferentially access a personal loan of up to 30,000 euros.

Advantages of the Card

Now to go closing this article so that you are prepared for Apply for Leroy Merlin Card, we will tell you the benefits and advantages what will you have. From having a special APP to belong to the Club to enjoying its advantages from the first moment.

You can pay in other establishments. You will feel free and at all costs when you use your Club Leroy Merlin card in Alcampo hypermarkets and gas stations. Not to mention all the possibilities that Direct Transfer will give you. Thus, you can request an amount of money (according to the available balance on your card) that will be credited to your account.

You will have easy payment. You just have to choose the payment method that best suits you:

  • Small installments from € 15 / month.
  • End of the month.
  • Pay on the 1st of the following month.
  • Payment postponed. From 3 to 60 months.
  • Financing In 3 months without interest.

Look at this wonder: They will return 3% of the total of your quarterly purchases. In addition, you can save on each liter of fuel purchased at gas stations belonging to “Alcampo”, always with the best price in the area fully guaranteed. You will enjoy the Automatric service that gives you the facility to perform faster refueling in parking and gas stations without having to go through the toll box.

You can contract insurance that is completely exclusive for all Oney customers and at the same time ask that the charges generated go directly and automatically to your card. You have the option of requesting a personal loan completely online in an easy, fast and simple way. Go figure, you will have access up to € 30,000 and without the need to change banks! Do not delay…

We are sure that you will carry out every step and comply with everything necessary for you to obtain your Alimerka card!

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