Apply for Madrid Health Card: What is it, What is it for, How to Apply, Necessary Documents and MORE

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First of all, for Apply for Madrid Health Card It is essential that you comply with each of the requirements. In this way, you can guarantee a successful completion of the process. Likewise, the health card is what allows you to identify that you are enrolled in the Spanish health system.

In the same way, it must be said that this document is required in colleges, universities and jobs. Because, in case of any emergency, the first place where they will take you will be to a hospital in the state health network. That is why, below We will tell you what this card is for, how to request it and more.

What is the Health Card in Madrid?

First of all we will talk to you about what is the Madrid Health Card and then move on to other equally relevant points about this health process in Madrid. With which, the Madrid Health Card is a document issued only by the Ministry of Health.

Likewise, it identifies citizens as users of the Public Health System of the Community of Madrid under conditions of equality and facilitates access to their health benefits. In this sense, it must be said that this card does not have an expiration date, from January 1, 2017.

Similarly, previously issued Cards are valid for all intents and purposes, despite the validity date recorded in the same having been exceeded.When the holders are foreign citizens, the validity of the health card will be adapted to the validity of the Foreigner Identity Card or the validity of the foreigner identity card. in the Certificate of Registration of Citizen of the European Union.

In this sense, once the validity period of the health card has elapsed, you must request its renewal. Providing the documentation indicated in the application form. Therefore, the Individual Health Card is issued to citizens residing in the territory of the Community of Madrid.

Likewise, this is a document individual, that is, it must not be transferred to another person. Because through this card in Madrid you will be able to access all the information corresponding to the health record. Therefore, this infers that each person must have their own health card

Finally, depending on the immigration status of the foreigner or the condition of the Spanish citizen, services will be added to enjoy. This is why the health card will include personal information, such as name, surname and address. These will be the minimum requirements, if the applicant has a DNI, TIE or NIE, to be included in it.

What is the Card for?

Now that you know what the Madrid Health Card, it is relevant that you know the function of this document. That is, what is the card for? Here’s what you need to know. With which, this important health document serves to access the benefits or public health service.

Likewise, these health assistance are aimed at both the Community of Madrid and the National Health System. Similarly, the Madrid health card is what allows identify that you are enrolled in the Spanish health system.

For this reason, this card is required in colleges, universities and jobs. Because, in case of any emergency, the first place where they will take you will be to a hospital in the state health network. So this card is granted regardless of your immigration status.

Documents to Make the Request

Now, once you know what the health card is and what this card is for, it is just as important that you know the necessary documents. These requirements will be useful to you at the time of apply for Madrid Health Card. That is why we will tell you about it below.

The documents that you must present at the time of application are grouped into three categories:
  • Workers, pensioners and their beneficiaries and people linked to Social Security
  • Request by loss, theft or deterioration
  • Request on behalf of other people
Regarding the first point, in general, those affiliated with Social Security, whatever their employment situation. That is to say, active, unemployed, situations assimilated to discharge, they must present the following documents:
  • The DNI, but in case of being foreigners you have to present the Residence Permit (TIE) in force.
  • The Registration Flyer, issued by your municipality of residence in the last ninety days prior to its presentation.
  • The Document Accrediting the Right to Health Care (DAD) issued by the INSS (National Institute of Social Security).
In the case of a request due to loss, theft or damage, you must present the following documents:
  • The DNI, but in case of being foreigners you have to present the Residence Permit (TIE) in force.
  • In the case of minors under 14 years of age, in the absence of ID or Residence Permit, they must provide the Family Book.
  • If you have changed your address, you must present the Registration Flyer
  • Issued by the municipality of residence in the last ninety days prior to the presentation.

For Apply for a Health Card in Madrid on behalf of a minor must be made by their parents or legal guardians. Those who must reliably prove their relationship with the minor. On the other hand, on behalf of a legally incapacitated person, it can only be done by his legal guardian, who provides his ID and the judicial decision of incapacitation.

How to make the request?

On the other hand, when you reach this point in the article it is necessary to address the step by step that you must follow at the time of Apply for Madrid Health Card. Thus, it is very important that you know that you must carry out a previous step, which is the registration in the General Treasury of the Social Security of Madrid.

The documents that will be required of you will be the following:
  • Fill in a form that will be delivered to that entity
  • Official identification document (NIE, NIF, Passport)
  • Registration certificate or flyer
  • Employment contract or job proposal with company stamp
After obtaining this number, you must go to the health center closest to your residence to record the following requirements:
  • Social Security affiliation card and if you have it you must present it in original and a copy
  • Registration certificate or flyer, which you must request at the town hall with a special reason for registering with social security.
  • Official identity document, which can be a passport, residence card, student card, asylum seeker card, registration card, etc.

Following the presentation of these documents, it is intimately related to the population register. Because, according to where you are registered, you are assigned a health center. Likewise, in Spain these health centers are called Primary Care Centers and there your entire history will rest

The primary care centers are:
  • Angela Uriarte Health Center
  • Pavones Health Center
  • Peripheral Specialties Entity Federica Montseny
  • Hermanos García Noblejas Peripheral Specialties Center

Uses of the Card

On the other hand, it is essential that you take into account some of the uses of the Madrid Health Card. With which, in this way, you can be aware of the scope it has and how it can benefit you broadly at the time of obtaining it.

As already mentioned above, some of the uses of the card can be:
  • Identification of the patient in the health centers of the Madrid Health Service
  • Identification of the patient in the pharmacy offices when picking up their prescribed medication
  • possibility of Consult my medication available in pharmacies
  • Notifications of availability of drugs with visa
  • Access to all your COVID diagnostic tests
  • As well as information, validated for Public Health, how to act whether you have a positive result or not
  • COVID-19 vaccination card with real-time information on whether or not you have been vaccinated
  • As well as the date the vaccination occurred and the type of vaccine that was administered

Where is the card received?

Now, we are almost at the end of this article. But we cannot leave without first talking to you about where the Madrid Health Card. That is why, below, we indicate everything you need to know about where this important document can be accepted.

The health card will be sent to the health center where you made the request, in person or through Electronic Administration. There it must be collected personally. In case of impossibility of going, another person may withdraw it, providing an authorization from the owner.

Then, at the time of delivery of the Madrid Health Card, you must verify that all the information that appears in it is correct. In case any data is not, communicate it to the administrative staff of the health center. Thus, you can correct errors in some of your identification data

Finally, it is valid to limit an additional aspect. With which, we suggest that you be very careful when carrying out this procedure and, above all, with the information you provide. For this, it is necessary that you verify each information provided and thus you can avoid errors and inconveniences.

We hope you can request Health Card in Madrid successfully!

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