Apply for Madrid Transport Card: What is it, Documents, How to Apply, Advantages, Features and MORE

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Today we will tell you everything you have to do to Request Madrid Transport Card, since you should know that to travel on the Madrid Metro you need to have it. With it you can make loads with a valid transport title so that you can make the trip you want.

With this card you will get benefits that you have not yet imagined. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and discover everything you can get!

We invite you not to stop reading!

What is the Madrid Transport Card?

The first thing we want to tell you is that the Personal Public Transport Card is a support with contactless technology that will help you load the transport tickets issued by the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium.

We also want you to know that it is a non-personal contactless, rechargeable, with a duration of ten years and that it will serve to contain titles. If you want to get bonuses for a large family or person with a disability equal to or greater than 65%, this is the card you should have.

Documents for the Request for the Madrid Transport Card

We will tell you everything you have to do to Request Madrid Transport Card and get this much needed card. It is important that you provide your contact information (email and mobile phone) when you have the application form. In this way, the company will keep you informed about any incident in the management of a new card or its location in case of loss.

You will need to submit these documents:

  • A recent photograph of you, in color and passport size. If you decide to do the processing in a management office, don’t worry about this requirement, as your photo will be taken on the spot.
  • Your ID, passport or residence permit.
  • The application with your registered information.

In addition, you will have to have these other documents:

  • The Large Family Title or, failing that, the certificate that proves such condition. This in case you meet the conditions that give the right to a discount for being a member of a large family. You can download the Large Family Card app.
  • The Certificate of Disability if you present the situation of having a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%.
  • The Family Book or the birth certificate if you are under 14 years old without ID. You must accompany it with a parent / guardian authorization form and the ID of the father, mother or guardian.
  • An authorization and the original documents if you decide to go to another person to carry out the procedure (Except for a minor who would not need authorization).

How to get the card?

If you are a new user and you are convinced that you want Request Madrid Transport Card, you must choose any of these routes and comply with the steps that they ask you:

  • Locate the Internet site of the Madrid Transport Card, TTM. In this case, you will receive your card at the address you indicate in the application. The approximate term will be between 7 and 15 business days.
  • If you choose the face-to-face form, you must make an appointment by calling 012 or at TTP to go to any of the Public Transport Card Management Offices. On the day of your appointment you must have all your documentation in order. Remember that the photo will be taken right there, so you will receive the card at the moment.
  • If you are a new user, the card will cost you 4 euros.

If you wish to purchase a new Annual Pass for the first time, you must carry out the following steps:

  • Go to the Card management offices and request an appointment by calling 012 or on the TTP website.
  • Pay with your credit card.
  • Permanently consult everything related to your card. To do this, you can contact the email or the telephone number 012 for any questions.
NOTE. Keep in mind that you have had to request the Annual Subscriptions for 20211 since December 2020.

It is important that you know that you can acquire the Multi Public Transport Cards at:

  • The automatic machines of Metro de Madrid and Metro Ligero.
  • The network of tobacconists and other authorized points of sale.

We tell you that This Multi card has a price of 2.50 euros. Keep in mind that, if you purchase the cards together with a Tourist ticket, the price of the card will already be included in the sale price of the Tourist ticket itself.

Advantages offered by the Card Madrid transport

As you can see, having your public transport card will offer you many benefits and it is not difficult to achieve it. With the new Personal Public Transport Card, the technology incorporated, you will be able to count on a longer period of validity:

The Card Transport Subscriptions will now last 30 calendar days!

This will allow you to plan the purchase according to your needs and achieve significant financial savings. In addition, you can feel more secure, because this card integrates all your information in a centralized server. This way it will be possible that, if you report their disappearance due to loss or theft, they will immediately cancel it and they will issue you a new one. In this way, you will not be exposed to fraudulent uses.

With this card you will have access to the different modes of transport just by using the reader, without the need for contact. And you will have a faster and more comfortable journey.

Likewise, you have the possibility to change your profile or rate zone of the subscription without having to request a new card. In this way, all the options of Interzonal Subscriptions are possible in any profile; even for those with discounted tickets.

You will have mandatory validation in the readers marked on the access equipment of the different operators. With this you will be able to discount a trip in each validation and you will have information on the remaining travel balance through the screens of the validation equipment for Single and 10 Trip tickets. In the case of tourist tickets, you will have the validity date and the expiration date.

You will carry out as many consecutive validations as trips you make through the service with the same card. You will only have to start and end the trip with the same user. Keep in mind that the card supports up to three different transport tickets, allowing you to make trips different from your usual trip. For example: Single ticket MetroSur + Metrobús + 10 Viajes MetroNorte.

Balance inquiry

You have advanced technology so that you always have your available balance on your public transport card up-to-date. You can check it using the following ways:

  • Official App of Metro de Madrid
  • Suburban Automatic Machines
  • Commuter Stations
  • Transport exchangers
  • Authorized tobacconists
  • Bankia ATMs marked

You can also find out about the trips you have available at the turnstiles at the Madrid Metro stations. Likewise, we want you to know that the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium has also developed the ‘Public Transport Card’ app so that you can check the available balance of each loaded ticket.

Card Features Madrid transport

So that you will have more information about the benefits that this card offers you, we are going to leave you the characteristics of the Madrid Transport Card.

Nature and expiration

You will have a personal and non-transferable card. Imagine the convenience it offers you, which expires 10 years after its issue date (4 years in the case of cards loaded with annual subscriptions). Your name and photograph will be printed on your card, as well as the identification number of the card.


With a Personal Public Transport Card you will have a two-year guarantee. At that time you will have the right to replace it at no cost, if you receive it with a defect. Of course, as long as the damage is not due to misuse.


Already nearing the conclusion of this article, we are sure that you will not hesitate to Request Madrid Transport Card. With these cards you can contain a personal Transport Pass and two non-personal tickets, or three non-personal titles.

This allows you to:

  • Use the same card when you do not need to purchase the season ticket.
  • Pay the trip to companions who share the same route.
  • Contain tickets for trips other than usual.
IMPORTANT: If you load a single ticket from the Metro network, once you load it on any card, you must consume them the same day of purchase.

It is necessary that you know the exceptions to the simultaneous loading of titles

You can only load different types of bus tickets on the same card if they correspond to different zones.


  • Bonobús A-B3 + BonoBús B3: Not possible.
  • Bonobús A-B1 + Bonobús B2-B3: Yes, it is possible.

In order for you to load a Transport Pass and one or more bus tickets on the same card, it is necessary that you meet one of these two conditions:

  • That the subscription includes the bus pass zones.
  • Or that the season ticket and the bus pass do not have coincident zones (except for the Normal Pass in zone A, which is compatible with any bus pass).

Partial payment for route extension

This is for when a pass or a pass does not cover the complete route you want to take, you can ask the driver for the supplement so that you can pay the difference.

Validity of the load of the Transport Fees

The Transport Passes that you load on the Personal Public Transport Cards will have a validity period of 30 calendar days from the first use. After 10 days of uploading, the 30-day period will begin to run. You will then have 40 days after you made the load.

With all the information that we have just left you, we wish you success in obtaining your Madrid Transport Card!

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