Apply for Mango Card: What is it, Requirements, How to Apply, Advantages, Conditions and MORE

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Apply for Mango Card, It is one of the best options for all those who wish to have various benefits and services when making purchases both in Mango stores and in other types of stores and entities in the national territory.

For this reason, in this article we dedicate ourselves to explain in depth: what is Mango in Spain, requirements and documentation necessary to carry out the request, how to make said request, conditions of the card, advantages of the same and we conclude by mentioning the payment methods.

What is Mango in Spain?

Well, before delving into the explanation of the requirements, types and services offered by the Mango Card, We must first develop what Mango is in Spain. Which, in short, is a multinational that is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of garments.

Currently, it is the second exporting company in the Spanish textile sector and the market leader in the women’s fashion segment.

Since its inception, Mango has had a stable and continuous growth, which has allowed it to tackle new markets. One of the main factors of its rapid expansion has been the use, mainly, of a certain mode of entry: the franchise.

Likewise, to reach its target, Mango has counted on the participation of celebrities in its international marketing policy. This is what has allowed an increase and greater recognition of the firm both nationally and internationally.

However, despite its high level of internationalization, Mango operates locally. An example of this is the fact of adapting up to 20% of its collections in each market, in turn adapting to new times and the needs of its customers.

In 2008, the franchise launched its first men’s collection.

In addition, and regarding its international pricing policy, Mango applies a policy of medium-high prices, in conjunction with medium-high quality products. Which brings as a consequence that the firm’s prices are accessible to the public.


MANGO MNG HOLDING, SL is the operating head of a group of companies.

It is convenient to highlight a certain aspect. And it is that, the main activity of this franchise in particular is the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of clothing and accessories for women, through the MANGO / MNG fashion distribution chain.

Likewise, we must mention that Mango, with 100% Spanish capital, is a multinational that has become the leading company in the women’s fashion segment. In addition to this, it is the second company dedicated to the export of the Spanish textile sector.

Mango, opened its first store in 1984 on Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia, the result of a previous project by Isaac Andic and his brother Nahman.

This was a revolutionary business idea based on urban women’s fashion collections, reflecting the latest fashion trends. Therefore, the brothers manage in just one year to expand their sales network to 5 (five) stores and start their international escalation.

Thus, in 1992, Mango store number 99 was opened in Spain. And, from there, international expansion begins with the opening of two stores in Portugal. In 1997, the volume generated abroad exceeded the national volume for the first time.

Mango’s headquarters are located in the Barcelona town of Palau-Solità i Plegamans and occupy an area of ​​164,000 m2 that houses various areas, such as: production control, design, administration, among others.

Requirements and Necessary Documentation to Apply for Mango Card

Generally, to obtain any type of document, entities or organizations require and demand a series of documents and requirements, in addition to the fulfillment of some steps. In this case, requesting a Mango Card is no exception.

But, there is nothing to worry about, because below we will list the requirements and demanded documents. However, in the first instance it is essential that the person interested in applying for a Mango Card is over 18 years of age.

  • First, have a valid DNI or NIE. In addition, it must be able to be used within the card request form.
  • Also, you must have a checking account in any financial institution within the national territory.
  • It includes being the holder of the current account that you want to use for your respective Mango Card.
  • Finally, the applicant must have a telephone contact number that is operational and that can be attached as a contact telephone number.

How to Apply for Mango Card?

Now, to give continuity to this article, it is up to us to explain in detail how to carry out or how to apply for a Mango Card correctly. Likewise, it is convenient to clarify that, requesting it is quite quick and easy.

Once the applicant has accepted the conditions of the Mango Card contract, it is up to him to carry out a series of specific steps to finally obtain said document and be able to enjoy all its benefits. Pay attention to the list!

  • First, you must enter the official Mango web portal.
  • On this page, you will find an online form that you must fill out carefully to continue the process.
  • Likewise, this form requests data such as: your DNI or NIE number, email address, full name, surname, date of birth, among others.
  • Also, you must make a digital signature with a PIN number that will be sent to your mobile device.
  • Finally, when you make your digital signature, you must scan and upload various documentation to the platform, such as: DNI or NIE and a document where you can see the number of the current account and the name of the holder.

On the other hand, the activation and registration of the respective Mango Card takes place through a PIN that will be sent to the applicant to their mobile phone or email address that they have previously registered on the official web platform.

Likewise, if what the user wants is to consult and keep track of the movements that he has carried out with the Mango Card, how much money he has available, among others, he must enter the web platform and click on the option: Client Access .

Card Conditions

Mango, is characterized by cultural diversity, the result of internationalization. Thus, citizens of various nationalities work together at the headquarters, as well as at the points of sale and offices in the different countries. The nationalities of these workers are:

  1. Albania.
  2. Germany.
  3. Andorra.
  4. Belgium.
  5. Brazil.
  6. Bulgaria.
  7. Chili.
  8. Colombia.
  9. Cuba.
  10. USA.
  11. Among many others.

However, the conditions that everyone interested in obtaining the Mango Card must accept so that it can provide them with all the advantages in force at the time and during the validity of the same are extensive. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading:

  • Discounts will not be awarded on payments made to a financial institution.
  • Vouchers can only be used once and in Mango stores.
  • Likewise, vouchers are only available as long as the amount you have managed to save is more than 5 euros.
  • A billing and issuance of vouchers will be carried out with the discounts that you have obtained on a quarterly basis.
  • If changes or returns of products paid for with one of the vouchers are made, the difference will be credited to your Mango Card.
  • You can use discounts offered by Mango of up to 2% on all purchases, as long as they are not in Mango stores.
  • Finally, just for registering and getting the Mango Card, you will get a 10% discount on the first account you make using that card.

Advantages of Applying for a Mango Card

In another order of ideas, and to give continuity, it has been important for our team to include the different and numerous benefits offered by the Mango Card Request. However, it is also necessary to mention that it has some disadvantages.

  • Just by registering and obtaining the Mango Card, you can enjoy the first purchase 10% discount.
  • Also, you will have an exclusive gift every time it is your birthday.
  • With Cashback vouchers you can get up to 2% of all purchases you make with the Mango Card in the form of money to use for new purchases.
  • You can participate in different Mango Gift Card giveaways that take place at various times.
  • Finally, you can take advantage of different financial advantages that you can access thanks to the Mango Card.

Payment methods

Now, to finish, it is important to know that there are various formulas or payment methods and also various ways of accessing this type of credit in particular. Likewise, the user has some payment methods, they are:

  • You can pay your expenses on a monthly basis without any interest.
  • You have the option to pay after 6 months without interest if your purchase exceeds 120 euros.
  • If your purchase exceeds 60 euros, you can pay it after 3 months without interest.
  • Without splitting your purchases, you can obtain two types of billing: a fixed monthly fee between 20 and 200 euros at the end of each month.
If purchases are made in other establishments:
  • You can do it through a monthly payment or with a fixed fee.
  • On a regular basis, as long as it is between the minimum of 20 euros or 3% of the balance you have available.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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